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Profile for Dan Schillinger

Full Name: Dan Schillinger

Political Affiliation: Independent

Politically Active? 35 years

Number of Posts: 3

Biography: Dan Schillinger began his career as a television news reporter in 1973 in Rochester, Minnesota. With the world-famous Mayo Clinic just a few blocks away, Dan got a quick initiation into the world of wealthy celebrities and powerful people who came to Minnesota seeking discreet health care away from the prying eyes of the media. Despite resistance, Dan was able to secure interviews with a number of these celebrities, including famous actors and foreign dignitaries. He was also the first reporter to reveal, through a lot of digging and investigation, the true identity of a Minnesota woman known to the rest of the world as “Sybil”, a best-seller about multiple personality disorder.

But Dan’s real passion was politics. Working in Minnesota and later as an anchor for stations in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Rapid City, South Dakota, Dan interviewed state and national leaders. Among those:

  • President Gerald Ford
  • Gov. Ronald Reagan
  • Gov. Jimmy Carter
  • V.P. Walter Mondale
  • V.P. George H. Bush
  • Sen. Tom Daschle
  • Sen. George McGovern

Dan’s coverage of the 1980 Democrat and Republican National Conventions won a major regional award from the Northwest Broadcast News Association.

Dan moved into newsroom management in 1981, landing a job as News Director for the CBS affiliate in Wichita, Kansas when he was just 29.

Since then, Dan has hired, trained and coached over 100 reporters, anchors, producers, meteorologists and photographers at TV stations in Minnesota, South Dakota and Texas.

Under his direction, KCEN, the NBC station in President Bush’s home market in Texas, won the 2005 Emmy for Best Evening Newscast. The station also won an award for best TV station web site from the Associated Press.

In addition to training his own reporters how to ask tough questions and get to the real story, Dan has had to respond to media inquiries in his role as spokesman for the TV stations at which he’s worked. He’s also been actively involved in writing and producing station promotional materials, including broadcast, print, outdoor and web.

Dan launched his own media relations consulting practice,, after moving to suburban Atlanta in 2006.

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