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Trump Doesn't Trust Intelligence

Well, that’s something many people would agree with giving his public antics, but Donald Trump is once again bucking the system by not agreeing with the intelligence communities regarding the hacking that’s been going on.

The CIA and NSA and FBI are all pointing fingers at the Russians. There's a good reason for it too. Russia loves to spy on us so they make easy fall guys. That's not what Trump is seeing at all and he isn't alone in his analysis. Wiki Leaks' own Julian Assange who actually acquired the files says that the Russians aren't where he got the data. That sent shockwaves throughout the political world because he holds all the cards. Assange paints a picture of intelligence communities that are both corrupt and incompetent and that the Russians aren't the culprits at all. If so, that leaves only a handful of perpetrators and it doesn't bode well for the American intelligence communities.

China, Iran, Mexico, ex felons, at home hackers, freelancers, are now all suspect. There's no telling who was behind it but three culprits fit the bill and do so well: The US Government, Pakistan, and Israel.

Israel? America's #1 ally? Israel has spied on the US for over half a century and was found guilty of the biggest espionage operation against the US back in the late 90s and early 00s. The US uses Israel as a henchman, to do the dirty work and take the fall, however that game got peeped and this time it's fallen apart. The US attacked Hillary Clinton. They didn't investigate her, they attacked her, to ruin her chances at election and now Trump is hip to the game and is going to turn on them in unprecedented manner.

What's the fallout? It means the old guard of the US intelligence communities and Israel are going to have to fess up to decades of undermining and intrigue. We may get disclosures on events we'd no idea these groups have had a part in. Needless to say, at the worst, it means a major review of the election process and how easy it has been for the voting to be manipulated for intelligence and Israeli interests. We know where Pakistan stands. We know the powers that be want those wars in the Middle East as it's good money for the military industrial complex. History proves this out.

As the pieces of this puzzle comes together, we'll be able to see just whom the shadows are behind the throne.

Posted by GregB at January 5, 2017 9:43 PM
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Donald trust his own superior intelligence and intellectual capabilities to reason truth without any evidence or assistance from knowledgeable sources.

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There’s a justifiable reason purpose behind it as well. Russia loves to keep an eye on us so they make simple fall folks. That is not what Trump is seeing at all and he isn’t the only one in his examination.

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