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Trump's Tweetings Are Music To My Ears

Everyday, everyday the fake news and talking heads industry labels Trump with every negative -ist and -gny word in the dictionary. This, from folks who are mostly degreed and portray a lifestyle of pedigree and ethical purity. So much BULLSHIT = = =

We've heard their lies and propaganda for years but since Trump became political they have gone off the rails.

So, Trump calls them out with his tweets and I love it, love it, love it. Almost eight more years of bliss.

Now that Trump finally has enough people in place to run/manage gov't the swamp has started to drain and we are finding that the liberals/progressives are beginning to feel the boomerang effect of their 'Trumpism is bad' drum beat.

Hannity has nailed it cold. Mueller should recuse himself or be removed as special prosecutor. This based on Comeys successful attempt to get Muller appointed as SP. Comey and Muller were best friends at the FBI and Muller has hired all democrat party/Clinton family related attorneys to assist him. Comey misused his office in getting Muller appointed. Comey caved to Loretta Lynch re Hillary's email scandal , agreeing to call it a 'matter'' rather than an issue of compromising classified information, is guilty of obstructing the investigation. Comey is guilty of obstructing the investigation by giving Hillary a pass in compromising classified material. Hillary must be reinvestigated re her email scandal. The Clinton's must be investigated re the uranium deal with Russia. Susan Rice must be brought before congress and questioned about the unmasking of Flynn, leading to his dismissal by the Trump admin. Lynch needs to go before congress and explain why she and Bill met and talked for 40 minutes in a parked plane on the runway in Arizona. Then, there is the deputy FBI director who appointed Mueller to SP. His wife was given hundreds of thousands via the governor of Va. to help a democrat win a 'hair on fire' election but, lost - - - and so on - - -

Will take a few years to get justice for all of them. Meanwhile, Trump rolls on Making America Great Again. He needs to keep tweeting and attend plenty of political rallies. Keep his base strong and growing. The GOP never Trumpers will get a rude awakening come Nov 2018. At that time, they too, will be free to cloak themselves in ethical purity and become talking heads.

Posted by Roy Ellis at July 1, 2017 8:12 PM
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The Reverend Jerry Falwell agrees with me that Trump’s tweeting is of great joy to us.

Trump gave a great speech tonight in honoring veterans at the Kennedy Center in Dallas, Tx. He comes off like a populist, preacher and politician wrapped as one. He got rid of the Johnson amendment, a great relief to evangelicals. Made statements like ‘our people don’t worship government, they worship God’.

Trump said he wanted to be pres of the US, not the world and, I agree that’s as it should be.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 1, 2017 10:16 PM
Comment #417758

So impulsive outbursts by the president are a good idea?

Let’s look at the factual errors.

1. Comey and Mueller have a professional relationship. There is nothing about their relationship that calls for recusal. Nothing. For recusal, Mueller would need to have a conflict of interest, a familial relationship, be a material witness, or have a financial stake in the outcome. None of these apply. A professional relationship is NOT reason for recusal.

2. Comey did not determine whether Mueller would be the Special Counsel. Perhaps he wanted it, but the decision belonged to the Deputy AG. NOT Comey.

3. There are three Democratic donors working for Mueller. Special Counsel Mueller is a Republican. So is Comey. So is Deputy AG Rosenstein. So is Rachel Brand, next in line at DOJ. So is the next in line after that, Boente. The next five positions are vacant due to Trump’s failure to put people in place.

4. Comey did NOT agree to call the HRC issue a “matter.” He referred to it 14 times as an “investigation.”

5. HRC has been investigated. Comey found no criminal intent, no obstruction, nothing. Twelve prosecutors and analysts agreed with him. The decision was unanimous.

There is more silly stuff, but as for Deputy Director McCabe, his wife donated to a Virginian politician’s campaign. McCabe ran this past the FBI ethics committee They saw nothing wrong.

Posted by: phx8 at July 1, 2017 10:24 PM
Comment #417759

ph, I have your version of events vs Hannity’s. I like Hannity’s version better.

Clapper quote: “We did not include any evidence in our report – and I say ‘our,’ that’s NSA, FBI and CIA, with my office, the Director of National Intelligence – that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report.”

Now we know Obama knew Russia had hacked the DNC before Trump signed up to run for Pres. Obama needs to go before the Senate and answer a few questions. It will take Trump a good 4 years to get justice for all these people.

Susan Rice is scheduled for a Senate hearing but she will likely take the fifth. Going to be some long hot summers ahead. Draining the swamp will take some time.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 2, 2017 8:59 AM
Comment #417761

Ever wonder why one administration does not prosecute people from the previous administration? Why didn’t Bush go after Bill Clinton and Al Gore? Why didn’t Obama go after Bush and Cheney for war crimes? In both cases, it would have made a lot of partisans happy. Yet Obama, Bush, Clinton and other presidents rarely even refer to the previous president by name. Why is that?

The reason is simple: most administrations want to move forward, not look backwards. Every minute spent going after the previous administration is a minute not moving forward an agenda.

It gets worse. Going after the previous administration also heightens partisanship. In every election someone is going to lose. Most presidents choose to heal the normal hurt feelings caused by an election by uniting the country as much as possible- to move on- to be president of all the people as much as possible while putting new policies in place.

Going after the previous administration serves one purpose- to distract from what is currently happening. It increases distrust and partisanship. If things are bad enough then distraction might be a good idea for a new administration, but it makes it difficult to accomplish anything.

Posted by: phx8 at July 2, 2017 2:39 PM
Comment #417763

Why must their be an ulterior motive? Is that how Democratics operate? Is that how you know what people are thinking?

What’s wrong with holding people accountable? Why can’t that be a motive? Maybe presidents are ignoring previous presidents because they want to continue the corruption and graft and hypocrisy that Washington D.C. stands for these days.

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 2, 2017 5:07 PM
Comment #417764

Ignoring criminality in a previous administration is dangerous to our Democratic Constitutional Republic.

Law breakers must be brought to justice regardless of their power or position.

We diminish our founding, our nation and our people when we allow wrong doing to go unpunished.

Justice must be equal to be respected by all. We must never ever tear off the blindfold of justice simply to accommodate political sensibilities.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 2, 2017 6:10 PM
Comment #417765

Royal has it right, IMO. Once a politician is out of office the opposing party most often ignores the sins of that politician. Done this way in hopes their opponent won’t go after them when they are out of office. Path of least resistance and maximum chance of survival.

We in the middle here are mostly indies and populists with nothing to lose in political battles. So, the middle, IMO, wants to see justice done for the sleezy dems.

Otherwise, their sins will continue to ramp up, just as would happen with any criminal enterprise.

CNN, you crybabies, why don’t you ramp up instead of whining about getting beat up by Trump. C’mon show us what you’ve got. America wants to see what you’ve got.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at July 2, 2017 7:16 PM
Comment #417766

RF & WW,
There are plenty of countries that prosecute, imprison, and even execute members of the previous administration. If it were just a matter of moral hazard, that would be fine. Unfortunately, all too often, the prosecutions of previous administrations by incoming administrations are not just a matter of justice, but ‘witch hunts.’ Instead of the retroactive application of justice, they are purely political attacks upon the opposition.

Bush could have prosecuted Bill Clinton for all those scandals that never panned out- Travelgate, Troopergate, Filegate, Whitewater, and more. Bush won the White House by the narrowest of margins. If he had pursued prosecutions for cases that had already fallen apart for a Special Prosecutor, rather than establishing the legitimacy of his rule and putting people in position, what would have happened? Suppose the prosecutions fell apart again?

Obama could have prosecuted Bush Cheney, Rumsfeld, and others for war crimes. If Obama pursued them rather than saving the economy, what would have happened?

We are getting a taste of what that would look like with Trump. He constantly attacks Obama and Hillary Clinton. Those attacks take time and attention away from other priorities. It makes his base of 35-40% of Americans happy, but not the majority; and remember, the accusations involve issues that have already been investigated by Republicans and dismissed. As a result, Trump’s approval ratings are low and his agenda, such as it is, has stalled. Hundreds of important positions remain unfilled. Making those kinds of attacks might make Trump’s supporters happy, but they look like obvious distractions, and practically nothing is being achieved.

Posted by: phx8 at July 2, 2017 7:22 PM
Comment #417767

phx8 has little faith in our independent judiciary. Do we wonder why when we have seen federal judges ignore the Constitution and instead make political rulings from the bench.

As I have said earlier in another post; we must keep our judiciary faithful to their constitutional oath. Our Founders gave us the power to impeach federal judges; we must use it when appropriate. Then, we need not fear to prosecute wayward politicians of any party.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 2, 2017 7:35 PM
Comment #417769

You know why no one will mention Scalia anymore? He was utterly corrupt. He was flying around for free, taking expensive vacations for free through people who he granted with favorable judicial opinions. He died in the home of once such recipient.

Justice Thomas is just as bad. Maybe worse. Completely despicable. Possibly the most corrupt judge in our lifetime. Want me to go into his shenanigans? You know, when he filed his paperwork, he neglected to mention his wife was on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation as a lobbyist. Gosh. Just completely slipped his mind. In the meantime, Thomas failed to recuse himself from cases brought before the Court by the Foundation. Not only that, he asked the other justices to hear outlandish Heritage cases. More than once. The Court overruled him 8-1 when he pulled that stunt. There’s more. Want to hear about it?

Do you think we should impeach him?

Are you ready for more decisions by conservative justices like Gorsuch affirming corporations are people, and money is free speech, and the president is a unitary executive with unlimited power, as long as he claims it is done for national security?

Posted by: phx8 at July 2, 2017 11:53 PM
Comment #417775
and the president is a unitary executive with unlimited power, as long as he claims it is done for national security

As long as there is a state of emergency this statement is true. The president is a dictator, according to the constitution, in a state of emergency.

We’ve been in a state of emergency since the Korean war.

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 3, 2017 8:31 AM
Comment #417777

And Barrack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya.

Posted by: henryjones000 at July 3, 2017 11:41 AM
Comment #417783

Sorry phx8, I am not inclined to get into a “pissing” war of words with you over the SC judges you named. Surely you understand the meaning of impeachment.

If there are impeachable offenses…let it happen. I don’t care whose party the judge belongs to.

The federal judiciary is an independent branch of our national government. It must not be an arm or extension of the other two branches. It has a duty to determine constitutionality of our laws and the actions of federal employees.

It is not charged with making law.

It is not charged with keeping the chief executive to some norm not mentioned in the constitution.

Posted by: Royal Flush at July 3, 2017 4:45 PM
Comment #417784

henryjones000, what you’re saying is just another one of Obama’s lies.

He published that in a book.

Posted by: Weary Willie at July 3, 2017 7:59 PM
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