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10/14/2014: Colorado Please Just Vote
10/13/2014: 3 Dollars a Day in Wisconsin
10/08/2014: When ATF Gunwalking Went Wrong
07/11/2014: Policy Wonking Your Way to Freedom
07/02/2014: Two Thorny Cases for SCOTUS
06/26/2014: Detroit, Water Bills, and Patterns of Decline
05/28/2014: Greg Abbott Is No Hypocrite
04/09/2013: Law Enforcement, Gun Control, and How to Help Others
07/13/2011: It's amazing how politics can get in the way of a man's ambition.
07/13/2011: It's amazing how politics can get in the way of a man's ambition.
05/26/2011: Cantor's devotion to Israel overshadows his duty to Joplin and America
09/22/2010: DADT: GOP Fear of Tea Party Trumps Fear of Public
09/06/2008: Unintelligence in Federal Intelligence Agencies
08/01/2008: Republicans Upset, No One's Listening
10/25/2007: The Effects of WalMart: Part One
08/29/2007: Liberal Fascists Shut Up!
08/21/2007: Big Brother or Uncle Sam: Look Alikes
08/14/2007: Principle
08/10/2007: How We Could Make America Better Instantly
08/09/2007: Passing The Buck
04/12/2007: It's Not About Imus, Anymore!
03/23/2007: Remembering the Segregation Generation
03/17/2007: Still a Woman's Right to Her Body?
03/13/2007: Notes to the Left: Part One: If Your An Anarchist and Your A Leftist Your An Idiot
03/07/2007: Jesse Jackson Is NOT The Emperor Of All Black People
03/02/2007: Protecting Who's Interests Exactly?
02/08/2007: Imagine the possibilities?
02/06/2007: Oh My God!! American Idol!! Oh My God!!
01/31/2007: January 2007: Drug War Costs
01/20/2007: Keep Your Hands Off Your Child!
01/06/2007: Can Preferences Trump Rights?
12/26/2006: Racism Recedes: Classism Grows
11/15/2006: Equal Protection?
10/30/2006: Crossing The Line
10/30/2006: Politics & Church
09/29/2006: PERFORM
09/27/2006: Sex With Animals versus Gay Marriage
09/14/2006: Congress: Corruption as Usual
07/21/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Ten, The End
07/17/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Nine
07/12/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Eight, Stricter Penalties Still No Scientific Evidence
07/12/2006: You Can Thank The Feminists
07/11/2006: More Guns, Less Crime
07/10/2006: Space: The Wasteful Frontier
07/09/2006: In America It's OK to be Racist
07/05/2006: Gay Marriage, An Answer
07/03/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Seven, Communist Hysteria Addition
07/02/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Six
06/27/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Five
06/26/2006: Republican Representative Joseph Pitts: A Man So Far Out of Touch With Reality
06/24/2006: Legalizing Political Corruption: Line Item Veto!
06/14/2006: Protecting the Flag
06/11/2006: Be Proud That We Fought Nazi Fascism
06/08/2006: The Wall of Shame
06/06/2006: Surprise, Surprise: Suspect in Clemson Student's Murder a Repeated Sex Offender
06/06/2006: The Gay Ceiling
06/04/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Four
05/31/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Three
05/31/2006: Gov't. Accountability Gone
05/29/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition, 1937 - 1962, Part Two
05/28/2006: The History of Cannabis Prohibition 1937-1962: Part One
05/10/2006: The Quietly Deceitful Un-enlightened Despot
04/21/2006: Credit Where Due
04/13/2006: Why Socialism Fails
03/28/2006: Immigration Bill: Slap in American Workers Face!
02/16/2006: Chertoff describes Katrina Response
12/27/2005: 2 stories: Alito - Spending Priorities
12/21/2005: Senate ANWR drilling defeated
12/17/2005: NSA Spying and our Authoritarian America
12/08/2005: Gun and Tax Insanity
11/02/2005: Remembering Rosa
10/07/2005: What's Next, No Dancing?
10/06/2005: Spelling America with a K
09/30/2005: The State of Religion
09/27/2005: Farewell Posse Comitatus
09/26/2005: Going Wrong in America
09/14/2005: Marshall Plan for the Gulf Coast?
09/09/2005: An offering to the mighty gods of public opinion
09/03/2005: New York and New Orleans
07/12/2005: Senate Hearing on CPB Funding
06/24/2005: Why not a meaningful Amendment to the Constitution?
06/18/2005: Borrowing from Fascists and Dictators
06/09/2005: Affluence Destroying America's Future?
06/06/2005: Another Blow to State Sovereignty
05/22/2005: Religion - America's 2nd Civil War
05/18/2005: GOP Strategy - Bankrupt The US
05/13/2005: Rape in Prisons - Simple Solution
04/27/2005: The We - Me Debate
04/05/2005: The Looming American Theocracy
03/28/2005: Marriage: How Both Sides Have It Wrong
03/22/2005: Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances
03/19/2005: Schiavo and Lunsford
03/17/2005: News: Good, Bad, & Ugly 2
03/14/2005: Teaching Biblical Script as Science; Is it Any Wonder Johnny Can't Compete?
03/08/2005: Who Needs a Minimum Wage Anyway?
01/25/2005: Bush's GOP: Save The World, Screw Americans
01/20/2005: Inaugural Marked by Emigration
12/23/2004: All politics is local
12/23/2004: Bush Has a Brooklyn Bridge to Sell
12/06/2004: President Bush Does Not Have a Plan!
11/24/2004: Happy Turkey Day!
10/29/2004: The War at Home
10/26/2004: Boo who?
10/01/2004: We Don't Need No Education
09/28/2004: Intel. Reform - The Enemy Within
09/06/2004: A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican
06/25/2004: H.R. 3922: Last Week's Joint is Tomorrow's DUI
06/18/2004: Jobs Act Gives $149B to Corporations
06/11/2004: Freedom of Speech Under Fire
05/17/2004: The Boundaries of Equal Protection Jurisprudence and Gay Marriage
04/25/2004: I’m confused!
04/22/2004: Elect Bush –Reinstate the Draft.
04/21/2004: March for Death
04/06/2004: The Case For Gay Marriages
04/01/2004: You may already be a felon
02/25/2004: Hyper-surreal Future Marriages
02/24/2004: Bush Calls for Marriage Amendment
02/15/2004: It Was a Breast – Get Over it Already!
01/21/2004: State Of The Union: What I saw
01/11/2004: Bush's 'Not An Amnesty' Amnesty
12/17/2003: The battle in Miami
12/12/2003: Current Price of Free Enterprise
11/24/2003: Extremes to Demise
11/23/2003: The Energy Bill Filibuster is On
11/19/2003: The Energy Bill
11/13/2003: Wolf, What Wolf?
10/24/2003: Florida Theatrics Points to Future Erosion in the American Political System
10/14/2003: The Pledge.
10/07/2003: Good Education: A Liberal Thing?
09/26/2003: Poverty Rate Rises for second consecutive Year in U.S.
09/08/2003: Quote-Unquote
08/25/2003: Ashcroft's Albatross
08/06/2003: The Trouble with Clarence Thomas
07/24/2003: President to Push Extending Ban on Assault Weapons
07/24/2003: A Modicum of Sanity Returns to the House
07/22/2003: TIA Refuses to Die
07/17/2003: Swapping Illegal MP3s Could Become Felony
06/26/2003: Buchanan on Constitutional Law.
06/26/2003: Bush Bumpin' to 50-cent in the Oval Office