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​How Dare The Hill Take on The Clinton Foundation!

The Hill - a small Washington-D.C.-focused publication - will not let go of their Hillary-Russia story which they have been pursuing over the last couple of months, revealing stuff like who helped fund Fusion GPS and its Russia Dossier. They now have a couple of pieces on their site that deal with the Clinton Foundation and its donor base and how transparent the Clinton Global Initiative actually was, despite its deft and theatrical use of bureaucratic process to enable the foundation to stand with shining sword in hand and say: I am pure!

That process was a voluntary ethics agreement between the Clinton Foundation and the Obama administration in late 2008 as Hillary was appointed Secretary of State, one that supposedly went "above and beyond" all legal, required disclosure. A "voluntary ethics agreement"? Between the Clintons and the Obama administration? Might that raise just a few doubts in the minds of at least some people?

You would be right, it turns out, to have had doubts. It appears that the disclosure was in fact manipulative and far from being transparent. Consider the case of APCO, which is a large communications firm that was paid millions by Rosatom - the Russian nuclear industry state behemoth - to lobby on behalf of them and their goal of increased business for Rosatom subsidiary Tenex in America. As revealed by The Hill, after collecting that seven figure fee from Rosatom, APCO then funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Global Initiative, but did so by using "in-kind" donations. It would nice to know what goods and services were provided to CGI in exchange for what would almost certainly be the approval of the sale of Uranium One to ARMZ Holding, Rosatom's subsidiary.

All the while, the Clinton Global Initiative claimed to have only received between $25,000 and $50,000 from APCO Worldwide.

In other words, beneath the process that was meant to prevent conflicts of interest, vested interests were hard at work on behalf of the Clinton Foundations' donors. Especially Rosatom.

APCO Worldwide's Chairwoman and Founder Margorie Kraus was quick to fling a curt little memo back at The Hill claiming that separate departments of her firm did the work for Tenex on the one hand, and the Clinton Global Initiative, on the other. So there of course was absolutely no conflict. How dare The Hill even ask?

Kraus is understandably mad. The Hill was founded by Jerry Finklestein who got his start in political journalism in the thirties and who was already a successful legal publisher feted by JFK, by the early sixties. It's now run by his son Jimmy and his other son, Andrew Stein, duked it out over the years in NYC Democrat politics with David Dinkins, for goodness sake! The Finklesteins (or Steins if you're Andrew) are true-blue New York Democrats. So you can imagine APCO's Kraus thinking:

Why are you doing this? You're OUR tribe! Heck, Hillary joined YOUR tribe! She was YOUR senator! You should be taking care of poor little Hillary! How dare you!!

Could it be that The Hill, despite their obvious hostility towards much of Trump's agenda and most of his administration, take their job as political journalists seriously enough to know a good story when they see it? To know an important story when they see it? Isn't that how America should work and does (at least sometimes) work, despite the tribalism and the corruption?

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