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May 29, 2003

Key Voting Reforms Won't Be in Place for 2004 Elections

WASHINGTON -- The 2000 presidential election debacle in Florida led to demands that old-style voting machines be scrapped and voting safeguards be instituted. But those reforms will not be in place in most of the nation when candidates for the White House square off next year.

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Graham brings experience, but not much pizzazz, to the table

Bob Graham's credentials read like a wish list for Democrats yearning to find an established politician who can defeat a popular president.

But some political insiders think that background isn't enough.

"This is where Bob Graham doesn't get it. Resumes don't wash," said Arnie Arnesen, a Democratic talk show host and the party's candidate for New Hampshire's top job in 1992. "For the most part, it's what you say. It's how you say it. It's how you appear in the debates. It's how you answer questions."

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May 21, 2003

The Green Party Dilemma

The editorial by Mr. Hutchinson ("Bush Presents Colossal Dilemma for Greens in 2004") published on AlterNet has stimulated debate and for this we thank him. The question is where to begin? We could begin by choosing to continue the debate along his point of view. Let us not condemn one another for our loyalties to our respective political parties; such diatribes would do this debate a disservice.

Does the Green Party hurt progressives by keeping Democratic candidates out of office? It's an issue that raises passionate arguments among Greens and Democrats, and in a participatory democracy that's a good thing.

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