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August 30, 2005

Bringing Back The Past

Normally conservatives are picked out as being a group consistently trying to bring back the past. But over the past few years their penchant for nostalgia has been far surpassed by the liberals who are trying to liken any event to the 'good old days. Those days, of course, are during the civil rights movement and Vietnam, the age of flower power and Woodstock. These were important events on either side of the spectrum and should be held in remembrance for the enormity of what they meant. Unfortunately, in calling their images back into vogue and comparing every event of the day to them for attempted political gain is only cheapening and sullying what that time in our history meant.

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August 26, 2005

Stop Illegal Immigration - Arrest Illegal Employers

According to The New York Times, the United States spends $7.3 billion annually to secure its borders, an increase of 58% since the terror attacks of 9/11. What do we get for our $20,000,000 per day? We get emergency declarations from the governors of New Mexico and Arizona telling us that the international borders of their states are as porous as sieves.

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August 25, 2005

Is Mr. Robertson's Speech Protected?

A firestorm of commentary has been generated every since Pat Robertson, one-time Republican presidential candidate and leader of the 1.5 million member Christian Coalition advocated the assassination of Venezuelan presiden Hugo Chavez. Mr. Robertson has since apologized (kind of), and perhaps the matter is put to bed. Or is it? Do Pat Robertson's comments fall under the protection of the citizens' first amendment rights to free speech? Or, are his comments so incendiary that it endangers the national security of the United States and should he be punished in some way?

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Posted by Dennis at 12:04 PM

August 23, 2005

The Top Ten Reasons We Should Assassinate Pat Robertson

I see where Pat Robertson is at it again.

Well, much like Swift's solution to Irish overcrowding, I have an idea about how we can prevent any future outbreaks of his obviously chronic case of "foot-in-mouth" disease:

The Top Ten Reasons We Should Assassinate Pat Robertson

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August 21, 2005

Respect of the dead

The irony of the moment could not be more clear, two parents both who have lost a son in the war in Iraq. Both stirred to act as a result of another. Both making some of the same demands.

I demand that you stop using my son's name and my family's sacrifice to continue your illegal and immoral occupation of Iraq.

I looked at that and I said, not once did they ever ask me if they could use my son's name and my family name for their advertising...

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August 19, 2005

Why the war in Iraq was necessary

At almost any protest against the war in Iraq you will see "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" or some similar comment on a poster. Many on the left have claimed this war was all about oil. The truth is this is not far from reality, however most have excused away those who have written about this as conspiracy type theorists. If you look at the facts? You get a different picture.

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August 18, 2005

Taxation and the Artifical Aristocracy

Since the objective of every market is the creation of wealth and since the power to increase or decrease taxes implies the power to either encourage or discourage economic behavior, tax policies must reward those behaviors that tend to enhance its creation. Conversely, these policies should also prohibit those economic activities that do not facilitate the creation of wealth. In other words, the most logical and effective tax policy would be to tax the most productive economic activities the least, and the least productive economic activities the most. Thus, because income is not homogeneous, our federal income tax policy must consider the nature of that income and adjust the rate of taxation placed upon it according to its relative economic value.

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August 14, 2005

Is The White House Admitting Defeat in Iraq?

Now that the White House has drastically lowered expectations in Iraq, and as much as admitted that everything we have fought for was for naught, We The People have to ask the next logical question: was (and is) the violence, death and mayhem of the last three years worth the cost in American (and Iraqi) blood. And if the Administrations stated goals are no longer achievable, is this a U.S. defeat?

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August 13, 2005

How to really end the war (sorry Cindy Sheehan)

I've watched the past few days paying very close attention. What strikes me as interesting is we have Democrats such as John Kerry stating we need more troops as recently as June 30, 2005; yet hearing Democrats are demanding President Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan who has made it clear one of her primary goals is for the troops to come home now, is an obvious contradiction. How does this mixed message get by the majority of us?

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August 10, 2005

HR 25

After reading Paul Siegel's post regarding a national sales tax from yesterday along with many of the responses that were either wrong or misinformed I decided to go ahead with this post that addresses HR 25, the implementation of the fair tax plan instead of addressing them in the comments of his post, which was directed more generally at sales taxes. First, let's simply state what HR 25 is.

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Posted by Rhinehold at 11:20 PM

Don't You Just Love the Smell of Vietnam Throughout Your Day?

Is there any end to the chaos, maelstrom, malice, and violence that has become Iraq? How many out there in pundit land still think that attacking this country was a good idea? Is this Bush's idea of democracy? Is it anyone's?

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August 9, 2005

Is George Bush a War Criminal?

It's easy to understand why the American public is confused about the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison. This is because Abu Ghraib was the end result of a long line of policy decisions and treaty violations. In short, we got the end of the story first, and we're just now beginning to see the beginning.

Abu Ghraib didn't start in 2004 when those horrific photographs came to light; it started with the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan at the end of 2001. So perhaps, a brief chronology might add some perspective.

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August 5, 2005

Islam equals terror, Christianity equals love

Or so many seem to believe. Not just here on Watch Blog, but on a regular basis we are told how Islam is the religion of blodshed, jihad and murder while Christianity is the religion of peace, forgiveness and love. Only problem with that? The Koran and the Bible are very similar.

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The Illegitimate Birth of Political Correctness

In the aftermath of World War I, Supreme Court Justices Holmes and Brandeis realized that speech could be used to express ideas that were loathsome to the vast majority of American citizens. However, they subscribed to the belief that loathsome speech merits the same constitutional protections as admired speech and brilliantly defended the rights of all Americans to express themselves freely. In its craven prostration before the altar of political propriety this courageous sentiment is sorely lacking from today's Court.

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Posted by Chuck Hanrahan at 10:42 AM

August 4, 2005

And the Quagmire Grows Ever Murkier

My heart is heavy and my soul is angry, seething in fact as they both come to grips with the death of 24 more Marines in just the past week at the hands of these pesky, backwards, insurgents, whom we are this close to overwhelming. Can you feel the heat from the fire of Rome's hallowed halls?

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August 3, 2005

The Evolution of Intelligent Designed Spin

Creative Spin or the use of selected snippets has evolved into almost an art form in today's media. Most of us fall for it, myself included at times. Really how many of us want to search out or read a five or six page transcript to check for accuracy or to put one of these snippets into context? This is no accident, this is an intelligent purposeful act to design a chosen point.

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August 2, 2005

Wrong on Both Sides

As debate on an 'exit strategy' for Iraq continues on (and on and on) the one thing that strikes me is how both political parties are completely missing the point. The end result is that we end up with the two large parties slugging it out for political gain, leaving the real needs for Iraq, the US and the Middle East twisting in the wind.

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Posted by Rhinehold at 11:20 AM