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The Wild Cards In The 2016 Election

So far the two candidates for the 2016 Presidential race are pretty solid in regard to their vision and goals, but that could drastically change when wild cards emerge that can either support them of derail their campaigns.

One never knows when all heck could break loose on a political campaign. There are so many wild factors that could emerge and trying to cover all holes on the boat is next to impossible. Already the waters are in turmoil as traditional allies have turned on one another as well as traditional enemies to upend the the speculators who try to predict the outcomes of elections. The big problem and surprise factor is with Donald Trump. He has alienated so many of the Republican hierarchies that getting endorsements from them is next to impossible. The public and press knew that Trump would be a pain in the neck to the Republican elite, but to have former Republican presidents like GWB and GHWB to turn on you is a testament that Trump is doing something that has that old vanguard worried sick.

Hillary Clinton dished up a surprise when she had Bernie Sanders come out of the shadows to support her. That just about seals the Sanders' fans who were wondering if Bernie would have a place within Clinton's administration. If she endorses Bernie as a cabinet position, she'll have more than enough votes to trounce Trump since Sanders represents the frustrated Americans who know that Sanders can and will get things done that Clinton nor Trump could achieve. This was something expected and unexpected but now that it's cemented it's a good bet Clinton will get both the popular and electoral votes. It'll take some new polling to validate this but considering how close Clinton and Sanders were in the primary run off, his voter power will send shockwaves to her campaign.

Both sides have to be on the lookout for character assassination. Not from one another but from the press and public. Both have skeletons in their closets and there's no telling what will emerge between now and election time. Clinton has to worry about her husband, Bill Clinton's enemies and there are no shortage of them. The number of women who've come forward over the years accusing Bill Clinton of sexual improprieties from groping to out and out rape are coming forward and if they get the air time, Clinton could get a trouncing that she's not able to defend against. Trump on the other hand has to be wary of his ex wives, business partners and employees who've accused him of a number of misdeeds. Should any of them gain a foothold, he'll have to defend himself or Hilary Clinton could grab onto these disclosures and make good work of Trump.

So for the time being everything is on a time bomb basis. Will some astonishing disclosure regarding one or both candidates occur just before the elections so that neither has time to prepare for? No one knows, but there's a large potential there and will all have to wait and see.

The suspense continues!

Posted by GregB at September 29, 2016 7:06 PM
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