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Full Name: Not Publicly Available

Political Affiliation: Libertarian

Politically Active? Yes

Number of Posts: 97


Libertarian, Taoist, Former US Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator - Disabled Veteran, Former Christian Preacher - Eyes Now Open.

Became disgusted with the democratic party while working on the Dukakis campaign.

Became disgusted with the republican party while having religion legislated at him.

Tired of big party politics using the citizens of the United States as political footballs, setting them at each other in order to gain and maintain power.

Personal Influences:

My Father

Harry Chapin

Bill Hicks

Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Franklin

Lao Tse

The Dalai Lama

James Madison


Those on my 'ignore' list:

gergle (continued suggestions of racism)

marysdude (continued suggestions of racism)

David Remer (continued suggestions of racism)

Stephen Daugherty (continued lumping me in with Republicans and saying 'you folks' after being asked repeatedly to stop)

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