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​What Will Steve Bannon Think of Prosecuting Comey?

​So Steve Bannon - the evil dark force behind Trump’s presidency until his recent departure if we are to believe most of mainstream media - thinks firing then FBI Director James Comey was one of the worst political mistake in “modern” history. This begs a few questions:

1. Who demanded Comey's firing? The obvious answer is Trump himself. Some suggest that Jared Kushner was a prominent advocate of the idea of dismissing the head of the FBI. But again, this is from anonymous sources from an infighting-racked White House. Or from hostile actors within government at large. And who within the administration pushed back against the firing? We don't really know.

2. With AG Sessions being accused at various points in the last few months of downplaying whatever role he had in the firing of Comey, we still don't know what influence he had with the final decision. As AG, of course, the firing of the FBI Director is very much in his bailiwick. Between President Trump, Deputy AG Rosenstein, and Sessions, who suggested what?

3. Comey himself seems to be quite the visionary, or rather, have a very acute understanding of how things work in the swamp. Why is it that he apparently already knew in mid-February at the time of his meeting with Trump over General Flynn, that Sessions would have to recuse himself? Something which indeed happened a couple of weeks later. Was he aware of the upcoming NYT article on Sessions' (fairly routine) meetings with the Russian ambassador? And a short while after his firing, how could he be so smugly secure that his leaking of his notes to the media would indeed result in a Special Counsel?

4. Did Bannon understand all of this and did he try to convince the president not to fire Comey? Or was he nowhere near the loop regarding that decision? Perhaps not.

5. But perhaps most importantly, would Comey would have found a way to ensure the appointment of a Special Counsel even had he remained as FBI Director? Or put another way: would one have been appointed had Comey remained Director, with or without his fingerprints on the decision to appoint one?

In other words, did the firing of Comey merely speed up what may have happened anyway? Isn't a Special Counsel (if not quite a special prosecutor) exactly what many within the intelligence community, the Democratic party, and more than a few in the media had been calling for for months by the time one was actually appointed? Something also suggested by a few NeverTrump GOP'ers?

So, what reasonable steps could Trump's administration have taken to avoid said appointment? And will Steve Bannon share some of them with the public?

And now White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has suggested to the DOJ that Comey broke the law as Director by leaking information to the media and should be investigated. Is this another error in Steve Bannon's view, or will Breitbart instead encourage prosecution of Comey?

Posted by AllardK at September 12, 2017 8:50 PM
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