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The Smorgasbord Inauguration

Get ready for the inauguration of the century.

When Donald J. Trump takes the oath to the oval office, it will be a gala that America won’t soon forget. The amount of catering and partying prepared for the event will be nationwide. Trump’s victory means the Right Wing can now get back to business of starting wars and allowing sociopaths to run roughshod all over American rights. It’s all about making big money the caveman way. They’re too intellectually challenged to succeed any other way.

Wall St., military/industrial complex, organized crime will have a field day once Trump is in office and we'll see as they party hard on that fateful day. People would be surprised at how right wing the criminal forces of the country are. They use it to justify their plunder and hatred and with the majority of law enforcement part of the problem, the confetti will be floating in from every direction. The military will be there dressed to the T, and the elite of the country will smell like money so thick, they'll have to put it out as a cologne or perfume.

All is quiet before the storm, but even trump can't weather the heat going on already. He's got to handle the his debacle of supreme court nominee. He has to tackle the growing Hackergate, his Trump University legal issues, and a ton of other problems.

Trump just can't escape it all.

What this does mean is that this inauguration is going to be a smorgasbord for all involved. The media will be swamped with things to do as they hustle to and fro engaging in talking head interviews, bizarre speculations and unconfirmed data. Unless something pops up from out of the blue that can upend it all, Trump will enjoy an event for a king. Champagne, caviar, and everyone is going to order the lobster.

The memorabilia will be hot issue. Collectors are advised to scrap up all those buttons, banners, posters, toys, because in years to come they'll be worth money. Trump valuable collectors' items are already hot but just wait until his terms in office expire. A few years later, if Earth is still here, they'll be worth good money.

Trump will be ready and put on a show for all involved. It will be like nothing you've ever seen before. The party to end all parties and don't worry about ISIS or the terrorists, they'll be partying too. They know what side of the bread has the butter.

Posted by GregB at January 9, 2017 3:49 PM
Comment #412045

Wow…Greg’s incredible political savvy and clairvoyance is just too stunning for us mere Watchbloggers to appropriately appreciate. He truly is of a higher class.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2017 5:26 PM
Comment #412046

So it will be just like Jan. 2009, but THIS time the earth may not be here in a few years?
Sure you don’t want to throw in some nonsense about fascism, white supremacy or Russia?
You guys have really lost it.

Posted by: kctim at January 9, 2017 5:50 PM
Comment #412047

Hey kctim, didn’t Obama have fake Grecian Temple columns to frame his acceptance speech at the Democrat National convention?

I guess he wanted his minions to view their “godhead” coming to earth to lead them.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2017 6:15 PM
Comment #412048

kctim, I have an idea about changing the name of the Democrat Party to the Bi-coastal Victims Party.

I believe the word Democrat no longer belongs in their Party name. And, since they ignore all of America expect for the Atlantic and Pacific seabord, Bi-coastal works well. I don’t need to expand upon the word Victim.

Posted by: Royal Flush at January 9, 2017 7:27 PM
Comment #412050

Geesh! Did j2t2 change his moniiker to GregB? Wholly Molly!

Posted by: Weary Willie at January 9, 2017 9:59 PM
Comment #412052

Aren’t Trump supporters the whiny victims? All they’ve done over the last 8 years is complain with nary an effort exerted towards taking responsibility for their own lives.

Posted by: Warren Porter at January 9, 2017 11:53 PM
Comment #412061


Wow…..Ad Hominem much? Lol

Posted by: dbs at January 10, 2017 7:17 AM
Comment #412067

Royal, I do seem to remember something about columns, tears and false hope. Lol
And there is absolutely no doubt that liberals and progressives have totally taken over control of the Democratic Party and that is why they have suffered the such devastating loses lately.

Posted by: kctim at January 10, 2017 11:22 AM
Comment #412069

I think the far-lefts actions have greatly surpassed the rights actions over the last 8 years.

If you remember, the right was complaining about the stuff they always do: socialist policy, high taxes, loss of rights, freedom of religion, 2nd Amendment rights etc… Yes, some of the far-right went on about citizenship and being anti-American, but they were pretty much marginalized.

What we have today is the reverse. Democratic leaders and their supporters (ALL liberals) are spouting divisive false rhetoric about illegitimacy, Russian influence, racism, sexism, xenophobia, fascism and the end of the country/world. They are proclaiming their hate for Trump, ALL of his “unintelligent deplorable supporters,” and ALL who do not agree with them. They are threatening and sometimes even physically attacking innocent people, and they have destroyed personal and private property.
The normal moderate Democrats are the ones who have been marginalized.

Posted by: kctim at January 10, 2017 11:41 AM
Comment #412070

Instead of making accusations, watch Senator Jeff Sessions live on any of the cable channels, or via whatever outlets later today. It is all being laid out for you to see, unfiltered, real time.

Posted by: phx8 at January 10, 2017 11:53 AM
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