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​Don't Make Iran Mad - Especially When They Go Nuclear

If the Middle East is it’s own history-laden world, then Iran has become the Middle East’s Soviet Union and President Trump actually has advisers who realize this.

That’s one way to look at not certifying the Iran Deal but keeping within it’s structure, which is what the president did at the end of this week. Unfortunately, the White House has now passed the ball to Congress, by using the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA) that was written precisely to give America a way to apply pressure on a non-compliant Iran while staying within the framework of the deal. Certification can be, and now has been, withheld if America feels Iran needs to be forced to act in the spirit of the accord.

And that's a problem for at least a couple of reasons, the first one being Iran's behavior before, during, and after signing the accord. Witness:

They have helped make Iraq ungovernable by using their Shiite forces to pursue and sometimes destroy parts of the large Sunni communities in Iraq. The consequence of this has been a fertile breeding ground for ISIS. Remember, ISIS - as an offshoot of Al Qaeda - are Sunni.

Lebanon has not been a stable nation state since arguably the 60's or even earlier. Hezbollah have not helped shall we say, although their vision of a Shiite Lebanon is one step closer with their overweight influence in Lebanon's parliament that extends beyond the rather sparse number of seats they hold. That's what tends to happen when an Iranian-backed terrorist group gets involved in electoral politics.
Syria is sliced open into bleeding and torn factions, spewing hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees towards Europe. Assad, Iran, and Russia are mostly to blame.
Iran itself is steadily marching towards full nuclear capability under the cover of the flawed Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and Europe and most of America's foreign policy establishment seem to want the Trump administration to imitate America's approach to North Korea, which has resulted in a crazed third-generation despot at the head of a nuclear powered pariah state.
Which leads to the second major point: Congress and it's relationship with the Iran Deal and with the foreign policy establishment, and with business interests that see oil-rich Iran as an opportunity. This is what happens when your Secretary of State is a former Exxon head, and heads a department filled with bureaucrats out to defend Obama's disastrous deal.

Which leads in turn to Matthew Continetti's wonderful piece in the Washington Free Beacon. He titled it Repeal and Replace in Farsi. Yes, that means he's about as optimistic of the GOP Congress - especially GOP Senators - providing unified and coherent support for the president's refusal to certify by passing legislation that produces better compliance on the part of Iran, as he is that Congress will ever get some form of repeal and replace done.

And he reminds us, and them, of what they have said over the last 3 years regarding the Iran Deal. Including some Democrats. Now that they have a chance to act on their words from years past, they are nearly silent on the issue that apparently so inflamed them a while back. And to top it off, fricking Ben Rhodes' echo chamber is still at it, with most of mainstream media warning of the dire consequences of merely not certifying, never mind walking away from, the deal. Don't. Make. Iran. Mad! they warn ominously.

They forgot to add: Let. Them. Build. Nuclear. Weapons. Because. We. Can't. Stop. Them.

And of course all that money that would instead go (and is going) to European companies should American interests be shut out of the anticipated deals that will and are flowing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

So let's see what Congress - the GOP Congress - does with their authority under INARA that President Trump has handed to them by his refusal to certify Iran. But don't hold your breath.

Posted by AllardK at October 16, 2017 5:09 PM
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You’re confused, non-existent AllardK, the administration’s “advisors” are the government of Israel in this case.

Posted by: ohrealy at October 16, 2017 6:00 PM
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