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November 23, 2003

The Energy Bill Filibuster is On

Who says the Democratic Party is dead and dying? Certainly not the Republicans in Senate and certainly not the White House who were all but gloating about passage of the much ballyhooed Energy Bill, before it cleared the Senate floor. Now it appears as thought the ill-conceived bill might be dead as the Democrats launch a filibuster. Should Americans rejoice at its passing? Is there any reason to decry the death of a bill that does nothing to address the cause of American energy independence now, or in the foreseeable future?

Better in my estimation to let the Energy Bill die, then to sigh into law a bill that on its face is bad for America.

November 13, 2003

If You Claim to support "all men are created equal", then Include ALL Americans!

I have a small problem with those claiming to put America and the Consitution first and then excluding a small, but growing number of Americans. Okay, it isn't just a small problem, it is a BIG PROBLEM! Let me explain.

Since I have registered as an Independent, I have been browsing the web, checking out party platforms for some of the Independent political parties out there. I've been having a hard time finding one that I can put all of my confidence and support in because some approve of certain values that I hold dear (like the 2nd Amendment) while excluding others (rights for ALL citizens).

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Wolf, What Wolf?

In the latest round of partisan politics, in which Senate Republicans are engaged in a 30-hour debate about the state of the Bush Administration’s judicial nominees, are the Republicans crying wolf when in fact there is none to be found? What is the issue one might ask? It is this: out of a total of 172 judicial nominees for vacant Federal Judicial benches put before the Senate so far, 168—some 98%, have been passed by the full Senate while, 4—a mere 2% have been held up by Democrats.

In a sound bite today Bush called this:

”ugly politics," and further stated that, "[i]t's wrong and it's shameful, and it's hurting the system."

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November 11, 2003

Soros, Open Societies and Bush

In a remarkable piece of news, billionaire George Soros announced plans to match 50 cents to the dollar every donation made to defeat George W. Bush. (Disclosure: I worked for the Soros Foundation as an educator in Ukraine in 1997-8 and applied for several grants from his foundation for several schools). That a man devoted so singlemindedly to overcoming political hegemony is now throwing money into a domestic election is a sign of how high the 2004 election stakes really are.

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November 10, 2003

Is Gore Spoiling For Round Two?

Is Al Gore spoiling for a re-match with his nemesis George W. Bush? In a speech given over the weekend, to an audience of about 2500 Gore, spoke to members of two liberal advocacy groups: the American Constitution Society and, and based on the voracity of his presentation, it sure sounded like he was ready to fight.

Gore stated: "President Bush has stretched this new practical imperative way beyond what is healthy for our democracy," and "[t]hey have taken us much farther down the road toward an intrusive, Big Brother-style government -- toward the dangers prophesied by George Orwell in his book '1984' -- than anyone ever thought would be possible in the United States of America,"

Is Gore building a case whereby he would enter the race for the 2004 democratic nomination as the savoir of American Principles. The man on the White charger destined to save American democracy from the neo-conservative Republican hoards? Or perhaps he’ll decide to run as an Independent.

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November 5, 2003

King of Wishful Thinking

The Democrats appear to be under the mistaken impression that their victory in November of 2004 is a given. While there are plenty of people who are unhappy with the direction our country is heading under the Bush administration, there are also quite a few that are quite happy with it. Bush et al have managed to quite effectively gut environmental protection, civil rights, privacy rights, and any hope of correcting corporate malfeasance. Combined with the overt push towards theocracy, the actions of the Bush administration appeal to a significant portion of the country.

The Democrats in their infinite self-focused wisdom assume that everyone thinks the way that they do. This bit them in the ass in 2000, and may well do the same in 2004. This actually helps third parties a great deal. As the Dems implode under the weight of introspection, people who really care will move to other parties. The focus of the Greens should be to earn enough of the vote to have a presence.

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Green Party Candidate Matt Gonzalez vies for San Francisco’s Top Slot

San Francisco is in flux, Willie Brown is out, the victim of term limits and the mayor’s office is up for grabs. The election, which was held yesterday ended with millionaire entrepreneur and city Supervisor Gavin Newsom on top, but not with a high enough margin to win the mayors office outright. A run off election will be held next month to decide the race and fellow city Supervisor Matt Gonzalez the highest ranking Green Party member to hold office in the city could very well become San Francisco’s next mayor. Who is Matt Gonzalez the man who be mayor of the California city that is arguably America’s most liberal? Follow the link gentle reader, follow the links.

* Chinese immigrants, small businesses back Gonzalez

* In S.F., it's a race to be second
Gonzalez, Leal, Alioto vie to face Newsom