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Isolated Out Here In The Mtns

Interesting times we are living in.

Living thru an unknown virus while holding primary debates/elections.
Living thru the destruction of a political party.

Watchblog was a tuff old bird but I believe the virus got to it.

The dims have chosen a near-senile senior male as their presidential candidate. Guiliani has done everything but physically drag Biden to the jail.

Hillary is fighting a deposition hearing ascribed by a Judge Lambert. Her lawyers say there is ‘a long understanding’ that cabinet level officials should not be subject to deposition.

Can’t recall when oil was below $20/bbl. I’ve heard that once reserves are filled to capacity the oil/gas industry might pay people to buy their products.

Having 80 degree days in mid-March and two weeks ago the stock market was pushing 30k.

Just grateful, blessed that we’ve have a sane and competent President to travel with us.

Posted by Roy Ellis at March 19, 2020 8:31 PM
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Strange times indeed Roy. The key to survival is to remain calm in times of turmoil.

I shopped at Walmart today and found everything I wanted, including toilet paper, with one exception. No Lipton onion soup packets. I did not see anyone wearing masks or gloves. All were polite and orderly.

Regular gas was $1.69/gal.

Posted by: Royal Flush at March 20, 2020 3:56 PM
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About the same here, Royal. I’ve been to some nearby towns over this past week and things seem normal enough. There is generally a shortage of toilet paper and sterile wipes.

Thinking about how lucky we are to have a populist President with good common sense.

He was jerking the nation away from globalism and restoring our nations sovereignty right from the gitgo. This virus thing is strengthening President Trump’s hand in stomping out globalism.

I’ve heard that some of China’s ships bearing needed medical supplies were turned around and headed back to Chinese ports. There is now a critical shortage of mask and ventilators and this lack of goods points the finger directly at the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Romney’s and similar …
One has to chalk it up to pure unadulterated greed. No other reason holds water; incompetence, stupidity, flower child policies, and so on …

Same vein as these high level govie officials selling their stock after being briefed on the virus, some telling their constituents that the economy will do fine, just keep moving along.

I do recall that the taxpayers paid for US companies to move to CHina. Curious if Trump will fund them to relocate back to the US.

Some Gop’ers and the liberals are determined to keep fighting Trump in hoping that they can pick up the bones of globalism in 2024 and run with them.

And, hasn’t the country done well with the liberals kicking and screaming 24/7? I believe Trump’s 1st term will turn out to be the best term of office for any President. So important that the economy was super strong going into this virus situation.

I hope the dims will not vote for Trump in November and will continue to attack him throughout his 2nd term. He is doing so well w/o their support and it would muddy the waters biggly, weaken his 2nd term run, if they truly tried to participate in society.

Come November we should shed more GOP globalist, gain control of the House and pick up more state seats.

It’s a beautiful thing from my perspective, Royal. Meantime, just hanging out in the hills, working at being ‘deplorable’ to the best of my ability, and luvin life . .

‘Let’s see now, is it a wuhan virus or a chinese virus’, and so on …

Posted by: Roy Ellis at March 20, 2020 7:48 PM
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Perhaps Trump is using this shutdown to do an inventory of our nation’s wealth. Maybe we’ll get a new tax system out of this. We may get a new healthcare system out of this as well. We should. Both would be beneficial and both are needed.

Imagine knowing exactly what this country has in inventory and assets. Imagine all of it being coordinated to achieve maximum advantage. The innovation being used to achieve results, drive-thru testing, video triage. These alone will reduce the need for brick and mortar medical establishments.

Once this is over there should be some major changes made. If we can change the way the we look at security in 2001 we can change the way we look at healthcare and logistics in 2020.

Posted by: Weary Willie at March 21, 2020 9:20 AM
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Many thanks to Roy and Weary for their upbeat attitude. We will witness a “silver lining” following this medical crisis.

I am not surprised that some in the media and some in congress continue to play their political game of hate and diversion even at a time like this. These folks should be shunned by every decent American.

Love for our fellow human being is a sign of maturity. America will help ourselves to overcome this enemy, and then we will help the world.

Posted by: Royal Flush at March 21, 2020 4:42 PM
Comment #454466

Yes, I agree this virus and with Trump looking at a second term certainly kicks the door open for some major innovation. Returning some production to the US from China will, by itself, bring the opportunity for innovation into some sectors.

It seems China has made great use of collective data in organizing basically ever facet of Chinese life; how the trains run, integrated modes of transportation, peoples health/history, and so on … One gets the impression that the US has used big data to primarily improve advertising to the masses. We are more concerned with how our privacy is being broached rather than how our living standard is being improved.

Something I would like to see is a push to get young people interested in digital career fields and stop importing lower wage foreigners to do these jobs.

Yes, the time is right for major change, and Trump is the man for the job, IMO.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at March 21, 2020 8:11 PM
Comment #454467

Can you tell me what your local high school is doing to encourage students to enter the digital work force? Same for community colleges.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at March 21, 2020 8:13 PM
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