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Leaks in D.C. - Ben Rhodes Is No Haldeman

He’s still very much at it. Ben Rhodes’ echo chamber has continued functioning since the November elections, with the only change being the target of the steady stream of leaks that it manages in conjunction with media like the Washington Post. In a somewhat overlooked article in the Washington Free Beacon by Adam Kredo, unnamed officials (yes they’re leaking as well, it’s true) expressed anger and concern over how former Obama officials or even current government officials - likely at State and in the intel community - are feeding friendly reporters a steady diet of compromising information.

This has damaged the Trump administration's efforts at rebuilding the frayed relationship with Israel for example. Which is exactly what Ben Rhodes is trying to do. Make sure the Obama narrative is somehow justified, (we were right to continually criticize Israel and make a deal with Iran, and Cuba!), and make life impossible for the current administration.

At what point will Rhodes admit the game is over? That's a difficult question to answer for someone who seems to be the real Haldeman, and not someone like Steve Bannon. Much as Bannon would perhaps like to be. As in H R Haldeman, Nixon's Chief of Staff. But that would be wrong and unfair to Ben Rhodes. He's no Haldeman. He was, and still thinks he is, and still might be, Obama's Charles Colson.


Charles Colson, Nixon's "hit man" or "evil genius" in the words of people like Haldeman himself. Colson was willing to run over his own grandmother (a distortion of a quip apparently but one people were happy to let circulate) to help Nixon get re-elected. And Rhodes can easily be seen as Obama's "evil genius" in that he actually was able to get America to sign a deal with Iran and let Cuba's communist leaders forge a deal with America. And while one can question how much of a genius Rhodes really is, he's clearly still very much running his echo chamber. With the intention of bringing down President Trump. And he's willing to push so hard behind the scenes that his colleague Jon Favreau sent out that notorious warning tweet a few months ago, over possible wire-tapping of candidate Trump.

Officially Colson was Nixon's special counsel, a job that Ben Rhodes prefers to give to others by setting up a scenario of endless leaks in which James Comey becomes one more leaker to the NYT. which itself results in an acting AG - acting due to AG Session's recusal as a result of leaks - appointing Robert Mueller as special counsel. Rhodes must have grinned when that news came out. I'm sorry. He bad. He don't grin.

When will Ben Rhodes put away his puppet strings and stop aiding, abetting, and encouraging dangerous leaks? If the Democrats do poorly in the mid-term elections in 2018? Is that how much longer this river of leaks will endure? Or has Rhodes weaponized a standard D.C. communications tool - your average boring leak - a weapon that someone else on the other side of the aisle will start using effectively at some point in the near future?

Colson served jail time for his role in Watergate. If the Russia probe turns out to be a scandalous attempt to delegitimize and impeach President Trump, will people like Ben Rhodes suddenly find themselves, not in a Senate hearing room, but in court? Colson's jail time coincided with a radical change in his life, as he became a devout evangelical and sought to build bridges between catholics and protestants, among other acts of faith and charity.

What will Ben Rhodes do if suddenly the evil genius finds himself on the wrong side of the law? Grow a beard and start praying to Mecca in his cell?

Posted by AllardK at June 28, 2017 9:40 PM
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Guillotine sounds reasonable to me Allard for traitorous acts.

Posted by: Royal Flush at June 30, 2017 4:58 PM
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I do not understand this article. Ben Rhodes left the government last January. Back in 2008 he was denied an interim security clearance. Later he was granted clearance. That was 2008. That was nine years ago. Today, he is not being accused of anything. He is not under investigation, he is not a person of interest, and he is not under scrutiny. He has never been indicted for anything, never mind tried or convicted. How is he involved in leaking anything? What did he leak? He worked on pushing through the Iran deal. According to the Beacon, his chief ‘crime’ is that he favored diplomacy with Iran.

Posted by: phx8 at June 30, 2017 11:26 PM
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