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12/29/2005: The Sad Cost of Crying Wolf
12/24/2005: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Break The Law and Spy on Americans
09/05/2005: Open Letter to Barack Obama, Senator, Illinois
08/26/2005: Stop Illegal Immigration - Arrest Illegal Employers
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05/09/2005: Take Action Quickly
03/31/2005: Another shot of the same
03/30/2005: A Warm, Fuzzy Security Story
03/28/2005: Security Continues to Trump Privacy
12/22/2003: Condition Orange – Oh Boy!
10/06/2003: Pentagon Added to Axis of Evil
09/30/2003: Third Gitmo Prison Arrest
09/23/2003: Journo claims proof of WMD lies
08/10/2003: Iraq Threat was Exaggerated
08/08/2003: Activist sent to Federal Prison for 1yr
07/12/2003: Case not Closed. Not Moving On.
06/26/2003: WMD Evidence: Grasping at Straws
06/25/2003: Democrat Senator Publicly Denounces WMD "Cover-Up"
06/24/2003: Patriot Act II: American Totalitarianism