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​Matthew Continetti Needs to Pretend he's Winston Churchill - For America's Sake

​Matthew Continetti is a little taller on TV and far more dapper than he seems in his nerdy little head shot that often accompanies his work at The Washington Free Beacon. But right now, he’s one mean badass if you ask me.

Allow me to explain.

In a wonderful, sweeping (but still concise) essay in his Friday column at the Beacon, he puts forth a very compelling argument about the world in 2017, and why it's such a dangerous place, with so many frustrations for America's foreign policy. There's a Great Game going on that America doesn't even realize it's playing anymore. We are nowhere near the End of History as suggested by Francis Fukuyama back about 20 odd years ago. Yes, everyone and his sister have taken pot shots at poor old Francis, but the world and America are behaving as if he's still right.

We are not a community of free-trading enlightened nations. We are sliding into an era of aggressive mercantilism with regional powers and hot spots around the world. Think about those hot spots:

1. Baltic States: Russian war games have been taking place fairly nearby and conflict over energy pipelines has divided Western Europe from America.
2. Turkey: An increasingly radicalized islamic government is not much of ally anymore of America and is cuddling up to Putin's Russia.
3. Syria: Russia, ISIS , Refugees flooding Europe. Need we say more?
4. Iran: Nuclear deals, Russia, North Korea, Hezbollah and Revolutionary Guard forces spreading throughout the Middle East.
5. Pakistan: The ally from Hell who has nuclear arms and is strengthening ties with China and facing off with India.
6. India: In conflict with Pakistan and on it's northern border with an aggressive China.
7. South China Sea: Will a stand off escalate into open conflict with the US Navy?
8. North Korea: A nutcase or merely evil? Or both? And how close are they to launching nuclear tipped missles? A technology they likely have already shared with Iran. A technology that comes from Russian and Chinese sources.

Around the great Eurasian MegaContinent we have two great powers undermining America's stabilizing influence:

Russia and China. Russia run by Putin who is KGB trained and thus versed in Soviet tactics and strategy. China which is still run my the communist party and which thinks in terms of decades, not the next midterm elections. The uncomfortable result being how does democratic America establish effective strategies against two autocracies. One communist and the other autocratic in its reality if not its form.

Also today (Friday) there was an interesting piece in Cipher - a fairly establishment intel friendly publication that loves people like Michael Morell - former Acting CIA Director - who today has this strange interview with them where he pretends to be a Chinese North American analyst to show us what China thinks of America.

America is sick, but not terminal. Mobility is not the same. People are angry. Tump is unpredictable ... America is turning inward. This gives China an opportunity. War is unlikely between China and America but possible.

Wow. Thank you former acting director! That's some sweeping vision you got there. I suggest you read Continetti Mr. Morell. In fact, I suggest your lack of vision and that of your colleagues in the intel community is one reason why the world is a very dangerous place right now. I don't think you could have solved everything by realizing what Continetti is saying. But it would have helped. And what is Continetti saying?

That at every trurn, Russia and China are undermining America. They are opponents and adversaries in every field of endeavour: military, politics, law, economics, commerce, science, and culture.

We need a Churchilian speech, an iron curtain metaphor for our age, for this new war being conducted by Russia and China.

Mistah Continetti! Will you please give us one big useful metaphor? Now that you've outlined the problem with America's foreign policy.

Posted by AllardK at September 9, 2017 8:14 AM
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