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Is China Planning for a Post Kim Jong-Un North Korea?

Think of North Korea as a jigsaw puzzle wrapped around a grenade. With the pin dangerously loose. As the world focuses on Syria and what actions America and any coalition of allies might take next in that area of the Middle East, we have what appears to be a far more volatile situation in the Korean peninsula and neighboring NorthEast China. Throw Japan and Russia into that mix as well.

And America, as always.

Exactly how Kim Jong-un reached the summit of power is unclear. That he was chosen in a bloody, paranoid and conspiratorial environment is certain. Uncles, Half-brothers, and God knows who else have been dispatched to ensure his rule remains secure. In other words, North Korea is a horrifying cross between Stalinist state control and terribly cruel, medieval, Mafia-like power struggles between competing members of the ruling clan.

What this means is that no one - including the Chinese - control or even truly understand what the heck Kim Jong-un will do next. So North Korea's threats of a nuclear attack on it's neighbors and on America are being taken seriously.

Especially by the Chinese.

Meanwhile, President Trump and China's President Xi's meeting in Mar-a-Lago has been criticized by Democrats as short on results. It may be advisable for Democrats to hold off on their frothing partisan judgements. Here's why.

Coal shipments (millions of tons of coal sitting in large container ships or at Chinese Ports) have been refused entry and are being sent back to North Korea. Chinese customs authorities signed an official order on April 7, requiring North Korean coal to be sent back to North Korea. This order came down at exactly the same time President Xi was meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. And coal is North Korea's main export. That's a major economic embargo on North Korea. Even as President Xi publicly asks for a peaceful resolution of tensions in the area.

This also means China will need alternative sources of coking coal - vital for it's steel industry. Who are the two nations that appear most likely to fill this gap? America and Russia. Buy American coal please, Mr. Xi. Who would have thought?

But even more telling of the Chinese attitude to North Korea and it's psychotic leadership, is an article that was posted in a news site apparently controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. As detailed by Tyler Durden at, this article, (which has since been pulled from the site), essentially warned both North Korea and America that China would do two things:

  • Directly attack North Korean nuclear facilities if an attack by North Korea was imminent.

  • Ensure that any North Korean regime, following an attack by the US on North Korea, is friendly to China and China's interests.

How reliable an indicator of official Chinese military and geo-political strategic and tactical goals in NorthEast Asia this article actually is, is of course uncertain. But the indications seem to be that China has also been planning for a post-Kim Jong-un North Korea. And is signaling in no uncertain terms to America that China will demand a major place at the table when the future of a post Kim Jong-un Korean peninsula is being worked out.

And Chuck Schumer thought the Mar-a-Lago meeting was a nothing burger. Here's some salt Chuck. Rub it in.

Posted by AllardK at April 12, 2017 7:26 PM
Comment #415293

Are we supposed to be surprised that China has contingency plans in case America intervenes in North Korea?

Posted by: Warren Porter at April 12, 2017 11:29 PM
Comment #415446

“Psychotic leadership” I agree. North Korea won’t be friend with any country, I believe.

Posted by: le lenny face at April 20, 2017 4:15 AM
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I expect that in the impending days and weeks we will see materialize from China a preparation to deal with Kim Jong-un’s nuclear store and how China is leaving to take liability for the condition in North Korea.

Posted by: Daniel Jorden at May 23, 2017 3:10 AM
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