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Viriginia - The Old Dominion & The Three Ringed Circus

How do you get explicit content into the public eye? You spell it out in graphic detail on a well-known DC Law Firm’s stationary and let them release it to the press. That is, you get the law firm now representing you - Katz, Marshall & Banks LLC - to release your statement to the press and to provide a copy online for public perusal.

So, we have to decide whether Dr. Vanessa Tyson, an Associate Professor of Politics at Scripps, (a liberal arts women's college in California), is telling the truth about her encounter/assault at the hands of Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax back in 2004 at the Democratic Convention. Unlike Christine Ford (also a PhD, also a professor, also in California now) Dr. Tyson provides a clear and precise story with a specific date and a specific location and apparently only 2 people involved: herself and Justin Fairfax.

The details she provides are plausible in that it sounds exactly like an encounter that turns into an abusive sexual assault very quickly and is over very quickly, leaving the woman in a sort of state of shock. If Dr. Tyson is a story-teller, she's a very convincing one, on paper at least. And yes, her law firm were the ones who represented Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. It was Lisa Banks who shepherded Dr. Ford through the Kavanaugh hearings, and one suspects that the firm is:

  • Determined to come out a winner on this one, with a public declaration or condemnation of guilt on the part of Justin Fairfax,
  • But also very wary of the minefield that they must survive in attacking a young, promising African-American Democrat politician.

Because if it had been, oh say Gavin McInnes, who was the one accused of sexual assault one can be sure that the FBI would have already dragged him from his home at dawn. Doing the same to a Lt. Governor of Virginia who strenuously denies the charges is not even in the realm of possibility.

And that's good. Because due process has been the victim of #MeToo in more cases than it should have been. And those who feel any form of sexual harassment or assault should result in immediate banishment/condemnation are hardly apologetic about their tilting the playing field. It's a fundamental part of how they view the solution to the problem of sexual harassment.

So let's give Justin Fairfax every benefit of due process. Dr. Tyson's story is troubling, and Fairfax's lawyers - Wilkinson, Walsh, Eskovitz - are the same firm who represented Judge Kavanaugh and will have their work cut out for them in what is shaping up as another nasty he-said/she-said case. Things like credibility and consistency of detail and recall will matter, but it boils down to who you believe regarding what happened in that hotel room almost 15 years ago. It is interesting to note that Fairfax hired them when Tyson first contacted the Washington Post about a year ago, well before Judge Kavanaugh used their services during his confirmation hearings last fall.

Of course, there's the other 2 rings is this latest 3-ring circus blowing up Virginia politics real good. Northam, as I write this, still hasn't resigned but his clownish appearance at a presser last weekend where his wife had to rescue him on a couple of occasions (he seemed about to demonstrate his moonwalk to a reporter when she put down the hammer), did not help his cause. He has been pressured on all sides to resign.

If he finally does and if the Fairfax v Tyson brawl leaves the young politician's credibility too damaged to be able to assume the mantel of Governor of Virginia, then we have Circus ring number 3: Virginia AG Mark Herring who has admitted to wearing blackface at a party at University of Virginia in his early college years in order to impersonate rappers like Kurtis Blow. Herring has been grovelingly apologetic and contrite, but his career may also be over in a short while.

Of course, it doesn't stop in Virginia. We now have video of Joy Behar admitting she wore darker make-up than usual and a curly wig to look a little like Roberta Flack or someone back at a party in the late 70's. There's even a photo.

Intersectionality would suggest the blackface "crimes" are the serious ones, while perhaps equivocating about Fairfax's possible assault on Dr. Tyson. But this is a mess for Democrats. And there are several possible outcomes:

  • Northam resigns + Fairfax assumes governorship + Fairfax continues to deny he assaulted Dr. Tyson + Herring keeps apologizing while insisting we have to work on healing America and that means he still has work to do as AG.
  • Northam resigns + Fairfax angrily resigns + Herring keeps apologizing while insisting we have to work on healing American and that means he now has lots of work to do as Governor.
  • Northam resigns + Fairfax angrily resigns + Herring sobbingly resigns + news filters out on Twitter that Kirk Cox (the GOP Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia) wore blackface to a Halloween party when he was 11 years old. Cox apologizes but refuses to resign.
  • Northam resigns + Fairfax angrily resigns + Herring sobbingly resigns + Cox resigns + Virginia's state government calls a special vote in the combined houses where the only issue to be resolved is whether having worn blackface disqualifies you from holding public office. The vote is fairly close, but the Yea's have it by 5 voices. All the above politicians promise to return to politics and to right the wrongs, whatever they be.
  • Northam withdraws his resignation after everyone else has already resigned. The Virginia House of Delegates votes to impeach him. Justin Fairfax runs for office in a special election and finally becomes governor at the ripe old age of 40. Trump calls to congratulate him.

Yes, this is low comedy. But it shows the limits of how to account for past behavior and the sins of racism, real and imagined. It also shows that #MeToo can and will claim all kinds of unexpected victims.

Posted by AllardK at February 8, 2019 2:01 PM
Comment #437841

This racist, sexist, anti American social justice nonsense is the quite possibly the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to the United States of America.

Posted by: kctim at February 8, 2019 3:39 PM
Comment #437844
kctim wrote: This racist, sexist, anti American social justice nonsense is the quite possibly the most dangerous thing that has ever happened to the United States of America.
Yes, possibly.
It seems anything goes these days, as this Dickinsonian article demonstrates.
It’s getting so that Socialist extremists are just letting it all hang out… . similar to j2t2, open-borders phx8, and Ed O’hrealy … making all of the nasty, racist, toxic, hateful comments they want, and being “proud” of it too.
Posted by: d.a.n at February 8, 2019 4:38 PM
Comment #437846

Much like open-borders phx8 , Leda Fisher refers negatively to “white” boys or men 13 times (in her article).
Leda also appears to be so proud of it, that she memorialized her hatred on a website, for all to see (here:
Nothing racist about that, eh?

Posted by: d.a.n at February 8, 2019 5:52 PM
Comment #437882

With all the negative comments following that article, you have to wonder why it’s still allowed to be read. Like the first comment mentioned, if the article was about black girls all hell would break loose. Media would go out of their way to create a week long story about it. It would be pulled and people would be relieved of their positions. Yet, it’s focus is on white men, so apparently it’s OK to publish, it’s her “right”.


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