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​Utah Prom Dress - How Can You Take Jeremy Lam Seriously?

A prom dress has caused a storm apparently. I say apparently because the storm - as is usual in these cases - was stirred up on Twitter when a Jeremy Lam reacted to some prom night pics of Utah teenager Keziah Daum dressed up for her prom in an elegant qipao (also called a cheongsam). Daum then posted four photos on Twitter. Jeremy Lam - some guy on twitter basically, angrily reacted:

My culture is NOT your goddman prom dress.

And of course it all went viral. In National Review David French laments the "rot" revealed by this latest outburst over cultural identity and so-called cultural appropriation. According to the theology of cultural appropriation, almost any aspect of a culture not your own (defining what is one's own culture is already a tricky proposition in a globally intertwined and diverse world which continually mixes and borrows across cultures) without permission is an affront and one more act of oppression.

Get that? Almost any aspect: speech, music, dress of course, and food as well.

How do you ask permission to eat delicious Vietnamese spring rolls? Who do you ask permission? Of course, you don't. You merely guiltily apologize for your insensitivity and retreat shamefully to the shadowy parking lot of a Subway franchise where your evil types belong, waiting to slip in when no one is looking and order a hoagie.

David French concludes his piece with the following:

America's most prominent culture-makers obsess over identity. They elevate prom dress choices to matters of national debate. And that's why people who still possess a sense of reason, proportion, and manners (on both sides of the political aisle) need to push back. Reason can't cede the public square to rage. Sometimes a prom dress is just a prom dress. But Lam's tweet wasn't "just" a tweet. It was a symbol of the incoherent anger that is tearing this nation apart.
Interesting the use of the word "incoherent" by French. Because it now appears that someone on Twitter has outed Jeremy Lam's own past appropriation of culture. In this case a typical adolescent wanna-be street talk with the use of the n-word. In a tweet back in 2013 Jeremy Lam wrote:

FROSTED FLAKES N---- DAMN as well as:

sometimes you can't say anything else besides one thing N---- DAAYUUM
The scary thing is - aside from the fact that Lam seems like a bit of an idiot no matter from what angle you view his comments in 2018 or 2013 - that one can easily imagine Lam apologizing for his past language and then self-righteously and angrily announcing how he has since become deeply aware of cultural appropriation because of his previous sins. Even if the responsible thing to do would be to hide for a few weeks, having been outed as an idiot, and remain hidden until people have moved on to the next outrage.

Because if there is any place for the crazed identity politics of cultural appropriation, the n-word is it. That Lam like so many kids of his generation used the word in a way that's meant to show themselves as somehow authentic, doesn't excuse his own juvenile hypocrisy with respect to Keziah Daum. It only makes it more pathetic. Along with the fact that so many people seem to have taken a dork like Lam seriously because of one angry, idiotic and self-righteous tweet.

Posted by AllardK at May 3, 2018 12:41 PM
Comment #426646

Seriously, are you off your meds?

Posted by: ohrealy at May 3, 2018 1:25 PM
Comment #426648

FFS leftists.
Republicans control all three branches and it’s the mid-terms. ALL you have to do is not do anything crazy and you win the House and Senate. You have it in the bag!
So what do you do?

You call 63 million voters sexists.
You call 63 million voters white supremacists.
You call 63 million voters fascists.
You embrace anti American antifa groups.
You embrace racist groups like blm.
Then you started yapping about repealing the 2nd Amendment and banning guns and holding anti 2nd Amendment rallies.
And now you are bringing all this social justice warrior BS nonsense back out to the front.

It’s like 2016 all over again.

Posted by: kctim at May 3, 2018 1:57 PM
Comment #426649

Why isn’t the term “African-American” considered cultural appropriation? People in African nations are offended when they hear that term used to describe black Americans.

Posted by: Weary Willie at May 3, 2018 2:01 PM
Comment #426688

Let em run on gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You just can’t fix stupid.

Posted by: dbs at May 5, 2018 6:36 AM
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