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Trump and His GOP Must Deliver Change

The wave of populism has washed over America. Swamping Obama’s vision of an aggressively progressive America. This was a slow moving tsunami and like the actual physical phenomenon, most of the wave throughout it’s path, remains hidden under the surface. Until it approaches and then hits the shoreline and surges above the water, shocking everyone who was unprepared for its arrival. And that means just about everyone in both political parties, including independents and third-party voters. To say nothing of pundits, advisors, and bloggers.

As Trump said in his encouragingly unifying speech - one that actually felt far more honest and from the heart than any polished but calculated I'm-the-unifier speech Hillary would have given had she won - this was a movement and not a campaign. One which broke all the campaign rules, helped in part by Trump's media and business savvy.

But the movement is now the governing party. In the White House at least and beyond as well. The Senate and The House are GOP. But what kind of GOP is what will be answered over the coming months and years. There is nothing like political power to bind the wounds of division. But the divisions remain within the Republican Party. Trump now has the awesome responsibility of unifying not only the country, but his own party. One that he has pulled off a leveraged takeover of, and one which he must now do deals with. The Washington Examiner in an editorial is already demanding the GOP Congress stand up to Trump and act as a sober counterweight. They could have waited a few hours or days maybe to see how Trump's transition team is doing. But it is an indication of how much opposition from all major power centers of America Trump has faced.

Yes, it's truly Trump's GOP now. And the conservative, pro-life, interventionist party is no longer. What that means is that fiscal and social conservatives, including evangelicals will have to come to terms with Trump. Some already have. And Trump has certainly reached out to social conservatives, especially through Pence. Exceptionalists, or neo-con's if you must, will have a harder time coming to terms with him. Because he clearly wants to re-write America's foreign policy in ways that they disagree with strongly. And find a threat to their own subset of the Washington D.C. establishment. That will be a dangerous and important battle within the halls of State, DHS, and the Pentagon. Dangerous because America is a shining exception on the world stage, one that has had to spend blood and treasure to safeguard a reasonably free world. How much blood, and how much treasure, and where and how to spend them will be hotly contested. Trump will have to listen carefully and move decisively. But clearly America's voters are in the main tired of undeclared wars smoldering endlessly around the globe.

And the media, the pundits, the bloggers. Will the general public fire them (us) all? They certainly have a right to be disappointed, on both sides of the political spectrum. But this is greater than Trump, as historical as his victory is. This is about how current methodology no longer seems to work. Polling and statistics in general, does work with mathematical principles, but any polling model in the end revolves around a voter answering a survey of some sort, through some form of communication: landline, cellphone, online. You have to make assumptions to put together a forecast. And most assumptions have been wrong. Shockingly so. So that pollsters now look like one more well-paid class of elite know-it-alls. Who have lost a lot of credibility.

And the media itself? They're taking voter anger every day to the bank. Billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of voter anger. Which means voter engagement. Is this such a bad thing? Should America have a Federal Election Communication Unifying Agency? FECU? With air time given according to a Labor Department statistic of pre-election surveys? Here's 35 minutes Mr. Trump in the 11 PM time slot. Secretary Clinton, you get 55 minutes at 8 PM. Like Scandinavia in the 70's?

This election worked. It expressed the will of the people as filtered by the Electoral College. And blaming FBI Director James Comey for the result is a waste of time and hypocritical. You might as well blame AG Lynch. Or Hillary herself. America has decided for a decisive change. Trump now has the responsibility - as does Congress and State governments - to deliver change over the coming months and years.

Posted by AllardK at November 9, 2016 4:38 PM
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My guess is that President-elect Trump has already rolled up his sleeves and is engaged in the myriad of details necessary for a successful transition. He is a hard-working blue collar billionaire who will not be basking in the limelight of a tremendous win.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2016 4:50 PM
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Trump is not a politician. He’s a successful businessman. It’s going to be interesting to see his approach to dealing with redundant programs and the general 1970’s inefficiencies built into the system.

I hope the model of the major credit cards systems are prominent in streamlining many aspects of all levels of government. I don’t think paying your property taxes with cash should be mandatory as it is in my county.

I’d also like to see these major monopolies busted up. The six media giants caused this mess. Programming should be more locally orientated. That means the focus should be off the federal government and onto the local and state governments.

Also, I think phx8 owes us all an apology for wasting our time and the space on WatchBlog with his comments that are always 100% wrong! You’d think he would garner a morsel, a smidgen if you will, of humility for his outlandish and incorrect assertions, but he hasn’t missed a beat. He’s still blathering on with more doom and gloom.

Step into the light, phx8.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 9, 2016 6:57 PM
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RF & WW,

I hope you two are right, but I fear that you are wrong. Trump has his work cut out for him and he has never demonstrated a propensity for hard work before now. Let us see if the seventy-year-old dog can learn new tricks.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 9, 2016 7:15 PM
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Warren, I can think of no harder job than running successfully for president of the United States. It is mentally and physically challenging. Mr. Trump was seemingly inexhaustible. I believe he did his final rally after midnight on election eve.

Posted by: Royal Flush at November 9, 2016 7:22 PM
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Insomnia is no indicator of dedication to buckling down and learning how to govern.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 9, 2016 7:55 PM
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I’d like to know why everyone thinks Donald Trump is some kind of amateur leader. He’s a very successful businessman with interests around the world.

.. learning how to govern

This, to me, sounds like you’re expecting Donald Trump to conform to the current status quo in Washington D.C. I have to ask if you realize “elections have consequences”. He wasn’t elected to keep things the same. He wasn’t elected to “compromise” with Democratics. He was elected to get this country moving again. Pandering and doublespeak aren’t going to be weapons in Trump’s arsenal.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 9, 2016 11:16 PM
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He’s a very successful businessman with interests around the world.

No, he isn’t. He is a prodigal son who squandered much of his Dad’s fortune and is now going to the opportunity to do the same with the taxpayer’s dollar.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 10, 2016 8:19 AM
Comment #409839

That’s bullshit, Warren Porter.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 10, 2016 11:02 AM
Comment #409845

He has fewer dollars today than he would have if he had invested his inheritance in the stock market and gotten a 10% return. His “successful” ventures have all been premised on scamming people of their money. While I hope and pray that this leopard can change his spots, I fear Trump will make child’s play of Clinton’s “corruption”.

We will find out very soon. During the campaign, he refused to promise to put the Trump Organization in a blind trust, instead believing that putting Ivanka, Eric and Junior in charge is enough. It is not. If the Trump kids are still owners of the Trump Organization, then their company is going to benefit from Uncle Sam’s favor.

Already, Donald Trump has enriched himself tremendously with the money donated to his campaign. Now, he may not have broken any laws (I honestly do not know the rules here), but the quantity of money that flowed from donors to his personal coffer ought to disturb any casual observer.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 10, 2016 11:32 AM
Comment #409856

You’re just blindly throwing around slander, Warren Porter. Is this what you call working together? Is this how you intend to unite the country? You need to remember something, Warren Porter. YOU LOST!

Elections have consequences, remember?

It’s up to Democratics, who lost the election from top to bottom, to learn how to work with Republicans. It’s not the other way around this time.

The right won the election. The left now needs to support the right in their endeavors. Show us how to do that since you insist we don’t know how.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 10, 2016 3:55 PM
Comment #409890

Elections where the winning candidate gets a majority of the popular vote have consequences.

Elections where the winning candidate does not even get a plurality of the vote requires compromise.

I am certain Congressional Democrats are willing to work with Trump to find ideas that BOTH sides find agreeable, but to suggest that they keel over and submit to being mere rubber stamps is just laughable when Democrats just received more votes nationwide.

You can call the truth slander if you want, but I am just stating the facts:

Trump has said that his company will remain in his family’s hands throughout his Presidency. He calls it a blind trust, but if his kids are in charge, it won’t be blind.

Later this month, the Trump University Fraud trials begin.

An unprecedented quantity of donations from his supporters have been cycled back to his family’s companies.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 10, 2016 10:51 PM
Comment #409899

From your article:

Campaign finance laws on the topic are hazy and contradictory, largely because no candidate for federal office has ever had such a sprawling business empire that could be employed for a campaign.

Nevertheless, when it comes to payments to relatives or family-owned companies, the Trump campaign is breaking new ground

The laws aren’t entirely clear on who can be paid for what kind of services to a campaign.

You also need to consider the amount of money he contributed himself.

Posted by: Weary Willie at November 11, 2016 9:18 AM
Comment #409915

Trump fell short of his self-funding promises.

In my original comment, I wrote, “Now, he may not have broken any laws (I honestly do not know the rules here)” so saying that this is legal doesn’t alter my point that this mixing of political and personal money ought to offend even a casual observer.

Posted by: Warren Porter at November 11, 2016 3:48 PM
Comment #410383

To claim that Trump has some sense of marshaling the assets at his disposal because he was “elected” to the post of president of the United States and he has questionable business background is absurdity in extremis and wishful thinking by a bunch of people who have no idea what it takes to run a country or a business.

The fool is a huckster who led people to believe he is smart (well he must be if he says he is, and there is no contradicting proof that says he is not), that he is successful (he must be if he says he is, and there is no contradicting proof that says he is not) and he is competent (well he must be if he says he is, and there is no contradicting proof that says he is not). For years he has been the writer of his own publicity. No one really knows that much about him other than the self-promotion he has engaged in over the years. No one is really sure how much he is worth. No one really knows how smart he is, but there has been word that he graduated first in his class at Wharton, something he has never denied, but which does not stand up to proof when honor’s graduates are listed.

He does not belong in an office which should be respected. A dishonorable man in a respected office is not deserving of respect. That man can only cheapen the office itself.

Posted by: ROBERT BARRON at November 22, 2016 5:42 PM
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