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Where Does President Trump Stand On Justice For The Conspirators?

More and more conservative pundits and media reps are speculating that President Trump will take a ‘light justice’, (my words), approach towards Hillary and the conspiracy. Also, getting vibes that Trump won’t build all the wall, just enough to get him thru the next election.

I don't have any faith in the US Senate to seek justice. We hear daily that the Justice and State Dept's are working to block Judicial Watch and similar from further exculpatory findings regarding Hillary and the conspiracy. Seems any federal court cases heard in DC will be stymied by dim jurists.

Heard recently that a person has evidence that Uranium One was a pay for play deal, willing to testify to that. Also, that uranium was delivered to 'a foreign country' thru Canada, which violates federal law.

Seems there is so much evidence stacked up against deep state players that it would take the courts 10 years to sort out. But, if there were just two or three convictions with serious jail time that might serve to curtail a lot of deep state activity. Fining Amazon/Google a hundred million or so is laughable at best.

I am hopeful that President Trump can be the white knight we need to save the republic. One would think that he would come out with a strong statement on justice and the wall.

His base should make it known, clearly, that, yes, we want transparency but, we also want justice for the largest effort at conspiracy to overthrow the US gov't in US history.

Lock her up and build the wall !!

Posted by Roy Ellis at September 7, 2019 8:47 PM
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Someone should be held accountable for weaponizing many parts of the federal government for political purposes.

David Nunes is suing Fusion GPS, which might turn up some more evidence.
David Nunes is a hero as far as I’m concerned.

However, I seriously doubt anyone will ever be held accountable, because most Republicans won’t lift a finger to help see that these people are held accountable, despite the proof of leaking, lying, fake evidence, FISA abuses, fake Steele dossier, the deep state, etc., etc., etc.

Also, that’s par for the course in government. The worst that happens is that someone resigns with their cu$hy pension and benefits.

Judicial Watch is trying, but who, besides Jim Jordan and David Nunes are fighting hard to expose the deep state, and their many violations, lies, and leaking?
I’m sure I missed some names, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much interest in the Republican party to hold anyone accountable for what amounts to no less than an attempted coup.

While I think voting for Republicans (at this point in time) is FAR, FAR, FAR better choice than voting for Democrats, most of the Republicans (excluding Trump, David Nunes, Jim Jordan, and a few others) aren’t accomplishing nearly as much as they should be.

And, despite Trump’s good track record, there were not enough voters to stop the Democrats from taking back the House. And look what the Democrats have accomplished since NOV-2018 … nothing good. Jerry Nadler is a low life, and has been wasting Congress’ time the whole time.

Democrats are making all kinds of promises of all sorts of free stuff, and that will buy a lot of votes. Hopefully, enough voters will see that those are lies and empty promises.

Other Democrats are hoping for a recession.
Many Democrats want a recession, because they think that will help them win back power. How low is that?

But, who is surprised?
Democrats have a long history of doing despicable things.

Posted by: d.a.n at September 7, 2019 10:17 PM
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No words for it d.a.n. You’d think Trump would be mad as hell and willing to expend capital need to ‘lock em up’.

Article running on google news about how Mueller would not investigate/involve Saudi’s re 9/11 attack. Much like Trump gave them a pass on Koshoggi.?.

Uncanny, but a recent WaPo article related that the Clinton’s should be investigated as the Clinton Foundation received some $145M during the Uranium One sale. Bill made a speech in Moscow and received $500k. How much has the Russians sent the Clinton’s since they lost their gov’t power? zilch.

This ‘deep state’ and ‘too big to fail’ crap must be overcome.

Not just bloggin to hear my head roar. I’VE GOT THE SOLUTION !!

We desperately need a new political party, a populist party designed for the PEOPLE. None of this ‘gov’t for the people thru the eyes of Mitch McConnell. We need to start working on a party now and have it ready to compete in 2028. A party can be designed to weed out the ‘deep staters’ and ‘crooks’.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 8, 2019 1:10 PM
Comment #448168

Yeah…I thought the Tea Party was going to be that 3rd party.

At any rate, I think the largest group of voters today is independent voters, and many of them don’t like belonging to any party.

Maybe that is because both parties (Democrats and Republicans) have let us down (miserably) in the past.

George W. Bush severely screwed up, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands since he invaded IRAQ (based on fake intelligence about WMD). George W. Bush is responsible for MANY people leaving the Republican party forever.

Lyndon B. Johnson severely screwed up by escalating the proxy war in Vietnam.

_____________WARS___AMERICAN WARS___WAR DEATHS________________________________

  • # ___ War __________________ Years ____ Deaths ____ Deaths/day _ U.S. pop. _ Deaths per pop.
  • 01 __ American Civil War____ 1861–65 ___ 750,000 __ 520 _______ 31,443,000 __ 2.385% (1860)
  • 02 __ World War II ________ 1941–45 ___ 405,399 __ 297 _______ 133,402,000 _ 0.307% (1940)
  • 03 __ World War I _________ 1917–18 ___ 116,516 __ 279 _______ 103,268,000 _ 0.110% (1920)
  • 04 __ Vietnam War _________ 1961–75 ___ 58,209 ___ 11 ________ 179,323,175 _ 0.032% (1970)
  • 05 __ Korean War __________ 1950–53 ___ 54,246 ___ 45 ________ 151,325,000 _ 0.036% (1950)
  • 06 __ American Rev. War ____ 1775–83 ___ 25,000 ___ 11 __________ 2,500,000 __ 1.00% (1780)
  • 07 __ War of 1812 _________ 1812–15 ___ 15,000 ___ 15 __________ 8,000,000 _ 0.207% (1810)
  • 08 __ Mexican–American War_ 1846–48 ___ 13,283 ___ 29 _________ 21,406,000 _ 0.057% (1850)
  • 09 __ Iraq War ____________ 2003–2011 __ 4,497 ____ 2 _________ 294,043,000 _ 0.002% (2010)
  • 10 __ Philippine–Amer. War__ 1899–1902 __ 4,196 ____ 3.8 _________ 72,129,001 _ 0.006% (1900)
  • 11 __ Spanish–Amer. War ___ 1898 _______ 2,246 ____ 8.9 _________ 62,022,250 _ 0.004% (1890)
  • 12 __ War in Afghanistan ___ 2001-JUL2018_ 4,092* __ 0.66 _______ 328,000,000 _ 0.00125% (2018)
    *includes 1,720 civilian contractor fatalities

But the Democrats actually take the cake when it comes to who is the most despicable. Democrats are responsible for the U.S. Civil war. LBJ was responsible for escalating the Vietnam war. And today, as usual, the Democrats have a long history of discrimination and using people for political gain. For example …

Posted by: d.a.n at September 8, 2019 1:37 PM
Comment #448171

IMO, the better way REAL CFR can be accomplished is thru the people, thru a 3rd party w/a diff pol att - - -
“CFR needs to be made a private/public arrangement where all donations go from the donor to a single entity, like the IRS, for accounting, bundling and, and transfer, on a rational schedule, to a separate entity, perhaps the FEC or similar, for accounting and disbursement on a rational schedule to qualifying political candidates/incumbents and their supporting parties. Likewise, for state elections.”
Donors are not limited in what they can give.
Donations are bundled into one fund
Audit trail is broken in the process
Parties would submit list of candidates they wish to support and receive funds based on the number
Through this process the public supports a clean election process, the stronger parties receive more funding.””

And, here is the crux of a party design I proposed on WB several years ago:

“”Such reasoning leads me to believe that a 3rd party w/a diff pol opinion should be in the wings to either assist in abolishing CP or perhaps, be the political force to take CP to the mat and keep it that way. For any readers who haven’t heard the spiel, we need a party established in a few rules to prevent co-option by special interests. We need a party established to use its membership as oversight for those members elected/appointed to political office. Elected politicians who wander off the reservation can be rejected from the Party by the membership. The few rules that would apply:

1. Members must sign this pledge affirming their support for the agenda and rules set forth by the Republic Sentry Party.

2. Members will cast their votes relating to party business via the Internet on the party’s website(s).

3. To change, add, or delete a party rule requires a two-thirds approval, based on the total vote cast by the party membership.

4. If 15 percent of members submit a complaint against another member a vote to clear or terminate must be held. All complaints must be posted, in a cumulative manner, on the Party’s website within 8 hours of receipt. (This will be a pro-forma process).

5. Pursuant to Rule #4, a party member who holds an official Party position, or position of U.S. Senator, U.S. House of Representatives, Cabinet Head, Supreme Court Justice, Czar Appointee, Political Appointee, Ambassador, Vice President, and President, must enjoy an approval rating of two-thirds of the total votes cast by the national party membership. Otherwise, his/her party affiliation will be terminated with no further support for current or future political endeavors.

6. Pursuant to Rule #4, a party member elected to a State office must enjoy a two-thirds approval rating, based on the total votes cast by that States party membership. Otherwise, his/her party affiliation will be terminated with no further support for current or future political endeavors. Members serving in the position of U.S. Senator or U.S. House of Representatives are excluded, as these positions are included under rule #5 covering the federal or national sector of government.

The rules put forth represent a STRONG attempt to prevent ANYONE or ANY GROUP from being able to circumvent, abuse, or fail to support the party’s adopted rules and platform without REDRESS by party MEMBERSHIP.

The sole agenda of the Party is the abolishment of CP followed by implementation of REAL campaign finance reform.
Here are some urls that can help one understand that corporations were never granted ‘personhood’ by the courts. Also, explains how corporate personhood has ‘evolved’ over time.

This url postulates what might be, after corporate personhood is abolished. “”

Notice how relevant this old posting is today:

“”Then, how do we address the problems threatening this nation, rule by Corpocracy, intrusive and implementing policies that are detrimental to the average person? We aren’t likely to ‘vote em out’ year over year. Any results achieved through protesting will quickly be nullified soon as the streets quite down. The Tea Party will be ‘dialing for dollars’ right along with their Republican colleagues. A ‘bully-pullpit’ President doesn’t have the clout required even if his heart is in the right place.”“

I stand corrected as Donald Trump does have the clout required, demonstrates it every day.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 8, 2019 8:11 PM
Comment #448215

Well, just as I was breaking bad on corpocracy, antitrust and a deep state congress/senate, I see where Purdue Pharma is actually being pursued with some big figures.

Some 2000 litigious states/cities are in the process of suing Purdue Pharma for pushing opioids on the public. Purdue pharma seems willing to settle for $10-12B. The sackler family, Purdue owners was close to settling for $3B but are balking at a $4.5B settlement.

Still could be a slap on the wrist as I don’t know how much money was made off opioids over the last 15 years or so. But, it sounds good at this time and I like to think this more aggressive action is directly related to President Trump and his policies.

• White House Releases National Drug Control Strategy
• ONDCP Deputy Director Carroll’s Statement on Decrease in Prescription Drug Use among Teens
• Secretary Azar: Trump Administration Making Progress in Fight against Opioid Epidemic
• The Washington Post: The Obama Administration’s ‘Fentanyl Failure’
• A Year of Historic Action to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Excerpt from above url:

“”Corruption in the Open
When it comes to the current opioid epidemic, no one is taking responsibility for flooding towns and cities with powerfully addictive drugs.
Based on the hard facts that began 23 years ago, the opioid epidemic is a crisis of greed as much as addiction. And the pharmaceutical industry has found a willing partner in Congress to help protect the annual $9 billion trade in FDA-approved opioid drugs.
Here’s what Joseph Rannazzisi, the former head of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s office responsible for preventing prescription medicine abuse, told The Guardian about the relationship between the opioid lobby and the government:
“Congress would rather listen to people who had a profit motive rather than a public health and safety motive. As long as the industry has this stranglehold through lobbyists, nothing’s going to change.”14
Rannazzisi was specifically talking about a 2016 federal law called the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act.
Despite its benign name, Rannazzisi charged that this law effectively gutted the DEA’s ability to regulate the dumping of opioids into disadvantaged communities.
According to this law, the DEA has to issue a warning to clinics and distributors who are suspected of diverting opioids into the illicit drug market.15 All this does is give the distributors a chance to redirect their flow of drugs through new channels, with no accountability.
“This was a gift to the industry,” he said.
This “gift” hasn’t stopped states from trying to stem the flow of opioids into their communities. In 2017, Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio sued multiple pharmaceutical companies, alleging that the companies downplayed the dangers of opioids while engaging in deceptive marketing.16,17 Other states followed.
In filing these lawsuits, the states are running up against an entrenched and incredibly powerful lobby.
A 2016 joint investigation between the Center for Public Integrity and the Associated Press found that the pharmaceutical lobby spent $880 million over a 10-year period to roll back laws that make it harder to overprescribe opioids, limit distribution, and hold irresponsible manufacturers and distributors accountable.18
Overall, the industry is active in all 50 states and contributed to about 7,100 candidates for state-level offices. It operates through organizations like the Pain Care Forum and International Pain Foundation.”“

So, Clinton, Bush and Obama allowed the pharmas to run wild over the public interest. Congress and the senate did nothing other than ‘spend the money’ collected from lobbyist. It took the people, thru class action lawsuits to get the state gov’t’s off the dime.

We badly need a 3rd party with a different political attitude …

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 9, 2019 4:19 PM
Comment #448222

Trump created your third party for you, Roy Ellis!

Who gives a crap what we call it?

It’s a new way of playing the game.

Trump pulled off Kirk’s Kobayashi Maru.

Posted by: Weary Willie at September 10, 2019 4:19 AM
Comment #448224

Barack Obama was the 44th pioneer of the United States, and the primary African American to serve in the working environment. First picked to the organization in 2008, he won a second term in 2012. If you want more read
click Here

Posted by: Brajshukl at September 10, 2019 4:50 AM
Comment #448234

No thanks Braj. Obama was a water boy for the dim regime in Chicago, never had a real job as I am aware.

I hope the country has learned a lesson in that its not smart to elect someone to high office, or any office, based on gender, race, and so on …

Just look at the dim party right now. Old white guy fighting with a couple of female jihadi’s, a non-indian and similar …

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 10, 2019 10:35 AM
Comment #448235

WW,won’t waste my time reading the NYtimes or WaPo.

But, I do agree that President Trump is as close to a populist 3rd party as we may ever get.

But, what happens after 2024? Yes, I would like to see his children run for Pres. and carry on in the same vein.

We thought the Kennedy’s would be a lasting dynasty, and the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s.

How quickly their legacy’s are shelved. How quickly corpocracy and the deep state can destroy any reform they disapprove.

I believe we need a populist party with a different political attitude…

A party with some rules to make it really hard for corpocracy and the deep state to run roughshod over the political arena.

So, what do you think of the rules I propose to allow membership oversight of their elected officials? Is there a better way?

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 10, 2019 11:00 AM
Comment #448249

Donald Trump is indeed a great influencer and politician and doesnt necessarily need to build walls to get him through the elections.

Posted by: Jebasingh at September 11, 2019 2:52 AM
Comment #448343

I agree somewhat with you, Jeba. Trump is a very astute pol but, I believe he has to cater to his base on most issues.

The wall and ‘lock her up’ are issues that are close to the heartbeat of his base. If he is won’t to pay attention to his base on those two issues he will pay a political price, IMO.

Indeed, we are hearing an increasing noise relating that Trump will not finish or complete the wall and will not hold high level pols accountable for the conspiracy.

I believe Trump has made similar gestures, stating that he doesn’t have much interest in prosecuting Hillary.

Would seem that if he is not going to support prosecution then he would hold any attempts at prosecution at bay until after the election.

If he favors prosecution then one would think indictments would come between now and mid summer. As
for the wall, he could drag the work out thru Nov 2020, just build sections here and there.

Should he reneg on accountability, I believe his base will still carry him to victory in 2020 as there is simply no other candidates we could hold our noses and vote for.

But, there would be some political price to pay. One contingency plan would be to not support his family member that is likely to run in 2024. It does seem Trump is in a win-win situation.

I ask the readers, what action might he taken to hold Trump accountable for promises made to his base?

We could just join in with the dims and beat the crap out of him every day of his 2nd term but, to what end?

There is such a plethora of evidence against the Clinton’s that just seems to make it impossible that she won’t be indicted on something.

No sense going crazi speculating about it. We should know something by February time frame, IMO.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at September 14, 2019 8:32 PM
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