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Iran's Recent Election and a Hell on Earth

As President Trump heads from Israel to Europe and away from the Middle East, it is interesting to note that Iran actually had an election last week, where incumbent President Rouhani beat back an unexpected challenge by conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi. So amongst the foreign policy crowd that follow Iran, there has been some cheering that a “moderate” has prevailed.

A moderate? Prevailed?

First of all, Iran is a Shiite Theocracy. Even if it calls itself an Islamic Republic. The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei holds the real power, and presides over a military and a religious judiciary where the rest of the true power in Iran is held. And Iranian presidents have always had any modest reform plans they may have attempted shut down by the Ayatollah and his shariah cleric-judges. So the notion that Rouhani has prevailed is a little on the optimistic side, shall we say.

Rouhani is also a cleric of course. There is very little separation between mosque and state in Iran. And any reforms Rouhani may have attempted or may attempt are hardly the type of plans that would make anyone believe that Iran is heading towards anything approaching a true democracy. And do not expect any change in Iran's hegemonic plans to use terrorism and militias to continue its attempts to extend it's influence among it's war-torn neighbors like Syria and Iraq. El Supremo Khamenei has the last word on that, and apparently his word is: may the jihad continue.

But consider for a moment the conservative cleric that was supported by Khamenei and who lost the election. Ebrahim Raisi was one of the four (at least as far as the available information goes in sites like Cipher) sharia judges during the 80's in Iran. Their judgements were hellish, with many tortured and killed. I am easily old enough to recall a story that leaked out of Iran during the 80's regarding a judge's condemnation of a female Iranian activist or protester of some kind. Whether it was a sharia judge or not, I can't really say. It certainly could have been one.

The woman was condemned to death for her defiance of the law, likely sharia law. But the really horrifying part was how she was put to death. The judge in question had her thrown into a bread oven. The woman took a very long time to die. One can imagine her screams and her body's desperate fight to deal with a pain that no one can really imagine. A slow steady burning to death in a bread oven. If there was ever a hell on earth, this was a clear example. Like the murdering of innocent teens and tweens at a show in Manchester. The same hellish spirit - different methods.

Was it a sharia judge who decided that this brave woman should be thrown into a bread oven? Was it Ebrahim Raisi himself? It is possible. And so while Raisi lost by over 20 percentage points to the "moderate" Rouhani, had the Ayatollah and his thugs decided to steal the election, we would have had Raisi (along with Khamenei) in charge and a few years away from possibly having nuclear weapons capacity at his fingertips. And we have Khamenei (who perhaps remembers the woman and how she was put to death and who perhaps also was involved) in power regardless, with ultimate control over Iran's military.

This hellish Shiite Theocracy is who we should trust to verify their own nuclear program? Whether it's Rouhani or Raisi in the president's chair?

Posted by AllardK at May 24, 2017 7:13 PM
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Likely it will take Trump six months or so to get some coordinated action going against ISIS/Syria/Iran. Will be interesting to witness how it comes together and goes down.

We can only hope these actions will be strong enough to isolate Iran, maybe regime change, and put the squelch on their nuclear program.

As with all these ME countries the people are good, hardworking people. It’s the leaders/dictators and their top supporters who are the real problem.

My thinking goes along the lines of forming a ME UN like organization among those countries willing to support. Take each failed state, like Yemen, and instill some framework of a democratic gov’t and stay with it for a few years, maybe thru two election cycles to see that such a gov’t can stand over time.

I can’t believe Trump would try to work Russia on anything other than a pure technical project, like spaceflight, etc. Russia could be eat up with ISIS but as long as ISIS was creating hate and discontent for the US they would string the US along as being supportive. Best thing we can do is push back on anything military Russia and cut the arms sells by Iran. Isolate Russia in every way keeping them too weak to take on any strong military operations.

Put me in Coach !!

Posted by: Roy Ellis at May 24, 2017 9:24 PM
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Russia could be eat up with ISIS yet the length of ISIS was making contempt and discontent for the US they would lead the US on as being relentless. online SEO services Best thing we can do is push back on anything military Russia and cut the arms offers by Iran. Disconnect Russia all around keeping them exorbitantly weak, making it difficult to go up against any strong military operations.

Posted by: Collins Ross at June 1, 2017 3:16 AM
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