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Believe Louise Mensch, or You're a Russian Spy

Louise Mensch was always a very creative person. Young Poet of the Year (that would be UK’s Young Poet of The Year of course). Accomplished and prolific novelist at a very young age with, apparently, a tidy 2 million copies of her novels sold. And in her various other incarnations as British MP, Media entrepreneur, Journalist, and now crazed conspiracy propagator, her creativity has always stood her in good stead.

Well, maybe not always. And maybe the stead hasn't always been that good. As a matter of fact.

As you may know, Louise has a list. If you are on the list (to imagine the list, think back to your parent's younger years like say the late forties or early fifties and imagine someone like ... oh I don't know ... Joe McCarthy) then you must be a Russian Spy. Whether you know or not. Because Louise knows you are. Why? Because you're on Louise Mensch's ever-expanding list.

What gets you on Louise's list?

Oh, any number of things. Like disagreeing with her on any possible issue. Most of which have to do with what actual, verifiable evidence she has to back up her increasingly outrageous claims. According to Buzzfeed, she even called out someone as a possible Russian actor for being too enthusiastic about her theories. And Louise loves to Tweet even more than President Trump.

Yes, she was one of the first to get wind of the FBI investigation into Trump associates (Carter Page and others presumably) and any connections they might have with Putin's Kremlin. But since that bold bit of journalism back in 2016, she almost seems intent on destroying her own credibility with her refusal to accept any pushback to her increasingly radical conspiracy theories.

So who is Louise Mensch? Yes, let's out-Louise Louise. Shall we?

Her wikipedia page points out her strong support for British and American intelligence agencies. Aha! She must be being paid by MI6 and the NSA! What evidence is there? Um, none at all. Yet ...

Is she perhaps Christopher Steele's sidekick? Look at the patterns! Remember the Dossier! Wow ... the Avengers! Yes! That must be it! Any evidence to support this? Nope.

Here's a good one. She could just be a British Zhirinovsky operating in the American media landscape. An outrageous media presence, sending out flares to see how people react to her crazed theories while really in the pay of ... the Kremlin? She was born in London. That's more than half-way to Moscow. Maybe more than half-way, in a political sense?

Or, Louise Mensch is a much better looking female version of Alex Jones. And she can get away with it with her slightly chippy London accent because ... she's much "more photogenic" than Alex Jones. And she can attack you with a crisply hurled adjective with far more style.

Here's the thing. Listening and viewing one of her interviews, say with the BBC, where she defends her "belief" that Putin murdered Andrew Breitbart in order to place Steve Bannon in control and take over America and it's precious bodily fluids, it is hard to tell something.

Is she truly crazy, or is she muck-racking on behalf of someone, or on behalf of her bank balance? We don't really know. But like Maxine Waters, Mensch will apparently not rest until Trump is impeached. Never mind the evidence. Believe her. Or you're a Russian spy.

Posted by AllardK at April 25, 2017 7:06 PM
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