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A U.S. President just spoke to the farmer’s of America for the first time in 25 years. He touted the importance of farmer’s over the course of our history. He signed two bills into law dealing with broadband and internet in rural areas. He likened the story of Andrew Jackson to his ‘standing up for America’ presidency. Said he would be back again next year. Biggly successful visit. Now, he’s off to Atlanta for the SEC championship playoff.

Noted that the Clinton/Communist News Network didn't broadcast the event. Reminded me of how things have changed beginning with the 2nd term of the Obama admin. His winning effected me biggly so, I started up a centrist/populist third party website which went exactly nowhere. With the 2016 primaries I became really despondent what with a dozen or so GOP establishment types running against a unknown New York playboy.

But, wonder of wonders, this New York playboy was a straight talker, centrist/populist, who laid the truth on any and all. Immediately, on winning the primary he completed Hillary's name, called out the 'forgotten men and women' and set about to make 'American Great Again'. Set my heart strings to singing.

So, here we are in 2018. Russians fixing to face sniper and anti-tank missile fire, ISIS beating feet for dark Africa, and the 'short, fat man' soon will be holed up in his basement, fearing the light of day. I'd like to see it happen this way; drop small bombs at a quadrant of about 1200 miles from the capital. Bombs just big enough to take out a person or two. Then every couple of weeks move in 400 miles and repeat. Then let the world know we have zeroed in on the target, should he reappear. In the interim, concentrate on reforming NAFTA and all the AFTA's.

I mean, it's like being on a joy ride in a fast moving boat, water spray hitting your face, sunshine burning your forehead, a good looking woman manning the throttle, and so on . . .
Can only get better as I see it. Obama admin's political appointees should be gone within the next year. Also, should be able to move out a few more establishment GOP'ers over the remainder of Trump's 1st term. Maybe some folks in the right column will want to change to the middle. By the beginning of Trump's 2nd term we will be closer to a centrist government than at any time in our history, IMO. How great is that?

Posted by Roy Ellis at January 8, 2018 6:29 PM
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Yeah, nothing spells success quite like an approval rating in the 30’s; not just the lowest approval rating for this point in the term of any modern president, but the lowest by A LOT. Of course, Trump could take take to saying “no collusion” more often. He said it 16 times in 30 minutes recently. Maybe he could amp it up and say it once per minute. If he just repeats it enough, then it will be true. Sadly, his former Campaign Advisor and Chief Strategist said the meeting on 7/9/16 with the Russians was “treasonous,” and there was “zero chance” the Russians did not also meet with Trump, a meeting that defines ‘collusion’ and qualifies as conspiracy to violate campaign election laws.

The Mueller lawyers are finishing up part of their investigation. The capstone will be an interview with Trump. That’s how you finish a Gambino style roll up, by ending with the top crook and traitor.

What fun! If just one of those people who attended or met with the Russians- Manafort, Trump Jr., Kushner, or upstairs, Hope Hicks & Trump- if just one of them tells a different version of what happened from the others, some people will be charged with felonies. And the thing is, none of them can be sure what the others said to investigators in their FBI interviews. So will they hang together? Or hang separately? Who will sacrifice their freedom and go to jail for Donald Trump?

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 1:34 PM
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Senator Feinstein released the GPS Fusion testimony from the Senate Judiciary Committee, despite the GOP’s best efforts to conceal it. There was nothing classified. It is poster online for anyone interested, over several hundred pages. Here is the headline:

The Steel Dossier corroborated information already received by the FBI. An informant from inside the Trump Campaign told the FBI in the summer of 2016 that Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians.

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 2:47 PM
Comment #423089

Yea, phx8. If you repeat it enough…

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 9, 2018 3:05 PM
Comment #423090

Is there anything I said you do not believe?

1) Trump’s approval ratings are in the 30’s, the lowest at this point in an administration in modern history. The next lowest was 49%.

2) Trump said “no collusion” 16 times in 30 minutes.

3) Former Campaign Advisor & Chief Strategist Steve Bannon:

“The book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” by Michael Wolff, is based on hundreds of interviews, including ones with President Donald Trump and his inner circle. According to the Guardian, Bannon addressed the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr., then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Russian operatives that was arranged when Trump Jr. agreed to meet a “Russian government attorney” after receiving an email offering him “very high level and sensitive information” that would “incriminate” Clinton.

“The three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside Trump Tower in the conference room on the 25th floor — with no lawyers. They didn’t have any lawyers,” Bannon continued, according to the Guardian. “Even if you thought that this was not treasonous, or unpatriotic, or bad s***, and I happen to think it’s all of that, you should have called the FBI immediately.”

Other quotes:

“They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.”


“”You realize where this is going … This is all about money laundering. Mueller chose (senior prosecutor Andrew) Weissmann first and he is a money-laundering guy. Their path to f***ing Trump goes right through Paul Manafort, Don Jr., and Jared Kushner … It’s as plain as a hair on your face.”

From a CNN article, and widely available on the web Note that Bannon did not refute ANY of the quotes in the days following. Eventually he recanted a few, but only after Rebekeh Mercer threatened to defund him.

Do you need definitions of conspiracy to violate election laws?

“Any person, who offers, gives, lends or promises to give or lend, or attempts to procure anything of value…”

Such as an opponents illegally obtained e-mails.

Trump will be the last (known) major interview by the Mueller investigation. The format is being negotiated even as we speak.

A “Gambino Style Roll Up” is a very interesting term, and exactly what we are seeing with the Mueller investigation. Do you want to discuss it?

The GPS Fusion testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was released today without the approval of the GOP Senators, who tried to conceal it.

“As we told the Senate Judiciary Committee in August, our sources said the dossier was taken so seriously because it corroborated reports the bureau had received from other sources, including one inside the Trump camp.”
Glenn Simpson & Peter Fritsch, op-ed NYT from last week

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 3:55 PM
Comment #423092

Some of us don’t care to respond to your same old phony posts and comments phx8. I have refuted much of what you write in previous posts and used links to facts that you simply ignore.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2018 4:04 PM
Comment #423095

pdx8, Bannon is officially out at Breitbarf.

I don’t know why anyone would bother with watchblog. Only you and j2t2 are writing anything of substance. That person in the red column keeps trying to rally the remaining right wingers, always with something about racism, their common language. I can’t even read any of the articles here anymore by these other fake writers.

I may end up getting the Chernow bio of Grant from the library, probably in electronic form. I know the length, and the size of the print from the Hamilton bio. I was never much interested in Grant. I’ve been through Galena dozens of times on the way to Dubuque. The reviews got me a little interested.

Posted by: ohrealy at January 9, 2018 6:02 PM
Comment #423096

If you refuted anything with facts then it should be easy to cut and paste one example. Go ahead.

There’s not much to say for southern Illinois.

Grant was of interest to me because I was always a Civil War buff. As it turns out, the part on Reconstruction was a real eye opener. I knew a little about it, but I had no idea the post war South was so bad, with the Ku Klux Klan slaughtering thousands of blacks and whites, along with other groups such as the White League, various Rifle Clubs, and other night riders. Several states and localities went into open rebellion in LA, MS, and SC. They were put down, but after Grant whites reasserted their culture and repressed the former slaves with Jim Crow laws, segregation, poll taxes, literacy tests at the polls, and more, all in an effort to prevent them from obtaining political power.

WB is a shadow of its former self, no doubt. Occasionally I still find things of interest, and it’s enlightening to see how some of the far right wingers attempt to deal with the contradictions of supporting Trump. A few sense something is really wrong. Others have taken the bait hook, line and sinker.

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 6:44 PM
Comment #423097

Just received “Fire and Fury.” Will start that tomorrow.

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 6:46 PM
Comment #423098

One thing we can always count on is phx8’s ability to parse words of others into twisted new meanings and lie to cover up his writing gaffs.

Here is an interesting writing sample of his concerning Conservative President Trump supporters.

phx8 writes; “Others have taken the bait hook, line and sinker.”

And that bait would be….?

If “bait” means the growing economy, lower unemployment, fewer business harming and useless regulations, fewer illegals crossing our borders, and tax relief for middle-class workers; then it is true I have swallowed it.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2018 6:59 PM
Comment #423100

Federal Judge Obliterates Fusion GPS’ Attempt To Hide Info From Investigators

I have linked to this attempt by GPS to hide information before, and from other sources as phx8 well knows, but ignores. phx8 is incapable of accepting any fact that does not comport to his political sensibilities.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2018 7:14 PM
Comment #423101

I ordered Fire and Fury, but it hasn’t come in yet here. I don’t anticipating getting through much of it.

I’ve always been familiar with Jim Crow. We were very close with relations from Louisiana and Florida when I was a kid, and I knew what the customs were there very well, and how they compared to those in Chicago.

Galena is in far northwest Illinois, near where IL, IA and WI meet.

I always wonder about so many of those good posters that you see when you look up old quotes from here, if many of them are even alive. I wonder what drove them all away.

Posted by: ohrealy at January 9, 2018 7:16 PM
Comment #423102

GPS was resisting the efforts of one person- Devin Nunes- to obtain their financial information. Nunes was supposedly recused from the Russia investigation for his shameful, made-up story about unmasking. It was discredited- but somehow a GOP ethics committee allowed him to stay in the House. Nunes is already known as the main leaker of stories intended to discredit the investigation into Russia, and he was using his power of subpoena to attack a whistle blower. It was Nunes, once again, who subpoenaed the Mueller & FBI investigations. He is there to do one thing and one thing only- protect Trump. He wants to know what they know, and pass it on. His power of subpoena exists and has to be honored as long as he holds on the House Intelligence Committee chair. If the Democrats take the House in 2018, he will lost that chair, and with any luck at all, his role in obstructing justice will land him in jail.

Posted by: phx8 at January 9, 2018 8:32 PM
Comment #423103

If the Democrats take the House in 2018,

It certainly won’t be without a fight Phx8. Trump will be starting a new voting commission and the dogs have been unleashed. Voter suppression is the new strategy for repubs to continue to “win” elections.

With a dumbed down following of conservatives ready to believe anything and everything Trump tells them a dem majority sounds like a pipe dream.

Posted by: j2t2 at January 9, 2018 8:53 PM
Comment #423104

By usual midterm standards, this year should be an historic loss for the right wing party. Many of their own members are sick of it all, and aren’t even running. People will have to fight for their right to vote, literally. This Kobac creep is still hanging around threatening people. What a dirtbag. He’s right where he belongs in the DirT administration.

Posted by: ohrealy at January 9, 2018 9:57 PM
Comment #423108


Thanks for the link. It’s apparent in reading phx8s response, he didn’t bother to read it, as it addressed the recusal issue

Posted by: dbs at January 10, 2018 8:13 AM
Comment #423109

“Trump will be starting a new voting commission and the dogs have been unleashed. Voter suppression is the new strategy for repubs to continue to “win” elections.”

NO one with the LEGAL right to vote will be swayed from doing so if they so choose. On the other hand those who vote illegally will have more to think about, as they should.

Posted by: dbs at January 10, 2018 8:27 AM
Comment #423112

WatchBlog took a dive when Republicans started calling out the Democratic’s lies and misconceptions. They couldn’t back up what they were preaching to their own choir. Instead of trying to support losers like Clinton to a not so silent majority they simply left for other choirs to preach to.

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 10, 2018 10:11 AM
Comment #423125

“GPS was resisting the efforts of one person…”

I see, we should accept your explanation over the ruling of a federal judge.

Here is an example of political insanity that I would like the group to ponder.

The Left, and some Republicans, want a general amnesty for illegals in this country, but for different reasons. The Left believes it will swell their ranks come elections. Some Republicans seek to continue the source of cheap labor.

At the same time, the Left bemoans the lack of wage increases despite wanting illegals in the country who work for those cheap wages.


In addition, the Left believes we can achieve higher wages by government edict. All we need do is mandate a higher minimum wage and…problem solved. We are told that supply and demand, when it comes to labor, doesn’t apply. We are not told why.

The crazies believe that with enough illegals being made legal, the day will come when the Left will rule this country forever. Then, the rich will be made poor by having their riches confiscated. The poor will continue to be poor. All will be well in “happyland”.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 10, 2018 2:43 PM
Comment #423126

I read the link. The problem is that you do not know what Nunes has been doing, or why the DOJ AG and the Director of the FBI asked Ryan if they could ignore or limit compliance with the subpoena issued by Nunes.

And just to be clear, Nunes is doing this by himself. He is issuing subpoenas with only his name on them. He has done everything in his power, right from the beginning, to prevent investigation into the Russian attack on our elections, and any role the Trump campaign played.

Reince Preibus called several top officials in 2016 to ask them to denounce such stories, and to say there was no contact between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Nunes was one of the few who did so. We know that claim is completely false. There were LOTS of contacts- dozens- between the Russians and the campaign, including e-mails, telephone calls, and meetings.

What earned Nunes a whitewash ethics investigation was his awful, yet funny, attempt to smear Democrats and the investigation with a made-up unmasking story.

He drove over to the White House- switching cars on the way, as if Uber rides were somehow untraceable- what a knucklehead!- and met with two Flynn flunkies in an annex. (Those Flynn people were subsequently fired). They gave Nunes information supposedly showing Susan Powers was doing something wrong by unmasking Americans talking with surveilled Russians.

Nunes then announced a news conference and pretended HE had found the information. OMG! It was was attack on the White House! How terrible!

Except it wasn’t. Nunes was caught in a very public way manufacturing a ludicrous lie. Republicans and Democrats alike denounced him for making the whole thing up. Nunes ‘recused’ himself. After enough time went by, the GOP ethics committee pretended all was forgiven, and Nunes went back to interfering with the investigations.

Posted by: phx8 at January 10, 2018 2:56 PM
Comment #423127

Our Pal phx8 sure can spin a tale.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 10, 2018 3:08 PM
Comment #423129

He says it like it’s fact. Never does he say, “I think..” or “Perhaps,…”. Never. It’s like he’s Walter Cronkite reincarnated.

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 10, 2018 4:17 PM
Comment #423130

…Or, perhaps Dan Rather, I should say.

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 10, 2018 4:18 PM
Comment #423131

Right Weary, our Pal phx8 has assumed “God-like” status. He pronounces and we mere mortals must believe.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 10, 2018 4:30 PM
Comment #423133

Remember when he was living it up bragging about Tesla? So funny! How many times has phx8 been wrong? Let me count the ways…

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 10, 2018 4:44 PM
Comment #423134

Tesla…I do remember Weary. How about this for government money to create jobs. I believe we did hear our Lefty Pals applaud.

February 17, 2014 2:21 pm

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Commonly known as the stimulus, the nearly $1 trillion law was hailed as an opportunity to bring America into the “21st century.”

Just two years after the bill was signed into law, President Barack Obama admitted, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.” While the law failed to create jobs as promised, it has provided plenty of examples of waste, fraud, and abuse.

Five years and at least $816.3 billion later, here are 10 ways the government wasted taxpayer money.

$1.3 million was spent for signs on highways to advertise that infrastructure spending was paid for by the stimulus.

$152K to Get Lesbians Ready for ‘Adoptive Parenthood’

$600,000 to Plant Trees in Wealthy Neighborhoods

$384,949 Study of Duck Penises

$1.2 Million Study of Erectile Dysfunction in Overweight Men

$100,000 Anti-Capitalist Puppet Shows

$389,357 for College Students to Keep a Diary of Their Marijuana and Malt Liquor Use

$3.4 Million Turtle Tunnel

$8,408 Study to See if Mice Get Drunk

$535 Million on Solyndra

Just two years after receiving $535 million from the stimulus, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy. The company was the first to receive a federal loan guarantee from the stimulus. Solyndra’s biggest investor, George Kaiser, was a bundler for the Obama campaign.

At least four other companies received stimulus money only to later file for bankruptcy, including Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co., which received $10 million to increase employment, and Evergreen Solar Inc., which received $5.3 million to install 11,000 photovoltaic panels.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 10, 2018 5:22 PM
Comment #423138

I remember, after years of crying about a poor economy that grew at 4%, Democratics got the economy they wished for. They used it to beat GWBush over the head and then presided over the most sluggish recovery since the other great depression they caused.

There’s lots of profit in a fat stock market. All you have to do is sell high and do it in an organized manner and you have all the profit. Wait till it bottoms out and re-buy what you sold to start the crash with. I can see how it would be much easier with corporations consolidated like they are now. Quite a racket if they can pull it off every three generations or so. Sooner now that people are mostly numb with the droning on of useless numbers every day.

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 10, 2018 10:23 PM
Comment #423155


“I read the link. The problem is that you do not know what Nunes has been doing,”

No, but a federal judge did. And ruled accordingly.

Posted by: dbs at January 11, 2018 7:45 AM
Comment #423158

Wow the myth is strong in this one. Weary thats for the myths but I was wondering if you could provide some factual informastion to back up your asseration that “I remember, after years of crying about a poor economy that grew at 4%,”?

I found this but cannot find the 4% a year number you claim.

When you say “Democratics got the economy they wished for” I guess you are talking about the crash and subsequent recovery. Can you show me which dem said what that would make you think they wished for this? You see I think it is a BS claim, a myth, perpetrated by propagandist to fool the ignorant amongst us.

I guess you deserve credit for not giving up on the BS because you now claim the “depression” was caused by the dems, which is BS as well. The American people threw out the political bums that caused the collapse in the elections of 2008. Deny as you will but know you are being deceived or attempting to deceive yourself.

Thank you for the insightful advice on getting rich in the stock market, I’ll remember your famous “all you have to do is sell high and do it in an organized manner and you have all the profit” line as I now feel empowered to run out and get me some of that unearned income. That was sell high…right?

Posted by: j2t2 at January 11, 2018 12:05 PM
Comment #423160

So…ah…Royal… you seem to have exposed such a non-scandal I have to wonder why you would bother. You claim some 6.5% of the 816.3 billion went to waste and fraud according to conservative propagandist sites. Your tell us it is because of certain expenditures, and list them for us. So lets qualify these assertions of yours.

1.3 million for highway signs. Is this waste or fraud? I’m asking because the stimulus was meant to stimulate the economy, keep people working and put people to work. If a were a sign company struggling to keep afloat I would think the work involved in manufacturing these signs wasn’t wasteful nor fraud. The work to install/remove the signs kept people working as well. Were these signs manufactured in Mexico or China or American made.

As I look down your list I have to wonder which are fraudulent, what do you say? I also wonder which were wasteful. If you ran a puppet theater and received money to produce a play and hire someone to help would you consider it waste or fraud? I would suggest the residual stimulus that occurred when the locals went to the production and spent money on tickets, travel, meals, souvenirs and such also had an effect.

So maybe it’s the drunk mice or duck penises that have you salivating. Or the Lesbians and Pot smokers surveys has you worked up. I would ask what portion of these funds do you think went out of country for goods? If you received $45 to tell us about your habits would you save it? Or invest it in a foreign country? Or just go out and splurge in the local economy, keeping a bar open or a pot dealer in business and police on the job hunting down these guys?

I mean when you consider the money could have been put on a pallet and shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan and then given to whoever.

Posted by: j2t2 at January 11, 2018 12:58 PM
Comment #423162

Earlier in this thread WW & RF made comments about Tesla. They might have been disparaging. Maybe not. It is like discussing a book at a book club. Most people like it. A few conservatives give the book a negative review. And then everyone comes to realize that, not only did they not read the book- they actually can’t read at all. They just heard something on FOX and then some whack job repeated it on talk radio.

Just because a judge ruled GPS needed to comply with the subpoena does not mean the subpoena was a good idea in the first place. Nunes has the power to subpoena, and despite GPS objecting that their finances were irrelevant to whether the Russians were involved with the Trump campaign, the judge said it did not matter. Nunes has the power to basically subpoena anything he wants. That is how it works.

Posted by: phx8 at January 11, 2018 3:04 PM
Comment #423163

A further problem with attacking GPS finances. It fails to address whether the assertions in the Steele Dossier are true or false. The FBI thought they were worth pursuing because they corroborated information previously received about the Trump campaign, Trump, and the Russians.

Posted by: phx8 at January 11, 2018 3:15 PM
Comment #423166

phx8 still has doubts about the veracity of the “Steele Dossier”. This alone is prima facie evidence of someone blinded by political hate.

I expect prison terms for those who lied under oath to a FISA judge to obtain surveillance warrants on Americans. And, prison terms for those who ordered and funded the false document known as the “Steele Dossier”.

Warren, get some popcorn ready for the show.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 11, 2018 3:48 PM
Comment #423170

It was caught on video. Today Nunes was asked if he could name a single falsehood in the Steele Dossier. He could not. He was asked again. He still could not.

Posted by: phx8 at January 11, 2018 5:57 PM
Comment #423172

Really? Thanks for the link phx8.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 11, 2018 6:12 PM
Comment #423175

“He could not. He was asked again. He still could not.”

Really phx8…could not? Or, would not? Does a blindly political lapdog understand the difference?

Maybe, unlike the “leakers” found nearly everywhere in democrat circles, Nunes keeps private and privileged information to himself as he is supposed to do.

Thanks for the link. Is that all you got?

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 11, 2018 7:03 PM
Comment #423177

Nunes doing what he is supposed to do when asked about private and privileged info phx8. Maybe Fienstein should follow his example.

Posted by: Rich KAPitan at January 11, 2018 7:11 PM
Comment #423178

Could and would are two different words.

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill! Geesh! To think phx8 can concoct a conspiracy out of the same answer to two separate questions is remarkable! Mark Twain should hire him for his vivid imagination!

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 11, 2018 7:17 PM
Comment #423181

Private information? The Steele Dossier is a matter of public record, published in its entirety a year ago. The president has repeatedly stated it is phony, fake, and so on. There is no reason Nunes could not announce what items, if any, are false. Same goes for Trump.

Posted by: phx8 at January 11, 2018 11:49 PM
Comment #423182

Phx8, it is still part of an investigation that is still on going. There are things that can and cannot be talked about. You don’t give details about on going investigations.

Posted by: Richard Kapitan at January 11, 2018 11:57 PM
Comment #423184

If an allegation is false, there is no reason to continue an investigation. If one or more of the roughly 15 pieces of raw intelligence in the Dossier are false, it should be publicly announced which ones have been disproven. That would be hugely advantageous for Trump.

If it is an ongoing investigation then it can not be phony or false. That makes no sense.

Posted by: phx8 at January 12, 2018 12:45 AM
Comment #423186

Phx8, read this real carefully, Nunes and others are investigating if it was used to get the fisa warrants. Feinstien even said she made a mistake disclosing what she did. It is still an ongoing investigation.You will find out what is true and what is false in due time.

Posted by: Richard Kapitan at January 12, 2018 12:58 AM
Comment #423754

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