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How Trump Can Defeat The Globalists

Things, they are a changin. To get started its worth noting how we got here.

Since the Carter administration the US political elite has pushed us toward what we call 'globalism'. In a few words a globalist world could be defined as one-world'ism, Nobodywould need a visa to travel between countries. Salaries would basically be the same for the same job titles. Immigrants could come and go as they pleased. A haircut in Burundi would be cost the same in New York or New Delhi. Free Trade, meaning no tariffs. Political issues would be settled thru the United Nations. Trade issues would be settled thru the World Trade Organization (WTO).

So, what do we have after some 30 years of globalism?

Good example of globalised trade:

Here, the US used tax payer dollars to increase subsidies to US cotton growers. Brazil sued the US, thru the WTO for a cool $350M again, with US taxpayers footing the bill.

US taxpayers paid billions to send US companies overseas to the cheap labor markets. The 2016 trade import balance with China was $347B. Import balance with Mexico was $65B. Add to that figure the cost of illegal immigration, drugs, crime and lost US jobs. Ships return to China half empty. A bale of hay can be shipped from Norfolk to China cheaper than from Richmond to Norfolk.

Were it not for immigration the US population would have remained static. More than any other issue, immigration is the more divisive issue and has been over time. Cheap labor, loss of jobs to cheap labor, drugs and crime have cost the US taxpayer and US worker big time. Robotics has added to the labor problem.

Most folks are more than ready for a change and President Trump is the advocate for change. He has ended many of President Obama's Executive Orders affecting the business community. He has slowed immigration at the border by some 80%. He intends to build a wall across the Southern border, hopefully clad with solar panels or similar. He stopped the TPP and is renegotiating NAFTA to lessen the trade deficits. He is proposing significant tax reform intended to bring companies back to the US and improve the lot of the working folks. And so on . . .

But, he is being met with globalists (dims/reps/CofC) determined to give him lipservice and defeat his Presidency. Beginning in September, following the voting on tax reform, Health Care, border wall, immigration and the like, the public will plainly see who the globalists pols are. Hopefully, many of them can be voted from office over the next 4 years.

If the globalists are able to stop President Trump from implementing most of his agenda then he should be ready to start up a 3rd political party for the 2020 campaign. He should have a clear view of the political scene by 2019 and be prepared to stand up a 3rd party.

Currently he has a support base of half the population. Should he run as a 3rd party candidate he could easily take a third of the electorate with him. This would allow him a win in a 3 party runoff. He would collect enough Independents and disgruntled Democrats to put him over the top, IMO.

I sincerely hope President Trump is looking at a 3rd party as a viable way to put his agenda into law and action.

Otherwise, we have the corpocracy we deserve . . .;

Posted by Roy Ellis at August 30, 2017 6:09 PM
Comment #419713

Trump is a globalist Roy why would he do anything to defeat them? I mean he may bluster about going after NAFTA and the TPP but he doesn’t seem serious about getting out of the WTO does he? The Trump family uses the same child labor as the globalist use to make their products they sell in this country…right? The Trumps and the Russians….defines globalism doesn’t it? Bringing in foreign workers to construct his buildings in this country…..globalism.

When is Trump going to cut taxes on the middle class and convert us to a tariff based system to meet the costs of funding an imperial army that secures the world for our multinational corporations to plunder? Why has he backed down on China and the currency manipulator claim? Because he is a globalist.

What does building a wall across the southern border have to do with globalism? That is nationalism isn’t it? Is Mexico going to be paying for the “solar panels or similar” as well as the wall? Or is that yet another lie from the president.

Posted by: j2t2 at September 7, 2017 5:57 PM
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