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​ACLU - The Border Patrol is Racist & Climate Change is Due to White People

​If it rains don’t do Border Patrol checkpoints. If it pours, open the borders. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re close. The ACLU has demanded that the U.S. Border Patrol shut down it’s checkpoints so that illegals fleeing Hurricane Harvey are not caught and deported. In fact, ACLU Director of Immigration Policy Lorella Praeli takes it a step further.

If the Border Patrol does not do the ACLU's bidding and maintains at least some checkpoints along Texas highways and roads during Harvey, then they are racist oppressors. Get it? Say officer Suarez of the CBP stops a pick-up truck packed full of people who may be Hispanic - say from Mexico or Central America - and who are fleeing from Harvey and asks them some questions that may result in detention and deportation. That means that officer Javier Suarez of the U.S. Border Patrol is a Hispanophobic racist bent on white supremacy as achieved by the oppressive polices of the American state.

At least according to Praeli of the ACLU, who called the possible presence of checkpoints during the course of Hurricane Harvey "disgusting."

While the Border Patrol appears to have signaled that it will do its job during the storm, it also stated it would assist evacuations in storm-battered areas, while also insisting that "it will remain vigilant against any effort by criminals to exploit disruptions caused by the storm."

Seeing that most illegals arrive in Texas thanks to the infamous coyotes who traffic in people's lives and charge a hefty price to sneak people across the border, the Border Patrol's statement on upholding the law during the storm is a no-nonsense answer to Praeli's and the ACLU's radical views. But that's just what the organization wants to boost their virtue-signaling after the shame of standing up for the right of white supremacists to march in California: a public dust up with the Border Patrol in the middle of a hurricane. Nice optics Ms. Praeli.

In other words Free Speech is being abandoned by the ACLU whenever it conflicts with the prevailing norms of radical identity politics.

So, next up will likely be a statement by the ACLU that hurricanes have increased in intensity due to climate change (not impossible but a complex causal relationship that would seem to advise a little caution) and climate change is caused by white people of course. Therefore the Border Patrol should permanently open America's borders as a way to redeem America's evil history of building companies that make goods and services that improve people's lives while creating some emissions.

The Border Patrol must solve America's white supremacist induced effect on climate! Right?

Fear not, real people really believe this. It's not even satire as much as one may satirize it. It's really in people's minds, unfortunately.

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