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​Cohn Goes - Soon McMaster? - How About Ivanka & Jared Too?

They couldn’t resist. Roll Call, in their story announcing Gary Cohn - Director of the White House’s National Economic Council - was stepping down, used a picture of a beaming Cohn at a press conference in January. But it’s who’s standing next to him, actually slightly behind him looking a curious cross between bemused and amused, that matters. It’s H.R. McMaster of course, Trump’s National Security Adviser. Who was supposed to resign any time now, but Cohn has beaten him to it.

Are we supposed to trust an MSNBC story from late last week on McMaster? The story states that Defense Secretary Mattis and White House Chief of Staff Kelly are orchestrating McMaster's ouster. Something about trading his desk job as NSA for another star; a graceful exit apparently. A question: do Kelly and Mattis strike you as big-time leakers D.C. style? Me neither.

Does President Trump, however, want McMaster to go? It could be, after the sparring over the extent and especially the effect of Russian interference in America's politics. It's rumored that a replacement is lined up: Steve Biegun, former NSC official in Bush 43's administration and currently Ford VP for International Governmental Affairs. Biegun was apparently suggested by Condaleeza Rice to Mattis - for an administration job. But apparently not necessarily that job. She's gone on the record saying she thinks McMaster should stay. Although she also equivocated and seemed to acknowledge her approval of her former subordinate Biegun as a possible replacement candidate.

Here's a question to ask: does Cohn's departure - clearly triggered by the recently announced tariffs on steel and aluminum - help or hurt the Kushner-Ivanka axis who are apparently furious with Kelly's downgrading of Jared's security clearance? After Cohn goes, as well as perhaps McMaster, and some of the smoke clears, will Ivanka and Jared still have the same (albeit recently reduced) level of influence? Or is President Trump willing to carefully and lovingly move them back to NYC and out of the White House's daily orbit?

That's a big question, and if President Trump did send them packing, it would be a good thing. Jared as campaign 2020 honcho, and maybe Ivanka as roving ambassador-of-something-or-other. Having family members in the White House in positions of power in the West Wing hasn't been cool since George Carlin was a fresh faced and smooth-voiced young comic doing his JFK and RFK jokes live on TV.

So as the rolling personnel crisis continues at the White House, it will interesting to keep focused on Jared and Ivanka and to see how they fare. Yes, McMaster may very well be next. But how about Jivanka as well?

Posted by AllardK at March 8, 2018 5:52 PM
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Does anyone get the impression someone just recently pulled the plug on the swamp?

Maybe we’re seeing the start of the little whirlpool circling around the drain.

Posted by: Weary Willie at March 8, 2018 9:51 PM
Comment #425216

Right WW. Fed is suing California with others to follow if’n they don’t shape up.

Attny Gen. has a ‘non-partisian’ person looking into whether a special counsel is needed for a FISA investigation.

FBI in Little ROck is investigating the Clinton Foundation.

IG investigation has wrapped up FBI/DOJ and a report ready for release.

Yep, a little swirl in the tub is starting to form up.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at March 8, 2018 11:15 PM
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Rex Tillerson is gone. Didn’t see that coming.

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