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The Most Suspenseful Presidential Election Ever

The night of November 8, 2016 will go down in history as the most suspenseful election night in history. Not since the turnover of the Truman/Dewey election has the American public been so upended. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battled it out toe to toe for the entire night unto the wee hours of the following morning as voter tallies creeped in until Trump nailed the number of electorates to crest the top and win the election.

At first people thought the election would be decided early as the states that trump needed, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina would either go his way or not. Without Florida his chances were nil, but every step of the way the numbers kept changing and kept the top analysts thrown off for the entire night. Polls soon became useless as indicators of which way the election would go and as soon as Trump showed a lead, minutes later Clinton would bounce back. This went on in most of the key states until the very end. As the night progressed it appeared that Trump would take the states he needed even when gloom said otherwise. His supporters tuck to their guns and the demographics changed to the surprise of the most astute election historians and analysts.

News organizations didn't know what to do. With their high tech graphics and real time data, they had to change their programming every few minutes and the talking head analysts were scrambling to make sense of what was going on. Some reporters were often caught off guard as the numbers kept pouring in invalidating what had just been speculated just moments before. Americans stayed up late, well past midnight not knowing what was going to happen as the key states slowly but surely turned red for Trump.

It's a good bet that those that bet were on pins and needles wondering who would win and by how much and from where. As the night progressed and one state after another fell to Trump, the Clinton supporters and the media that supported her began to show the signs o disappointment and disarray. They began to stand and stare and cry as the shadow of doom soon signaled that their hopes and deeds had been in vain.

Finally, when the early morning tallies finally came in, the Trump supporters leapt for joy and began celebrating. Newscasters who had professed to know that Trump would lose, had to eat their words on live television. The overall early analysis of what happened showed metrics that no one had expected. Prior to the election, voting algorithms and data based on polls had Clinton leading by a good margin, but these machines and mathematics cannot evaluate the 'human factor' thus they lost out on the accuracy they professed.

At the end of the road, Donald Trump arose victorious and made his acceptance speech. Later, Clinton's delayed press conference acknowledging Trump's victory addressed her disappointment and pain but also urged others to support Trump so that the country could get back to working effectively.

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