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12/19/2014: Good Reasons to Uphold the Cuban Embargo
10/15/2014: Boots for Ebola; No Boots for ISIS
08/22/2014: ISIS and James Foley
05/21/2014: China Is a Mixed Kleptocracy
05/07/2014: Nigerian Girls Being Sold: Should US Intervene?
09/05/2013: The real question is:
12/31/2012: Coming to a (War) Theater in 2013
09/13/2012: Mitt Romney: Attack first, understand later (maybe)
09/05/2012: The End of the War
12/13/2011: The State Department's Private Army: High-dollar, low expectations
10/04/2011: Jobs Bill?
06/15/2011: Fed conducts THIRD ‘probe’ of billions ‘missing’ from Iraq War funding
04/28/2011: Why are we still in Iraq?
01/01/2010: Witness Iranian Courage
11/24/2009: The InDecider
09/19/2009: Rational Foreign Policy Dawns as Neo-Con Sun Sets
09/01/2009: Afghanistan: Stay or Leave?
06/17/2009: Red Provinces vs. Blue Provinces in Iran.
04/13/2009: Will Somalia Become Obama's War?
04/12/2009: We are NOT a Democracy
01/01/2009: Welcome to 2009
06/05/2008: Encouraging isolationism: Americans and geography
03/04/2008: War in S. America?
11/18/2007: No Accountability for Pakistan Aid
07/10/2007: Cutting Bait
06/13/2007: Lieberman - Idiot? Or Worse?
01/29/2007: Sen. Jon Kyl - Stuck on Starwars
01/13/2007: Barbara Boxer - Out of Line?
12/29/2006: Let Him Dangle
12/17/2006: Defense Spending: Mirror, mirror on the wall...
11/30/2006: Intervention in Palestine?
11/26/2006: Nomination of Robert Gates
10/09/2006: N. Korea Joins Nuclear Club
09/28/2006: And the Foot in Mouth Award Goes to......
08/10/2006: Time Out
08/02/2006: Why neither side wants to listen to the "Great Powers" - Part 1: The World Wars
07/16/2006: Japan, WOW, Japan, Just WOW
07/05/2006: Hazards of Travel
06/28/2006: Punishing Palestine...
06/16/2006: Amendment Ideas for the House's Resolution on the War on Terror
06/07/2006: Why do they Hate America: Iran Edition
05/12/2006: The Bush administration legitimizes terrorism
05/08/2006: Iran Setting Trap for Bush?
04/17/2006: Whassup with Iran?
03/13/2006: Next War Makes Iraq Piece of Cake
02/21/2006: Hypocrisy Alive and Well in the Old World
01/08/2006: Are We Ready to Deal with Iran?
11/27/2005: Ramsey Clark, Saddam Hussein and the Media
10/26/2005: U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Hits 2,000 and Rising...
08/21/2005: Respect of the dead
08/19/2005: Why the war in Iraq was necessary
08/13/2005: How to really end the war (sorry Cindy Sheehan)
08/02/2005: Wrong on Both Sides
06/29/2005: Peace in the Middle East
06/21/2005: Biting the Hand
06/10/2005: Affluence Won't Destroy America's Future - Probably
02/20/2005: USS Jimmy Carter Opens New Age of Espionage
02/09/2005: And I think everybody understands what the 'next steps' mean.
02/01/2005: The UN Irrelevance Once Again
01/19/2005: An Article of Trust
01/05/2005: Right Actions, Wrong Reasons
12/14/2004: America Headed for Orwellian Perpetual War?
09/25/2004: Iraq: Reality Check Please
09/25/2004: Rumsfeld Is Once Again Inserting His Foot into His Arrogant Mouth
09/22/2004: Bushs Speech Before the U.N. Had (Predictably) Little Basis in Reality
07/31/2004: U.S. Shifts Stance on Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
07/10/2004: Iraq Invasion led to Nuclear Proliferation
06/16/2004: Best Reason for Abiding by Geneva Conventions
05/09/2004: Iraq & Afghanistan; In Search of a Practicable Exit Strategy
05/07/2004: Republican Lockstep
04/29/2004: An Accounting
02/05/2004: Barking up the wrong tree
01/29/2004: What, More Men For The Army?
12/17/2003: Now that we have finally caught Saddam can the actual war on terrorism begin?
12/14/2003: Captured: Good, but so What?
11/29/2003: Bush to Baghdad: The Patina hides little.
10/28/2003: Continuing Security Issues in Iraq Hamper Bush Administration Mission
10/20/2003: Shelved State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq
10/06/2003: Pentagon Added to Axis of Evil
10/05/2003: Further Carnage On the Road to Illusive Peace
09/29/2003: Smoke and Mirrors: Administration Flails in its Efforts to Justify War
09/29/2003: Iraqi Constitution
09/28/2003: Did the Bush Administration Exact Revenge for Dissent Within the Intelligence Community?
09/23/2003: Journo claims proof of WMD lies
09/20/2003: How to Talk from Both Sides of a Mouth
09/19/2003: George W. Bush is not a Liar
09/18/2003: Max Cleland compares Iraq to Vietnam (and hates America)
09/14/2003: Casualty Cover-Up
09/09/2003: $87 Billion Dollars
09/07/2003: Lost American Credibility
09/03/2003: Rhetoric Only Gets You so Far
09/01/2003: War Zone is no place for civilian contractors
08/26/2003: Iraq War Over?
08/21/2003: The Roadmap Takes a Very Wrong Turn
08/10/2003: Iraq Threat was Exaggerated
07/22/2003: American Moral Leadership Takes Another Hit as Liberia Sinks Deeper into War
07/18/2003: Cheney Energy Task Force Documents Feature Map of Iraqi Oilfields
07/15/2003: The War on Terrorism
07/12/2003: Case not Closed. Not Moving On.
07/11/2003: Bush's Trade Protectionism and Election Strategy
07/10/2003: Televangelist Pat Robertson Supports Liberia Tyrant
07/07/2003: The Carlyle Group, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.: scandalous conflicts of interest
06/29/2003: Iraq privatization and economic globalization
06/27/2003: Just Kidding: Iraq War Not About WMDs
06/26/2003: WMD Evidence: Grasping at Straws
06/25/2003: Democrat Senator Publicly Denounces WMD "Cover-Up"
06/25/2003: US Plans to Remove Troops from Korean DMZ A Cause for Concern
06/20/2003: What about Iran?
06/18/2003: Don't say I told you so
06/17/2003: Protests in Iran are a Yearn for Freedom; Protests in US are a Yearn for Tear-Gas
06/16/2003: Bush denounces "revisionist historians"
06/16/2003: Sweep the WMD Evidence Trail Under the Rug
06/16/2003: Amnesty's Report
06/14/2003: US Wants to Remove Troops, Leave Corporations
06/13/2003: Metallica vs. Iraqis