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June 2004 Archives

June 28, 2004

Evaluation of Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Candidate for President

There have recently been some interesting posts on watchblog about how to get attention for libertarian candidates, and I decided to compliment these with a position-oriented analysis of Michael Badnarik’s candidacy. I accomplished this by using his questionnaire results outlining his views and his position papers on his official campaign website. There are too many issues for me to discuss, so I have picked just a couple of the more interesting ones.

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Clinton's "Life" Pushes Kerry Out of Media Spotlight, Making Room for Nader

New York, June 28, 2004 - John Kerry's presidential campaign was overshadowed by the release of Bill Clinton's autobiography, "My Life," according to the latest report from Media Tenor, an independent media analysis institute. With the launch of Clinton's book tour, his media coverage increased from less than 1% to 5% on the network evening news. Meanwhile coverage of John Kerry's electoral campaign decreased to just 1.5% of the evening news broadcasts.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 3:20 PM

Badnarik: 10 ways to get into the Race

Last week, I wrote the article covering the Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and how the libertarians have been failing to get much needed media attention in the feature article "Libertarians: Whispering from the Rafters". This week, I wanted to try my hand at giving advice on how to get some of that wanted media attention in a (somewhat) simple fashion. So, I present "10 ways for Badnarik to get into the Race." It's not too late, and these will surely help to bring visibility to the struggling libertarian campaign, or not:

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June 27, 2004

Greens Spurn Nader

The Green Party has rejected Ralph Nader as their candidate, instead picking Texas attorney David Cobb. Nader still has his endorsement from the Reform Party -- founded by Ross Perot in 1992 and garnered more than 19 million votes, but has recently languished, with Pat Buchanan only receiving 1% in the 2000 presidential race.

The rejection from the Green Party will continue to diminish Nader's chances for getting ballot access -- already a short list -- in states other than: Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina, Florida and Michigan. Nader refuses to throw in the towel, even while his campaign flounders and he asks supporters to vote for Kerry in swing states.

June 25, 2004

H.R. 3922: Last Week's Joint is Tomorrow's DUI

Let me preface this by making one thing clear: I firmly believe that if someone drinks and gets behind the wheel, they deserve punishment; And if someone smokes a joint and tries to drive, it's not much of a difference except in semantics. That said, alcohol is detectable in your system for a very short period of time since it is water soluble. Marijuana on the other hand, is fat soluble, which means that if you smoke a joint and are high for a few hours, that joint is going to be detectable a week later when you are completely sober.

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June 24, 2004

Nader asks supporters to vote Kerry

In an interview on NPR, Nader indicated that his campaign was intended to drive the Democrats toward a more progressive platform. He stated that he wanted supporters to come to his rallys, show their support, but that they should feel free to vote for Kerry once they are in the booth. Particularly if they are in swing states.

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 11:08 AM

June 22, 2004

A Narcissism of Small Differences

The 2004 presidential election is shaping up to be the biggest fraud perpetrated upon the people of the United States since the presidential election of 2000. While mainstream pundits attempt to play up the differences between Bush and Kerry, it should be clear to anyone who's been paying attention that the many points of agreement between these two candidates are disquieting at best.

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Nader taps Pete Camejo for VP slot

Ralph has named Pete Camejo as his running mate for the 2004 elections. This pretty much guarantees that Ralph will get the Green party endorsement even though he's running as an independent. Camejo was the Green Party candidate for Governor in California during last years recall, and is the most high profile Green on the national scene.

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 1:55 PM

June 21, 2004

Campaign becomes personality contest as policy issues are ignored

In the third week of June, the percentage of television news coverage on George W. Bush’s personality markedly increased, with 18% of those reports being positive. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent media analysis institute, shows that this trend was particularly noticeable on NBC and CBS news where Bush's and John F. Kerry's personalities were the subject of more 20% of the campaign coverage.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 9:38 AM

Libertarians: Whispering from the Rafters

(WatchBlog Exclusive - Atlanta, GA) - If libertarian strategists have their way, come November 2nd, George W. Bush will be returning to Crawford, Texas in defeat and fiscal conservatives will have sent a resounding message to both Republican-controlled Houses: "cease and desist." And they won't even have to win a majority of the vote in order to do it.

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June 19, 2004

Rowland Should be Impeached

I am following—with barely disguised amusement—the trails and tribulations of Connecticut Republican Governor John G. Rowland who is under investigation for accepting gifts from friends, state contractors and employees, for favors, and then—and here's a shocker—lying about it. I say amusement because the Republican Party is the self proclaimed Party of integrity and honor. Question is, where is Rowland’s, and better still, where is Bush/Cheney’s?

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June 18, 2004

The Party of Censorship?

It seems like every time I turn around, Republicans are trying to censor something. Last year it was the Reagan documentary on CBS, before that it was any critical debate of pre and post 9-11 actions of the Bush Administration (though criticism of Clinton Administration actions was encouraged, even if it was false). Now Michael Moore is back in the gunsights. Republican PR firm Russo Marsh & Rogers have created a "grass roots organization" consisting entirely of RM&R employees to pressure movie theaters into not showing Fahrenheit 9-11.

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 10:18 AM

June 17, 2004

DNC Releases "trustees" List; Can't be Found

The DNC released a list of "trustees," fundraisers who bring in $250,000 or more for the party and its presidential nominee, and "Patriots," who raise at least $100,000. The Washington Post has an editorial on it in "Patriot Names" (haha, get it? Like Patriot Games? Okay, lame). Anyways, that editorial isn't all that interesting, but it's a good idea to release the list.

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June 16, 2004

Best Reason for Abiding by Geneva Conventions

I ran across what has to be the best reason for following Geneva Conventions. Lately I have been hearing a lot of arguments that counter with "this is war..." or "it's just an anomaly..." (it's not) and even "it's not so bad, they do worse...". Well those arguments now have a compelling counter-argument and reasoned response.

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June 15, 2004

As Economy Improves, Bush's Economic Policy Ignored; Kerry Absent from Media in Wake of Reagan's Death

New York - June 14, 2004. Coverage of the state of the economy, education, healthcare and domestic security have been declining in the U.S. TV evening news since January. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent media analysis institute, shows that the big three networks have neglected topics that are crucial influences on voters' decisions in national elections.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 11:07 AM

June 14, 2004

Abu Ghraib: Prepare For A Moral Chernobyl

The story is continuing to unfold about the abuses and torture at Abu Ghraib, but we may have to start using stronger words once the more dire pictures and videos emerge. Christopher Hitchens writes for Slate in "A Moral Chernobyl: Prepare for the worst of Abu Ghraib":

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Gullibility and Mediacracy: a conflict of disinterest

The results of a recent Pew survey, which found that "news audiences are increasingly politicized," showed also that the US public is increasingly skeptical of the media mass. However, shouldn't we be quite concerned about the fact that almost one-third of respondents still believe "all or most" of what they are fed by the various rackets?

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June 13, 2004

The Teflon President on the Ten Dollar Bill? It Won’t Stick.

In the late seventies and early eighties I was just coming out of college into the work force and I was a big fan of the British Sci-Fi cult classic, Doctor Who. For those of you not familiar with this quirky television series Doctor Who was a time lord who traveled from one adventure to another as he battled bad guys along with an evil time lord who was out to steal the key to time.

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Posted by William Flynn at 6:20 PM

June 10, 2004

Former Libertarian candidate raided by Joint Terrorism Task Force

A large number of federal agents in Denver, Colorado raided the home and business of outspoken tax opponent, 2nd Amendment activist and former Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Rick Stanley. Stanley has pushed the limits of legal boundaries many times -- wearing holstered firearms to rallies (wearing firearms is legal, but rallies are expressly prohibited) and challenging the constitutionality of the federal income tax -- and this does not mark the first time he has been jailed or charged.

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June 9, 2004

Are We Crowning The New American Caesar?

The President of the United States is abusing his office and in the name of partisan politics the Republican controlled Congress is allowing it to happen. The release of the legal memorandums from various legal departments in the executive branch detailing how the President is, in effect, above the law (international and national) sent chills down this writer’s spine, and is just the latest revelation that something is rotten at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Economy makes up only 1.2% of campaign coverage

NEW YORK - June 9, 2004. Although the networks’ strong interest in the situation in Iraq has declined steadily since mid-May, their indifference to the state of the economy remains unchanged, with coverage on the subject totaling a mere 1.2 % of the overall coverage of the elections. Considering the fact that the economy is viewed as a crucial factor in determining election outcomes, TV viewers are receiving insufficient information on this matter.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 9:11 AM

June 8, 2004

Paranoia is non-partisan

Predictably, Republicans and Democrats have begun to conflate their ideological opponents with the terrorist enemy. One even gets the feeling that each fears the other more than they fear Al Qaeda. After all, outed Al Qaeda operatives are likely to be arrested immediately upon identification, while Democrat and Republican operatives freely roam the streets.

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June 3, 2004

A Measured Analysis of Abuses under the Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is becoming a major issue of dispute not only between President Bush and his liberal critics, but between Bush and those in the Republican Party with more libertarian leanings. As a libertarian and a supporter of the ACLU, I tend to oppose any expansion of government power that reduces the warrant or probable cause requirements for criminal investigations. While I have often heard about the dangerousness of the Patriot Act and have repeatedly said that I support the repeal of the sections that decrease Fourth Amendment protections, I admit that I did not actually know of any specific examples of abuse under that Act.

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Posted by Misha Tseytlin at 11:09 PM

June 2, 2004

Doubts on Republican Support for Bush Emerge

NEW YORK - June 2, 2004. In the second half of May, 7% of the negative declarations on the evening news about George W. Bush were made by fellow Republicans. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent institute examining the presidential election media coverage, shows that more than 60% of negative statements on Bush came from journalists, 8% from John F. Kerry and almost 12% from other Democrats.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 1:31 PM