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January 30, 2004

You say you want de-evolution.

Georgia is proposing removing the word "evolution" from their science curriculum. That's like removing the word "osmosis" or "polynomial" from the math classes.

Actually, the Eagle Forum has advocated in the past that we shouldn't teach math because when kids learn that there are no absolutes then they start to question God and are doomed to a lifetime of drug abuse.

That is actually strong argument to favor Democrats. Other than Joe Lieberman, Dems are rarely fanatic religious activists trying to force everyone in the country to live by the teachings of their particular religion.

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Things you have to believe

Politics in the Zeros has a list of 20 things you must believe to be a Republican today. Entertaining and accurate, but other than 2, 5, 6, 10, 15, and 16, how are the Democrats any different?

Yes, the Dems support Hillary in general but put Newt Gingrich there in her place and they'd take the same position that the Reps do. 30% difference between the Dems and Reps, and I'm sure you could easily come up with 6 statements about Democrats that are just as hypocritical.

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January 29, 2004

Why I am Green

Most of my friends are not Green. They are largely Democrats or Republicans, with a smattering of Independents and a Libertarian or two. I am often asked Why Are You a Green? The Dems ask why I don't join them and work from within the system. The Reps ask why I don't join the Dems since there's no difference between the Dems and [name of whatever non-right wing political party you care to mention]. The Independents and Libertarians tend to actually understand why I choose to not join the Dems. My perception is that the Democratic Party is beholden to mostly the same corporate special interests as the Republican Party. While they may pay nominally better lip service to wanting to do right by the average American, the ultimate result isn't wildly different from what moderate Republicans do.

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What, More Men For The Army?

Since the war in Iraq began the Bush Administration with Rumsfeld as its talking head, has insisted that the Army could meet its current obligations without growing the force. Many experts on military tactics and policies state that this was impossible given the level of obligation the U.S. Army is currently committed to. Seems they were right (of course we knew they were). The Bush Administration has quietly announced plans to grow the Army by 30,000 men in the near term.

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January 27, 2004

Follow-up: Libertarians Finally Gain Momentum

I mentioned earlier that Gary Nolan (L) was in a close race in what some may call the "Amazon Caucus", he was trailing John Kerry (D) by a mere $600. Now it appears that Nolan has rallied his troops and is trying to position himself as the Internet Libertarian in the same way Howard Dean rose to become the "Digital Democrat". Nolan has managed to become Amazon's top campaign recipient and appears to be on course to continue to a dominant lead against the Democrats.

As a more centrist party, the Libertarians may pose considerable problems -- not only for fiscal conservative Democrats -- but for socially liberal Republicans who are dissatisfied with George Bush's policies that some call "No Tax and Spend". Read on for an updated table of contributions and what this may mean in the 2004 election:

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January 26, 2004

Sizing up the Survivors (Or, Dean and Nothingness)

There’s an old Jewish joke about a rabbi who concludes a fiery sermon by going down on his knees and declaring, “Oh Lord, before you I am nothing!” Following suit, a wealthy patron of the temple comes up to the altar and goes on his knees next to the rabbi, also stating that he is “nothing”. Finally, a humble old man comes to the front and makes the same declaration. Regarding this, the wealthy donor turns to the rabbi and whispers, “Look who thinks he’s nothing.”

Several candidates are now competing to be “nothing,” the humble servant who is swept in front of the Democratic convention by the power of the people. The rest will be revealed as mere pretenders to nothingness. Let’s see how the surviving candidates measure up now:

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Global Greens Charter

David recently posted a copy of the 10 Key Values of the Green Party (our guiding philosophy). Its worth pointing out that, in fact, what he posted is just one of many different articulations of those 10 Key Values - other examples of which can be seen on the Global Greens Charter web page, including the Charter itself, which is a document prepared at a gathering of Greens from across the globe in 2001 that outlines how these principles are to be implemented in great detail.

There is also a more simple rendition, in the form of the Four Pillars, which are reproduced on the Wisconsin Green Party web site (which I linked to). These originated from the European Green Party movement in the 1970's and were expanded into the 10 Key Values by the North American Green Party movement in the 1980's.

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The Green Party Presidential Nomination - Candidates and Controversies

In case you haven't noticed, there are several declared candidates (David Cobb, Kent Mesplay and Lorna Salzman) vying for the Presidential nomination of the Green Party of the United States (as well as at least one other prominent Green Party member who folks are attempting to draft: Peter Camejo). Candidate forums and debates are being organized across the country in response (a list of resources that might help you find such an event is provided at the end of this article).

In light of this, I thought it topical to attempt an overview of who these folks are and where they are coming from. But, first, a brief update on three related topics: Ralph Nader, the "safe states" and "no candidate" options, and the "favorite son/daughter" candidacies of Peter Camejo in California and Carol Miller in New Mexico.

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January 24, 2004

Libertarians Finally Gain Momentum

Gary Nolan (L), a relative unknown in the overall political spectrum, may finally be making some headway on his campaign and looks poised to become the Libertarian party's nominee for the 2004 Presidential election, thanks to's new direct contribution system. The system allows Amazon customers to contribute between $5 and $200.

Nolan appears to be in a close race, faltering only to John Kerry (D), in what has become an intense run for little more than publicity in a bid to gain wide media recognition for his campaign. Also covering the story is Campaign trail hits Amazon. Read on for the latest contribution tally.

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January 21, 2004

State Of The Union: What I saw

I suppose I have been watching State Of The Union speeches with interest since about the mid seventies. In most cases they represented a bit a grand standing, politicking, and certain looseness with the facts. These things are to be expected especially in an election year. What I saw last night was a show wrapped around the strangest excuse for a State of the Union speech I had ever witnessed. Some of the highlights as I saw it were as follows:

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Posted by William Flynn at 9:41 PM

January 20, 2004

In Defense of the President

I'm not exactly a supporter of President Bush and the policies he has implemented. He invaded a country with shaky evidence and little regard to world and public opinion, he's alienated the United States from the rest of the world, He's given promises that he clearly and unapologetically broke in funding programs such as Aids research, he's disregarded many environmental policies from the beginning of his term, His economic policy was practically non-existent until much late in the game, and he panders to the people in hopes to win votes. A lot of charachter flaw going on in a man who bragged about bringing dignity back to the whitehouse.

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Posted by Beau Wade at 8:38 PM

Bush Recess Appoints Pickering

On the eve of Martin Luther King’s birthday celebration, President Bush showed once again his distain for Black Americans by appointing to the Federal Bench a man known for his racial intolerance. President Bush using his power under the Constitution to install Judges and others while the Senate is in recess, named controversial Republican Judge Charles Pickering to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, in New Orleans. Pickering’s confirmation has been blocked in the Senate for the last three years.

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January 16, 2004

Libertarian News - & Personal Note

The Libertarian Party (LP) has a presidential party nomination candidate well known in some circles. Aaron Russo, a former Hollywood producer of films like The Rose and Trading Places has recently been a political shaker. He said he is running because he "can't stand what is happening to America." Implications I am sure were intended.

Bob DeBrosse is named Ohio's first Libertarian mayor. Bob DeBrosse, has served more than 10 years on the Piqua city commission and was sworn in as mayor on January 5.

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January 13, 2004


There are alternatives to the two corporate parties. There are the obvious ones, like the Greens, the Libertarians, Peace and Freedom, and American Taxpayer. However, there is a fairly broad spectrum of woefully under-recognized parties to consider. Project Vote Smart lists the ones that are offering Presidential candidates for 2004.

Who knew the Federalists were still around? And the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party reminds me of discovering in the early 90's that California had something like 1500 active political parties. Now THAT is democracy. How could you not be in favor of the Anti-Hypocrisy Party? Or if you're completely undecided, you could go with the Independent Democratic Republicans. Sometimes we need to take a step back and see the humor in the world.

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January 7, 2004

Court Ruling on Campaign Finance Law

I found an excellent article dated Dec. 11 on the Libertarian response to the Supreme Court's upholding of major provisions of the Campaign Finance Reform law passed by Congress. The Libertarian Party is opposed to the law and here is why.

The Libertarian Party, which is one of the plaintiffs that challenged the campaign finance law upheld on Tuesday by the Supreme Court, has denounced the ruling as an "all-out assault on the right of every American to engage in the political process."
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January 6, 2004

Clark Tax Plan Falls Short of the Mark

Retired General Wesley Clark unveiled his version of the great American tax cut today, one that benefits the common man at the expense—literally—of the richest 1% of Americans who will see a tax hike. About time the rich were finally asked to pay their fair share? I say yes, but the plan does not go nearly far enough.

It is well known by Congressmen and average Americans alike, that the Federal tax code is too large, too complicated, and overly burdensome on all (yes even the rich), and needs to be completely overhauled. But it seems, since talk of the flat tax (an idea I support) flared and died, there is little stomach—or vision—in Congress, or the Executive, to radically change the code. So, Congress tweaks around the edges, but never really digs into the meat of the code, leaving Americans to once again slog through tax regulations that are more complicated than the manual to fly the space shuttle.

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January 4, 2004

The Year In Review

Political Humor

Is it possible to have a happy new year with out reviewing the last one first? I don't think so.

The year 2003 was the 500th birthday of alleged 'profit' Nostradamus. Leave it to a French man to spend half a millennia saying,"I told you so," every time a war breaks out.

It was also the 40th anniversary of the shooting of JFK. Some conspiracy theorist claim that a big oil man from Texas who stole an election to rise to power was responsible for the murder (i.e. Lyndon Johnson). I say it's apropos for the Democrats to assassinate their own (i.e. the 2004 Democratic nomination race). So the theorists might be onto something.

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