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Political Affiliation: Libertarian

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Biography: The precipitous disappearance of print media as a palette for creative writers has herded many of us into the blogosphere.

Locally, I used to freelance with The Wisconsin State Journal, The Milwaukee Journal, WISCONSIN magazine, and whoever else would have me.

Nationally, there was Reason Magazine, The Executive Educator, Restaurant Hospitality, The Freeman, Liberty, and others.

My oeuvre was like a child's wading pool: broad and shallow.

Some of these are gone. Hardly anyone reads the rest--at least in print. So I’ve decided to blog--something that’s wrought with danger because there are no editors.

There used to be a time when a writer would compose an article, send it to an editor, and in all likelihood the editor would never respond, leaving said writer to wonder whether the article had evaporated into the ozone.

This was not necessarily a bad thing.

One of the greatest conceits in the world is thinking that the public-at-large wants to know what you’re thinking about something, when in stark reality the public-at-large doesn’t think about you at all.

This was one of the great services that editors provided: effectively saving us writers from ourselves. Otherwise, who knows what kind of crap would have filled our nation’s newspaper and magazines under our bylines?

Well, actually we do know.

The Internet has given us the great democratization of writing, so that anyone can write anything at any time and post it, no matter how stupid. Stupidity, however, is in abundant and dynamic supply, so that we now have more of it than we need on the Internet.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to contributing. Visit me here.

Stephen G. Barone

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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