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Full Name: Jonathan Rice

Web Site: NONE

Political Affiliation: Independent

Politically Active? Yes

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Biography: I am a recent defector from the Democratic Party, disillusioned by the infighting and petty power struggles for personal gain that have destroyed their cohesion as a political power. Although I maintain a liberal social agenda, and it will show in my writing, I believe that the only way to advance this country is to revisit the political system and the people (corporations) who benefit from its breathtaking potential for personal gain. Fiscally I am more conservative, protectionist to some degree, and in favor of a top-down approach to reversing the current American idea that everything is free, or damned well ought to be. Let's pay for what we consume. My switch to politically independent is also motivated by a realization that there are no Democrats and no Republicans in reality; the chances that any thinking person could ally themselves with a party on every single line item seems ridiculous of course, but in the case of our two parties it seems that all you have to do is vote against the other guy. Moderates can't even agree. This artificial line in the sand needs to be rethought, and I will try and do some of that rethinking in my occasional column.

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