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Full Name: Dennis Sherrard

Political Affiliation: Independent

Politically Active? Yes

Number of Posts: 19

Biography: I'm a native Texan and have been a technology professional in the IT business for last 25 years. I am currently working for a major defense contractor running the operations for our Commercial Life Sciences organization. I've been married for 20 years and have three children ages 18,14 and 12. I've been involved in politics for a long time. My parents were politically active in local democratic politics and I have worked in potlical campaigns, voter registration drives and as a campaign adivsor. My chief interests politically are presidential and congressional campaigns and history. I enjoy reading historical biographies and keeping up with current political events. I'm a fiscal conservative and social liberal. I consider myself independent though have usually voted democratic in most elections. Issues wise I have the following views: 1. Taxes - Tax reform is needed immediately. We have an inbalance in tax payments and revenues that must take the most of the burden away from middle class taxpayers. I support a highly simplified income tax system that is flatter and easier to maintain. 2. Deficit - We are rapidly becoming so dependent on foreign investment that we are basically a "ward of the state" of countries such a China. I'm absolutely a believer in a balanced budget and think we need to trim spending in many areas both domestically and militarily to get this deficit under control. 3. Social Security - We need to have a strong social security system. It has worked well for over 50 years. It needs to be reformed however as more people are taking money out than are putting money in. I'm in favor of means testing and by that I believe that if one has the financial savnigs and wherewithall to pay for their retirement, then they should be paid their contribution made over time into the system plus interest and then their entiltlement would end. 4. Civil Rights - My focus is on fairness. I believe in merit based promotion and appointment. I believe there is a role for affirmative action but believe access and advancement belong to those who have earned it. I support gay marriage because I believe in a fundament right of fairness. I support a women's right to choose but am not in favor of unlimited abortion such as selective abortion based on the sex of a child or IQ or other elective reasons to terminate a pregnency. I am for parental consent requirements for minors who are seeking an abortion but will qualify that to say there must be some remedy for the child in the event of overt duress and extrodinary circumstances caused by the parent. 5. Immigration - I'm in favor of stronger enforcement of immigration laws. I believe we should face this problem on multiple fronts. First, severely penalize companies who use illegal aliens "off the clock". Make the penalties outweigh the economic advantage of using illegal employees. Second, remove incentives for illegal aliens to come to the country. As an example, end the practice of awarding citizenship to children born in the country whose parents are illegal aliens. Enforce deportation laws unless the alien is here seeking political asylum and can show cause for leaving their home country. Finally, negotiate trade agreements that actually improve the chances for a better standard of living in the countries where most of the illegals come from. If there are good jobs at home, they will stay at home.. 6. War in Iraq - We need to develop a cogent exit strategy and execute a methodical draw down of our troop presence in the country. Iraq is becoming more unstable as we continue to occupy the land and the population at large wants us to ext. It's time to come home.

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