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Whose Party is it Anyway? Not Chuck and Nancy's

Did Bernie Sanders endorse Christine Hallquist? Vermont’s Democratic nominee for governor? That is, the first transgender nominee for governor in America. It’s hard to find anything in recent media that suggests this is the case. Why ask the question?

Because right now, the real question is whether the two-party system that has functioned mostly uninterrupted throughout America's history seems to be not really fracturing, at least not yet, but rather wandering in a fog as it's traditional power brokers get increasingly ignored by energized bases on both the right and the left. Although you can make the argument that President Trump is re-making the GOP into a populist party, even as much of his agenda has proven to be fairly conservative, the main point is that the GOP is nothing like it was 2 years ago. And no one expected that in the fall of 2016. No one.

So now that we have had another August Tuesday of primary battles, it seems that both parties are morphing into something new. But are they fracturing? Sanders himself has apparently convinced his own supporters to renew or reform the Democratic Party, much as many of them would have loved to have burned it down after the way the primary process was run. So, if Sanders and Hallquist can prosper within the Democratic party structure - assuming that Hallquist can actually get elected in November; a fairly reasonable possibility at this point - then the Clintons' Party will be truly dead and gone.

Here's the Washington Post's Daily 202 with David Weigel writing this:

But party endorsements -- as opposed to actual party nominations -- don't mean as much as they used to. In a number of states this year, party activists have crowded into conventions, picked candidates and then watched them get turfed at the polls.

Weigel is specifically talking about party endorsements in Minnesota here and how they don't mean what they used to. But in Minnesota we now have the news that Keith Ellison - Deputy Chair of the DNC and US Representative for Minnesota's 5th - has won the party's nomination for Attorney General. This despite a recently revealed scandal based on an accusation on Facebook of abusive behavior by his ex-girlfriend's son.

In this case, party structural support did make a difference, in part because the DNC maintained a stony silence about these last-minute accusations. DNC Chair Tom Perez seems to have decided not to demand Ellison's immediate resignation, unlike when he demanded Senator Franken resign due to his apparent misconduct towards several women. Not this time, however.

How the scandal will play into the fall election is another matter. So, while the media will go on about the Democrat's rainbow nominations, it's still not clear what the Pelosi's and Schumer's of the party really think about this result. It is almost certain that they had little to do with it. So maybe it's now time to turn the party over to a transgendered former utility executive, a Senator who's as old as they are and not even a registered Democrat, and yet another Minnesota Democrat accused of misconduct - in this case abuse. Not to mention an angry young socialist who the party base has fallen in instant love with.

No, it's not Chuck and Nancy's party anymore either.

Posted by AllardK at August 15, 2018 1:35 PM
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It is now the party of:

socialists - Gallup

social justice -

hate -

division -

Posted by: kctim at August 16, 2018 8:13 AM
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Posted by: kctim at August 16, 2018 8:14 AM
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This is the best evidence anyone could wish for to substantiate President Trump’s success in firing up our economy and restoring confidence in the American people.

Walmart Rides Strong Consumer Spending to Fastest Sales Growth in Over a Decade

Strong U.S. economy gives a boost to retailers as consumers spend more; Walmart shares jump 9.3%

I watch the Fox Business channel nearly every day to get my news on our economy and what is happening around the world. Today, the DOW had a huge rally based upon the actual earnings of many great American companies.

Over one third of American shop at Walmart every week. That’s amazing. Higher consumer spending is the best evidence available to measure American confidence.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 16, 2018 5:27 PM
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