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Disband The dim Party - NOW

I’ve watched politics as a general matter for something like 50 years. Any rational person with some modicum of common sense knows when politicians are lying, SOME of the time.

Obama lied a lot but he is more famous for omission of facts/information. I guess the best term for omission is obfuscation. Kinda like a cat trying to cover up it's s--t.
I think most people know they have/are being lied to and we all accept the fact that little to nothing is ever done about it, even when facts become available to prove the pol lied. 'It's just politicis'.

We knew the pols were lying when they were pushing the North American Union, espousing how great it would be to move US companies overseas, bring in illegals and give them benies and citizenship, and so on . . .

The man on the street can only acknowledge the lies and cast a vote every couple of years. But, for once in my lifetime I have seen vast resources enjoined to ferret out the lies, obfuscation and evil doing.

What brought about such a world change? IMO, over the last 20 years or so the dims and reps had an understanding between them on globalisation and immigration Things were hunky dory until, UNTIL, Trump started looking strong as a GOP candidate, talking about a wall, immigration reform, fair trade deals and so on . . .

More than adequate resources were garnered to attack Trump. Amazingly, the deep state devised plans to attack Trump using Gov't agencies, public and private institutions in combination and in a concerted effort to take Trump down and, after he was elected, to remove him from office.

Ex-director Clapper was on TV some months ago saying that the Russian investigation was initiated at the very highest levels of gov't. That's my understanding also, Obama, and other GOP/dim/deep state players, initiated this largest conspiracy in the history of this country. Trump believes that something like $9M was expended by the Clinton/DNC in procuring the op research document that was used to obtain the FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and, subsequently, the Trump campaign.

Details of the conspiracy have dribbled out over the last two years and will culminate, as planned, a few weeks before midterm elections. New communications between Page and Struzk confirm that the 'insurance policy' was the Steele Dossier. Rosenstein signed the 4th FISA warrant and is going before the House this week to discern more of his part in the conspiracy.

Investigators who have uncovered the conspiracy to date are saying that Pp 10-12 and 17-34 need to be redacted and made available for folks to read within a few days. When the FISA information, gang of eight report, 302 reports and Bruce Ohr's hearing inquiry statements are compared, that will be sufficient information to confirm, for the world, the conspiracy at hand.

At this time the cabal has not let up a little bit. MSNBC recently suggested that Melania probably whored around in finding her way to the US. The NY Times published an op-ed by an anonymous source who suggest Trump has a 5th grade education. Bob Woodward came out with a new 'tell all' book where hundreds of anonymous sources suggest Trump has a 6th grade education, and so on . .
The President needs to act soonest to get these documents released to the public. Surely, by the first of the year, the justice department will be moving to render justice to Obama and those in his administration.

Messages show that WaPo and the NyTimes were working with FBI agents to get false information out to the public. These papers need to be investigated for any criminal accountability.

The dim party should be disbanded, put out of business.

The people demand justice. The time is NOW .. .

Posted by Roy Ellis at September 12, 2018 8:51 PM
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Thanks Roy. It is difficult to understand why people in high public office, taking an oath to defend the Constitution and the United States of America, would commit such treacherous acts.

The actions Roy has described meet the definition of sedition. These folks have committed criminal acts and must be punished.

Posted by: Royal Flush at September 13, 2018 3:57 PM
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