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​Does Virginia Really Mean a Tsunami is Coming?

Mike Allen - the progressive Democrat-enabling media guru/wonk - is already using the word Tsunami. To be fair to the Axios genius, he puts the world in quotes in his newsletter, but I’m sure he loved putting that quote up in his opening headlines in said mail. Is it delirious to do so when referring to Northam’s win as the start of a huge wave? Perhaps.

So Virginia, you are Blue after all. Ok. Let's be more specific. Northern Virginia - as in beltway suburbs - is mostly deep Blue, it's true. But aside from the fact that those who work as government employees or who work in some form - directly or indirectly - for the federal government tend to vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic party, there is another level to the Virginia race that is being pointed out. It is worth noting.

Virginia's state legislature - The wonderfully named House of Delegates - is a GOP controlled legislature. For now. If this race in Virginia is indicative of any sort of possible trends for 2018's midterms, it seems to be the start of a focused Democrat attempt to win back control of state legislatures.

Yes, the "base" is energized and want to show that they can actually start winning local and especially state elections. But it's not just about a few seats in the Virginia state legislature, it's also about policy and what kind of platform Democrats will be running on in next year's midterms. And as much or more than the GOP, this is a very divided party.

Witness Northam's balancing act between running as a centrist Democrat - his posture against any possible sanctuary city status for any Virginia urban centers - and yet being associated with vile hard left identity politics like the now infamous Latino Victory Fund ad that depicted Trump and Gillespie supporters as crazed white supremacists. They distanced his campaign from that ad, but DNC head Perez certainly didn't and Perez was a key factor in this race, barnstorming the state in the closing days.

Will the Democrats continue to be pulled between extreme identity politics and more centrist policies?

There is a whole year left before the midterms, and it will be another Trump year in which events pile up one after another and narratives are often nasty. Let's see what the year brings before Democrats gleefully (and some Republicans as well to be fair) pronounce the coming of the next tsunami.

Posted by AllardK at November 9, 2017 5:01 PM
Comment #421407

I have been watching this unfold for decades. I don’t see a Democratic tsunami simply because the Democratics got a few transgenders elected to public office. Quite the contrary. The focus on these two elections as a bellwether for the Democratic party is pie in the sky thinking for the Democratics, but it is also another nail it the Democratic’s political coffin where the rest of the country is concerned.

This country’s electoral map didn’t turn red because there were too few trannys in office. It turned red because the common sense citizens of this country are sick and tired of hearing about how electing a transsexual is the only thing that matters!

I wouldn’t know either of these people’s names, or the fact that they existed at all, if it wasn’t for the MSM’s obsession with promoting them. Who cares whether they wear dresses or not? Why didn’t they get noticed and splattered all over the nation’s media for their accomplishments as human beings instead of being the “first” whatever?

A Democratic Tsunami in 2018 is as likely as Hillbilly getting elected in 2016.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 9, 2017 8:39 PM
Comment #421412
A Democratic Tsunami in 2018 is as likely as Hillbilly getting elected in 2016.

Sadly Weary I agree with you. As long as the dems hang their hats on there being enough women, minorities and LGTB types to win elections they will continue to lose elections that they should win. Even though they are right on many issues!

Trump ffs,….Trump.. and he was the pick of the litter. Then we look at the various repubs elected to office and wonder how things could get so bad. Draining the swamp just to refill it with prokaryotes. Yet they win elections. Corruption to a degree we haven’t seen since the Grant presidency. Buffoonery at levels so high we have come to accept lies from the WH.

One could say the repubs deserve to win on merit but we simply don’t know that to be true. The repubs have gerrymandered and suppressed the vote in so many states, to the point they could shoot someone on 5th ave and still get elected, yet no repercussions from the voters.

The dems have a leadership problem. Who under 60 would you want, from the dems, to have to decide when to do anything but attend a candlelight vigil for gay rights? This while the country continues to sink into 2nd world status. They have a simple argument to win, do we want to be like Canada or Mexico. But they cannot convince the American people that Mexican style government isn’t the road we want to travel down. Instead they want us to believe transgendered people should be able to choose the bathroom of their choice! At the Federal level!

Posted by: j2t2 at November 10, 2017 1:56 AM
Comment #421427

The dems will pick up numerous seats in 2018 and none of that hyperbolic nonsense will have anything to do with it, J2.

Be like Canada or Mexico? LOL. FFS!

The ONLY argument that today’s liberal democrat party needs to win is whether they support individual rights or not. They knock off the government health care, anti 2nd Amendment and identity politics BS, and they will control all three branches in no time.

Posted by: kctim at November 10, 2017 12:58 PM
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