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Judge Walton Moves To Force AG To Take A Position On McCabe

Heard Rush Limbaugh today saying that the reason the GOP is not going on the offensive against the dim shenanigans is that, historically, the GOP has taken a defeatist attitude in their political relations with the dims. Rush says the GOP likes to play it safe, not have to work on offensive tasks as the dims shenanigans most often are harmless anyway.

I don't agree with Rush on this issue. The GOP doesn't want to go on the offense because most of them are globalists at heart and are hoping Trump will be impeached, diminished in his power and become a one term president.

Mitch McConnell can't bring himself to say that the senate will make sure Trump doesn't get impeached. Best offense he can offer is that 'if the House votes to impeach Trump then the senate will have to take up the case'.

There are a handul of GOP senators and reps that do support Trump but most of the 'chairs' would like to see him gone. The GOP will just sit around and wait for the Trump era to fade and then put their globalist agenda back in play, work with the dims just like old times.

It took a judge, who got tired of waiting on the AG, to force the issue as the whether or not the AG will indict McCabe. Judge Walton is giving the AG until mid November, I believe, to indict or drop the charges. The judge is saying that if there is no indictment he will rule that the information held by the AG on McCabe be made public for transparency. Wouldn't make me feel any better.

The GOP, AG, White House and others don't want to issue subpoenas or indict the conspirators. Judicial Watch, John Solomon and a few others have done all the heavy lifting in collecting evidence on the conspirators from Obama on down to working folks in the FBI.

Maybe the GOP'ers want to let it play out until the statue of limitations is reached, freeing them from having to deal with offensive actions.

I certainly don't understand the position of just seeking some transparency rather than seeking justice for the conspiracy perpetrators. If McCabe is tried for lying could he not be tried later for conspiring against a sitting President?

Wouldn't it be good for the President to have a few court wins under his belt going into the 2020 election?

It's like to GOP wants to gladly lay down in the road so the dims can steam roll them. Like, the House is not going to vote for impeachment. If they did that the GOP minority would be allowed to subpoena witnesses and ask questions about Biden and so on ... So, Pelosi is just going to 'fast track' the impeachment process, demand information from whomever they want, dispense with the vote and, I guess, just say that Trump is guilty and should be impeached.

Why wouldn't they drag the impeachment out and in doing so deny the world from doing any investigations of the dims so long as the impeachment process is ongoing?

I know most folks are tired of waiting, fed up with seemingly fickle GOP operatives and no action by the AG. Makes one super suspicious.

Posted by Roy Ellis at October 1, 2019 8:45 PM
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Its going to be the typical thing. McCabe will be found to have done multiple crimes, but not found guilty. Sadly Washington insiders like him are above the law. Only conservatives ever have to fear.

Posted by: Martine at November 3, 2019 6:34 PM
Comment #450429

McCabe is married to a woman running for office on DNC ticket, who has received half a million from the DNC…. and is a contributor to Hilary’s campaign. How is he an independent again?

Posted by: Martine at November 3, 2019 6:37 PM
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