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May 31, 2004

Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education; A Legacy Well Worth Lauding

On this the 50th Anniversary of the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court case Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education (Brown v. Board), I am called upon by humility and circumstance to reflect on its broader meaning and implications to Our American society. Long looked upon as the seminal Supreme Court ruling of the last century, Brown v. Board’s importance is now being openly questioned by many in the black community.

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May 27, 2004

What Are You Certain About?

About a year ago, I listened to a speech by a professor at Amherst College about “Bush and Moral Certainty.” Basically, the premise of the speech was that one of Bush's major flaws was his “moral certainty" about his decision and beliefs. While I took this with a grain of sand at the time, this charge that Bush being so sure that he knows that is right has become a larger and larger part of the left's critique of Bush, and I think it bears addressing.

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May 26, 2004

Focus on Horse Race Unfavorable for Bush; Kerry Leans on Campaign Coverage

NEW YORK - The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent institute examining the presidential election media coverage, shows that in the last week, 60% of all reports on George W. Bush's performance both in polls and in the election horse race were negative. The networks’ extensive coverage of recent poll results creates an added challenge for Bush's campaign. Horse race and poll coverage have a potentially larger impact than other news coverage, as a bandwagon-effect often sways public opinion, engendering further swings in voter-preference.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 9:16 AM

May 25, 2004

Chalabi and the White House

So it seems that the impetus for the raid on Chalabi's house is that he is a double agent for Iran and has been feeding top secret documents to Iranian intelligence. Documents obtained most likely from Perle, Wolfowitz, or Feith. These are the architects of the "War on Terror"?

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 9:29 AM

May 21, 2004

The politics of projection

In the tit-for-tat world of Republican-Democratic duopoly politics, "I know you are but what am I" is a revered comeback for beleaguered ideologues. Is there any hope for those of us more interested in principles and truth than in the trivialities of two-party politics?

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May 20, 2004

Nader and Kerry

Well, it looks like Kerry did learn something from Gore's campaign. Kerry met with Nader. Not only did he meet with him, he did not ask Nader to get out of the race. With a non-hostile relationship between the Democrats and the Greens, it looks more likely that Nader will target his efforts to not-in-play states.

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 1:13 PM

Where's The Sacrifice?

I admire John McCain. He is the lone Republican voice of rationality and sanity in a Party otherwise gone fiscally insane, and which has collectively climbed into bed with our befuddled President refusing to see the realities of the day. In a remarkable development (or perhaps not so remarkable given my opening sentence), Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, not the most dynamic or decisive leader the House has ever elected to lead them, both chided and made public sport of John McCain for not towing the party line.

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May 19, 2004

Rumsfeld garners criticism for prisoner abuse

New York - May 17, 2004. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent institute examining the presidential election media coverage, shows that, as the abuse of prisoners in Iraq became the primary focus of TV evening news, President Bush largely escaped media attention and criticism, while the coverage of Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld was both more extensive and largely negative in tone. In the third week of May, 19.5% of the reports on Bush were negative, while Rumsfeld received most of the criticism, with 41% of negative reports.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 9:42 AM

May 17, 2004

The Boundaries of Equal Protection Jurisprudence and Gay Marriage

I am here in Massachusetts for the summer, so I am in the middle of a rather important event- the first state-sanctioned gay marriages are happening today. First, if allowing gay marriage was on the ballot, I would vote for such a measure (although if another option was to devolve marriage into a private-religious practice and allow civil unions for everyone, I would support that over any other measure). Yet, allowing gay marriage was never adopted by the people of Massachusetts, unless you count the following provision adopted in 1780 by a deeply religious people who would never have approved of gay marriage:

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Posted by Misha Tseytlin at 10:27 AM

May 14, 2004

Poll Results Driven by TV News; Bush In Better Position To Control His Media Image

NEW YORK - May 10, 2004. The latest report from Media Tenor, an independent institute examining the presidential election media coverage, shows that media interest in George W. Bush's position on the recently revealed torture of Iraqi prisoners helped to elevate his share of direct quotes to 44% in early May. The issue received major coverage on all three networks and contributed to the high frequency of sound bites directly from the President. Meanwhile, direct quotes from John Kerry declined by approximately 10% during the same period.

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Posted by Isadora Badi at 10:31 AM

May 12, 2004

History in the making

You know, I’ve been considering the whole "Bush as Hitler" idea. Maybe a better analogy would be Bush as FDR. Hmmm! Maybe bush as Hitler/FDR. A hybrid genetically altered creature born in the bowels of a secret evangelical neo-con laboratory. This creation of god and science was released onto this world to lead the true children of god in a crusade against the Islamic Fascist menace.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm kind of prone to dark sarcastic humor.

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Posted by at 9:29 PM

May 9, 2004

Iraq & Afghanistan; In Search of a Practicable Exit Strategy

Finally…finally it has happened. Operational commanders in the field in Iraq are finally saying what those of us well-versed in military strategy have been stating since the beginning of the Iraq War: we may win tactically, but without a clear and concise plan of operations, including a workable exit strategy, we risk losing the War strategically.

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May 7, 2004

Economics Still Work!

Just a couple of months ago all we would hear out of Democratic opponents of George W. Bush was how we were having a “jobless recovery” and how our economy was doing so poorly. Bush’s defenders would respond “the tax cuts have fixed the economy ruined by 9/11 and Clinton” and the jobs are coming right along. Well the reason you haven’t heard much about the economy recently is that it is doing great, jobless claims are down to their lowest levels since 2000, and unemployment is down to around 5.6 %, which is just a shade above what is the default unemployment rate due to people transitioning jobs and just the lag in the market.

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Posted by Misha Tseytlin at 10:13 PM

Republican Lockstep

You have to admire (or not) Republican Party members' ability to present a united front even in the face of obvious wrongs, breeches of public trust, and the blatant skirting of U.S. and International law by those entrusted to uphold it. The unfolding shame of the systematic torture and murder (25 dead at last count) of Iraqi and Afghanistan prisoners by American soldiers and civilians is just the latest in a long list of ugly episodes where the Bush Administration has stumbled and fumbled, but still enjoys the support of Republican citizens, members of Congress, and member of the Bar, both state and federal.

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May 5, 2004

The Torture Never Stops

Plenty of people are chastising Bush for the horrific abuse of prisoners in Iraq. Far be it from me to defend Bush, but come on. Does anyone seriously believes that he could have known about this? Even less likely is the contention that he would support it. In spite of popular opinion, Bush is not an idiot.

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Posted by rev_matt_y at 1:42 PM

May 3, 2004

Sanitation workers for House and Senate!

Is anybody else sick and tired of mainstreamist hand wringing over the excessive political partisanship and the "lack of civility" inherent to contemporary Republican-Democratic politics? The national media have been predicting for some time that this is going to be the most bitter, partisan, gutter-politicking presidential campaign in modern American history, but now that things finally seem to have begun heating up, it looks like the press-corpse is afraid it may have actually gotten something right.

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What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I've been offline for a week, and took a lot of time to think about the upcoming election. I am a reasonable, rational person. I am willing to listen to opposing viewpoints and alter my opinions based on new information. So, what I would like to know from both Democrats and Republicans is this:

What is your party doing right now, today, to make this country better? Give me, and all the other independents in the country, a reason to vote for your party. Now, I'm not interested in emotional arguments and appeals to authority or attacks on the opposing party because none of those will convince me. I want concrete examples of things that your party is doing to try to make life better for a majority of Americans.

Posted by rev_matt_y at 10:52 AM

May 2, 2004

Are You An Enemy Combatant?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed… Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776
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