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What Challenges The Next President Is Facing

It doesn’t matter who wins the next presidential election, but whomever it is, they’re in for the ride of their life.

It’s due to the changes in technology, environment, and public/civil reactions. It won’t be a world where simple orders get things done, this is going to be a world that would baffle the likes of the ages’ best philosophers. Just take a look at what’s transpired around the world in the past 15 years. We’ve had natural disasters of such magnitude that one might think that the world was in one of those classic Irwin Allen disaster movies like “Towering Inferno” or “Earthquake”. Technology has gone from simple flip phones to smartphones that are like the fictional tricorders of Star Trek fame. Advances in medicine have altered the way we resolve the problems of the sick and injured, our space probes are discovering a variety of hitherto unsuspected phenomena and there may be more to come.

On a cultural front, we've seen battles among the various ethnic and racial groups. At present, turmoil in the streets is as volatile as ever. Law enforcement is up against a massive wall of mistrust and attacks. It's basically a civil war starting and no end in sight. Mistrust is in abundance in every aspect of American life and that of the world's governments. Americans are literally up in arms regarding the betrayals of corporations who pay no taxes, hire illegal workers or have manufacturing outside of America altogether while the citizenry of the country foots the bill. Banking institutions are up to their old tricks and one of the biggest scandals ever, perpetrated b y Wells Fargo has shown Americans that the small guy has no protection and is an unwilling servant to the whims of Wall St.

Without trust on all levels, how will the US survive? It will take nothing less than an Act of God to remedy what America has been suffering from. The entire country is disenfranchised and now that violence has hit the streets with civilians and police the targets of terrorists, revenge killers, and more, the only avenue is to address the problems the people have been complaining about for decades.

Illegal immigrants are a major factor, but history has proven that for 40 years, the US government has been reluctant to clamp down on the problem. Amnesty was the solution of the Republicans under the Reagan Administration but that only exacerbated the problem. Following presidents neglected and contributed to the problem with now a possible tens of millions of illegals eating up American resources that had been earmarked for its citizens. Those resources has left the American citizenry in such a state of despair that it equals the Great Depression of the 1930s. Many media and politicians balk at the idea and state there's a Great Recession, but the numbers don't lie. With over 100 million not in the workforce of a population of over 325 million, that's not a recession, it's a national disaster.

To remedy the economy means putting down regulations against corporations but those corporations are the bread and butter of the political infrastructure. They buy and sell politicians using not only money but extortion. Barack Obama promised change but none was delivered. He was either too incompetent to handle the problem or part of the problem. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been touting their own economic plans but none are addressing corruption which, in truth is the biggest factor. They're all afraid that the big corporations will flee the US taking what little jobs and resources they have here thus cutting off the supply line of money to the politicians.

The foreign powers are watching like vultures to see what's left to pick clean from the present turmoil. Should civil unrest reach disastrous levels, it would eave not only America in danger, but the world's economy as well. It wouldn't take much. Just ten to a hundred die-hard terrorists with only high powered weapons could disrupt America to such a degree that the world's economy could collapse. It's happened before with the 9/11 attacks. That showed how vulnerable and delicate the world's economy is.

Should private technologies create a quantum leap in medicine, defense, and other vital areas, it could put America at a disadvantage. Congress and the future president would have to work in tandem but that's unlikely unless both are on the same side. The Republicans have shown a penchant for siding with big business and now, thanks to President Obama, the Democrats have gotten the same rotten reputation.

The next president is going to have to become the biggest repair person ever. That's all that's left to do, repair America and it won't be easy. The criminal infrastructure of the US is so massive it would take drastic measures to address and the following bloodshed and chaos would rock the planet. There's basically no way out except educating the public and hoping they can control themselves.

This means the next president needs communication skills like no other. Clinton and Trump are no JFKs or FDRs. They're both money people with dogs in both fights. Neither could be effective as whatever they would initiate ethics-wise would damage their bottom lines. They'd be cutting their own throats.

The next president has no other route than through education and communication with the public on a regular and open scale. Trump could do it as he's not a caged in politician, Clinton cannot because her life's blood comes from the Wall Street, military/industrial complex powers.

The bottom line is that America will be walking on eggshells as will its new president, hoping that the basic infrastructure will hold together until something comes up, but with China rising in technological prowess, the Middle East still in turmoil, Russia holding pattern to see who wins the election, organized crime still running roughshod all over the planet, and the ever looming threat of natural disaster, walking on eggshells is actually an understatement.

Posted by GregB at October 4, 2016 6:01 PM
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Greg…I suggest you put all weapons and sharp objects in an inaccessible place. You may harm yourself.

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 4, 2016 6:09 PM
Comment #408162

I don’t think you should sell GregB short. His previous posts have been well received, by me at least. His was entertaining but neither of his previous posts have gotten any response. Let’s get oraoghaile on finding out if GregB is a real person.

Posted by: Weary Willie at October 4, 2016 9:54 PM
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Seems to me the problem is we don’t see the problem, only some symptoms of the problem.

All of what GregB says may well be true but then this same piece could have been written 200 years or 100 years or 50 years ago, expect he hasn’t mentioned religion, and still hold water. What’s at risk is our democracy as we move towards the complex, IMHO.

I mean we have had natural disasters since…well… forever. We have been as divided and even more divided as a country at different times over the years. We have had religious interference as well as corporate interference in our affairs since…well..forever or at least since the 14th amendment. We have had technological advances since…well… forever. The railroad, the telegraph the telephone the industrial revolution comes to mind. The automobile, the transistor.

We have had corruption since…well…forever. We have had times when it wasn’t as bad as other times and administrations that weren’t as corrupt as others, have we embraced this corruption or have we denounced the corruption we talk of today? IMHO we have embraced corruption as a political tool and when it is the other guy that is corrupt. But is that any different than in the past?

We have had globalization since …well…forever or 1637 at least. The ship, the telegraph, the Radio, imperialism, market bubbles, immigration and such.

I don’t know if there has been a time in our history when the difference between the two major parties has been almost nil but I wouldn’t be surprised if others couldn’t point to times when this was true.

So what then is different now that the next president will be facing the “ride of their life” that other times, other generations and other presidents didn’t face?

That being said Donald Trump isn’t a statesman or a politician he is a huckster selling anything you care to buy. So he can communicate but is that the right kind of message for the trials facing the country the next 4 years? Is conning half the country necessary for moving forward as a country? What new ideas has Trump initiated to move the country forward?

We can ask the same about Hillary Clinton, she is a politician not a statesman. She can communicate but is that the right kind of message for the trials facing the country the next 4 years? What new ideas has Clinton initiated to move the country forward?

Gary Johnson is a politician but can he communicate? Is it the right kind of message for the trials facing the country the next 4 years? What new ideas, other than “if I can’t find it on the map how can I attack it”, has Johnson initiated to move the country forward?

So that seems to be a problem doesn’t it? We have no new ideas being initiated to solve for the present. All our ideas are old and don’t work for the times. All political parties refuse to discuss it, it seems. Old ideas seem to get some lipstick and a makeover but then shot down by a do nothing Congress, unless it mean repealing Obamacare or something even more foolish like the 9/11 Saudi veto override.

Posted by: j2t2 at October 5, 2016 11:48 AM
Comment #408241

On a side note, j2t2, where in the constitution does it say a citizen has to ask congress for permission to sue another country? Isn’t that why the judiciary was established?

and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States,

Posted by: Weary Willie at October 6, 2016 4:21 PM
Comment #408243

Bill Clinton calling Obamacare “a crazy system” has handed Donald Trump a gift that can gain him many votes, if he will use it effectively.

Hillary was in charge of designing “Hillarycare” when Billy was president and her plans were roundly criticized and unceremoniously dumped into the ash can of lousy liberal loosing lamentations.

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 6, 2016 5:36 PM
Comment #408244

Donald Trump’s secret weapon for Debate No. 2

I don’t recommend that my Leftie Pals read this article. I do invite my conservative friends to add their ideas for assisting Trump with ideas to crush Clinton in the next debate.

“One of the biggest ironies of the first presidential debate is that Donald Trump’s reluctance to aggressively attack Hillary Clinton has now given him the license to fully do so.”

Posted by: Royal Flush at October 6, 2016 5:58 PM
Comment #408249

Trump needs to continue to describe the cloud Hillbilly’s under without saying she’s all wet.

He needs to stay away of specifics in his plans. He needs to insist Hillbilly give her specifics, because when she was asked about her tax hikes in the first debate she didn’t answer the question. Trump did.

He can interrupt all he wants to when Hillbilly’s lying.

Posted by: Weary Willie at October 6, 2016 11:35 PM
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