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The Triumvirate That Now Runs D.C.

It’s not quite a Roman Triumvirate, with Cesar, Pompey and Crassus in an uneasy alliance of power sharing. It’s not quite a Latin American Junta Military, with an Army, Navy, and an Air Force Generalissimo sharing power until they start removing each other from their baroque, carved mahogany seats of power.

Mueller, Burr, and now Grassley et tu?

We have the special counsel. We have the Senate Intelligence Committee. We sorta had the House Select Committee on Intelligence which may muscle it's way back into the headlines, although this is perhaps in doubt right now. And we now have the Senate Judiciary Committee angrily proclaiming that it too will take it's rightful place in this Triumvirate or Quadrumvirate? of committees investigating whether the President (yes, he's being investigated as well) or any of his associates obstructed justice. And oh yes, something about Russia as well. If any evidence actually turns up.

Apparently Mueller is moving quickly as befits the special powers he has, in contrast to a congressional committee which can send letters but not much else. Will his predatory, razor-sharp team of prosecutors keep a wolfish eye on the other committees and anything any person of interest may say at one of their hearings? Or will most witnesses tell the congressional committees that they're busy or plead the fifth? Senator Graham worried about precisely this occurring about a month or so ago when Mueller was appointed.

We are going to need flow charts to follow who said what to which committee and when they said it. We are going to need a separate flow chart to follow the president's tweets. Which are still coming fast and furious and are making his own political and perhaps even legal position far more vulnerable than it ever should have been.

You can - with a big big stretch of imagination - see this as President Trump heroically tweeting in order to confront the entire edifice of rules, regulations, and the sacred idol of process, that are the rules of engagement in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, they are also the rule of law in most cases. Or at the very least, regulations passed by government departments (like the DOJ) which have the - if not seal of approval - at least the tacit support of a Congress willing to cede much of it's authority to the administrative state.

The president has to stop tweeting. The president will not stop tweeting. Where he will lead his administration in such a delicate and hostile situation is unknown at this point. He is handing his enemies weapons nearly every time he tweets. And this was all of it avoidable. Including the investigation of collusion. But here we are. It's day by day now, even as legislation gets worked on and regulations get cut back. It's day by day. Let us hope and pray that some reasonable course through these storms can be plotted and followed by Trump and his administration.

Posted by AllardK at June 16, 2017 2:58 PM
Comment #417413

Allardk, you need to give credit where credit is due. You shouldn’t be worrying that something bad will happen to Trump. Its hard to touch the pres what with the 3 branches controlled by the GOP. Trump is tweeting to keep his base close to him. We like his tweets. The MSM likes his tweets too, as they make big bucks and get big ratings.

Just sit back and enjoy being entertained by Trump. He loves to tweet and his base loves it. Trump is politically astute and will never let the MSM control the agenda. He will keep them pissing and moaning for years to come. Enjoy. Seven years to go. It’s just a wonderful thing.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at June 16, 2017 8:57 PM
Comment #417414

I like Trump’s tweeting. It keeps the MSM on the defensive. How many of the big outlets would tell you what Trump says in his Tweets? Do you really think CNN would tell their viewers that the President thinks they are “fake news”? His tweets say that. CNN never would.

Posted by: Weary Willie at June 16, 2017 9:08 PM
Comment #417415

It’s like on this evenings news. ABC gave about 5 secs of info on the fellow who took down the two Ga. escaped prisoners. He held them at gun point till the law arrived.

NBC did a skit on batman and one other ‘oh, ain’t that cute’ skit but not a mention of joe homeowner WITH A GUN taking down these two dudes. And, so it goes - - -

Allardk, don’t be worried about Trump. He can well take care of himself. He is cut from a different cloth. If he was to get thrown out of office he would run for pres again in 3 years and we’d get to do it all over again. And win.

Posted by: Roy Ellis at June 16, 2017 9:52 PM
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