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The FBI Pulls an Extreme Rabbit Out of It's Hat

There is no subtle way to say this. The FBI’s briefing on the GOP baseball practice shooting by John Hodgkinson is a flagrant attempt to bury the politics of the shooting and treat it as an angry man going postal who just happened to be at a baseball field in suburban Alexandria, Virginia, and snapped for no reason at all and simply started randomly shooting.

Why this absurd briefing? Because intel agencies are not superheroes - though there may very well be and surely are heroic men and women who have and do work for them - and neither are they evil and brilliant tactical geniuses. Though there surely are superb strategists who work for them. They are bloated and corrupt and politicized institutions and this FBI briefing is a very in-your-face piece of evidence that sadly reveals this fact. Never mind imaging what the FBI would have done had the Democrat baseball practice been targeted by an alt-right crazy.

The FBI is basically saying: we're mad at President Trump. We're mad at the GOP for supporting him. We're mad that Comey was fired. So this is our payback. Is it that venal? The reasons for this absurd briefing?

Perhaps even worse would be if there was (and there likely is among at least some members of the intel community) an extreme reluctance to call a shooting by a left-wing activist terrorism. The same way that mainstream media have been reluctant to talk about radical islamic terrorism. For fear of offending political correctness in their home countries and offending muslims abroad and at home, and by extension making the problem worse, according to their hypocritical logic.

As Morrisey put it: what caused the so-called "violent extremism" the media euphemistically repeat endlessly? What caused tweens and teens to be blown to bits at a pop show in Manchester? An extreme rabbit?

So the FBI has pulled an extreme rabbit out of it's battered and dirty top hat and they full well know it. They don't care. The politics of their optics, or the optics of their politics, matters more to the FBI than a thorough and focused examination into the kind of planning and motives went into John Hodgkison's attack on GOP members of Congress. There was surveillance, planning, radical political statements on social media, purchases of weapons and ammunition. The motives and the planning are evident for all to see.

This doesn't matter to the FBI. They don't like Trump. They don't like the GOP. This is their answer. They have debased their institution and one can only pray that they realize what they have done and pull back from this dangerous political gamesmanship. Or the intel community in America will start resembling those of it's neighbors in Latin America. We're a long ways from that point, but a few troubling steps closer. It's time to change course.

The intel community is out of control and needs to be reformed.

Posted by AllardK at June 22, 2017 2:14 PM
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