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Full Name: John Lee Patrick Comerford

Political Affiliation: Semi-Libertarian

Politically Active? Unfortunately not beyond the basic responsibilities

Number of Posts: 2

Biography: EDUCATION 1) Graduate, Intra-American Student Program, National Autonomous University, Mexico City, DIstricta Federal Mexico, 1978 2) B.A, English, Kent State University, 1985 3) B.S., Psychology, Cleveland State University, 1995. Presented two research papers 1994 Midwest Psychologists' Association Convention, Chicago IL. EMPLOYMENT 1) Salesman, 2006-Present, Gates Auto 2) Salesman, then promoted to Head of Training International Profit Associates, Chicago IL 1995-2006. 3) Salesman, 1985-1992, Cellular-One, Cleveland OH ACTIVITIES Member, Buchanan Arts Center Writers' Group, Buchanan MI

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