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What is the President Doing in Duluth?

In April of 1944, World War II looked to be decisively turning in favor of the allied forces. Even if it had meant a coalition with a murderous tyrant like Stalin, in order to defeat another murderous tyrant, Hitler. In Minnesota, a new political party would emerge that month as a result of a merger between the state Democratic Party and Minnesota’s Farmer Labor Party. The fact that it had two principal players both named Elmer and another named Hubert didn’t seem to bother anyone. The Hubert went on two decades and four years later to run for president.

But the point is that the merged Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, or DFL, had and has strong roots in populism. The old Farmer-Labor party was based on strong support for farmers and labor unions, and reportedly had a distinctively left-wing bias. This is not Twin Cities cool (which for me means bands like Husker Du, The Replacements, or Prince of course, and let's not forget Mary Tyler Moore's theme song) but rather something older and rather more local and proud of its localism.

So, it's no surprise that President Trump has seen fit to fly to Minnesota and speak at a rally on behalf of Pete Stauber (he played hockey apparently, but for me, that's a baseball name) in Minnesota's 8th district. That includes Duluth and iron mining country near the shores of Lake Superior. While many are recoiling at the steel tariffs imposed by the President, in the 8th it apparently is quite popular. The former DFL representative, Rick Nolan, resigned to run for governor. So Stauber is now running against a yet to be selected DFL candidate in a district that shifted hard from Obama to Trump in the 2016 elections.

So, after relenting on what was clearly a White House driven policy of separating children from parents when caught crossing the border between official border crossings, and signing an executive order to reverse the policy, Trump headed north to Duluth to speak to what should be a welcoming crowd.

Which act will carry more weight in November when the midterm elections are decided? It seems obvious that the separating of children from parents has proven a huge blunder by the President and his advisors - like Stephen Miller - but how much of a story will it be in the 8th district, for example, come November? Yes, it's only one district, but that's how you win elections, (or keep a majority in the House in this case), one district at a time. And yes, Stauber had to tread carefully and pledge his support for keeping families united.

Can Trump do the same moving forward in enough key districts to help the GOP somehow hold onto the House? Right now, that's one heck of an ask. But that's the only way he's going to pull something like that off. District by district. Just like in 2016 when there were plenty of scandals and blunders as well.

Posted by AllardK at June 21, 2018 11:16 AM
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Let’s review some of the lies from that Trump speech in Duluth:

“So the Democrats want open borders, let everybody come in, let everybody pour in… Democrats don’t care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities your schools, your hospitals, your jobs or your safety. Democrats put illegal immigrants before they put American citizens, what the hell is going on?”

There are several lies packed into this one part of Trump’s speech. We have open borders between states in the US. The EU has open borders. No one is calling for open borders with Mexico.

And why would Democrats put illegal immigrants before American citizens? How? What does that even mean?

“Have you been watching what’s been going on with the inspector general’s report, what a scam this whole this is? How guilty is [Hillary Clinton]? … No matter how many crimes she committed, which were numerous, they wanted her to be innocent, with me, nothing, no collusion, no nothing.”

Hillary Clinton did not commit any crimes. There was a two year investigation over her e-mails and no crimes were found. The IG review did not find she did anything criminal either.

The IG Report did not address the issue of Trump’s collusion.

Right now Trump is being investigated by a Special Prosecutor. His Campaign Chairman is in jail. His Deputy Campaign Chairman faced a raft of indictments and pleaded guilty to a felony in exchange for an agreement to cooperate. Same for the National Security Advisor. To date, there are @ 100 indictments, including 14 Russians and 3 Russian corporations. To date, 14 Trump advisors have been revealed to have contacts with the Russians. Roger Stone, Erik Prince, and Donald Trump Jr. all lied under oath to Congress.

The Trump Foundation is being sued because it was not a real charitable foundation. Trump used it like a piggy bank. He will be liable for almost $3 million in restitution, and fines. His case has also been referred to the IRS.

Ok, there’s not enough time to go into Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal…

“Unemployment numbers are among the best in the history of our country.”

Wrong. It has been lower 10 times since 1929.

“For the first time in 20 years, wages are rising.”

False. They have been rising since the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Posted by: phx8 at June 21, 2018 12:11 PM
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People barely talk about Erik Prince because he’s so secretive, but there’s something very fishy about his whole family, including his brother in law DeVos, Spectrum Health, and Alfa Bank in Moscow using a Tramp Server with very little traffic

“The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion. The operative word is secretive. This is more akin to what criminal syndicates do if they are putting together a project.” (Slate)

“the knee was hit in Moscow, the leg kicked in New York.”

Posted by: ohrealy at June 21, 2018 1:16 PM
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