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Who Won The 2016 Presidential Debate?

Well, the world was glued to the television and web last Monday as the two combatants Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went at it during their first presidential debate. The question arises as to who won the debate?

Well both sides are claiming victory and the polls however, point to Trump winning but not for the reasons most people would accept. Clinton's performance was spectacular as a polished politician should have, but she side railed her prestige by taking nasty critical swipes at Trump, his character, and his past performance as a businessman. Sure, Clinton has decades as a public servant under her belt with her fair share of successes. Trump on the other hand is a successful businessman and administrator who, for all his misgivings, has survived in the world of commerce. He knows what ruthlessness is, corruption, lies, and unethical behavior among the high and mighty, but Clinton knows that spectrum from dealing with politicians and heads of state.

The moderator of the event was NBC's Lester Holt whom many felt didn't hit the candidates with the hard questions that
Americans are concerned with. Of the two, Trump addressed several issues that frustrated Americans all wanted to hear about such as illegal immigration, incompetence and inefficiency in government operations and business, crime, and tinged on corruption. Both candidates failed on the corruption issue even before they won their party's nominations. Americans wondered why the only candidate to address corruption was Bernie Sanders and it's probably why he lost the nomination as corruption is the way of life in America today. America's infrastructure rests on briber, extortion, murder, theft, and it's gotten to the point where half the population or perhaps more all benefit from it and don't want it to end as it's their bread and butter. This goes back generations and led to the financial collapse of 2007 yet no one wanted to take responsibility for it and instead the prime perpetrators got a slap on the wrist twice and went right back to doing their sinister deeds again. Just recently, on the cusp of the debates starting, Wells Fargo the huge banking institution well over 100 years old was exposed for unethical behavior and its CEO put under the grill light. Wells Fargo's crimes got it a slap on the wrist further frustrating Americans but harsh ramifications are now trickling in. That issue was not brought up during the debate and many questioned, 'why?'. It was clear to the audience that NBC's Holt and NBC and CNN all had their own agendas to push their favorite candidates so the questions were luke warm at best.

Trump weathered the storm of Hillary's outbursts and other quips but he appeared not to be himself. He wasn't as quick on the draw nor sharp witted as he normally is and that troubled viewers and his supporters. It looked as though he was coming apart at the seams. He did however score points for manners as he addressed Clinton as secretary Clinton while she forwent any manners and just addressed him as Trump or 'him'. That's where Hillary lost out. She came across as a low level snarky person who wanted to win by insult and not factual issues. She lowered herself and that read across the lines thus giving her the low points in the official polls. It's sure to irk her supporters and campaign people but if it was Trump's strategy to expose her as a butt kissing career politician who'll say anything to get votes, then Trump won out there.

Hillary attacked Trump, his colleagues, family on character and the audience was waiting for him to explode on her and her husband's shortcomings. No pun intended. Had Trump done that he would have been considered low-brow instead of gentlemanly. Rumor has it that he didn't unleash on Clinton about the Clinton family because he didn't wan to hurt the feelings of Clinton's daughter Chelsea. That is a dangerous action because as president will he shy away from topics because they might hurt the feelings of friends? That's not the stuff of the executive office and hopefully he'll put that aside during the future debates.

When it came to offering solutions to problems, Trump was more direct and radical. Clinton just barked out the same political rhetoric as did Barack Obama and every other liberal mainstream politician. Just calling out the need to raise taxes on the rich to pay for the irresponsibility of the poor instead of offering a way to better make government more efficient so as to stop wasting the trillions the US does each year on foolish foreign endeavors and sloppy domestic actions. Trump, however, touched on this and emphasized the need for better leadership and administrative efficiency. Basically Trump was saying if we just cleaned up our acts and stopped programs and actions that divert American money to non American endeavors, the US wouldn't have to raise taxes. Clinton, however, just kept emphasizing the need for more tax payer funded programs and more committees to get together and dialogue. No one in their right mind believes that's the best solution as it's constantly failed in the past and present. Clinton offered no new or innovative solutions and it made her look like all she wanted to do was placate the middle class and poor by tossing them some bread crumbs to keep them in order as what liberal programs have been doing for almost 50 years.

In a nutshell, Trump needs to up his A game if he's going to battle with Clinton at the podium because Americans are so superficial and ignorant and illiterate that Clinton can use personality and glitz to get their attention thus foregoing the ability to deliver sane and efficient solutions to the problems that plague us. Trump, on the other hand, has to clean up his game. The constant call for his tax returns goes unaddressed and that makes him look suspicious. Trump knows if he releases his returns it will show Americans why the wealthy don't pay taxes like the rest of the population and how they avoid doing so with little known laws that the media and government are reluctant to address. The wealthy have lawyers and know every trick in the book and government can't touch them or everyone else will learn how and then we'd really have a statistical dive regarding tax revenue.

When Trump then blasted the Federal Reserve, he literally scared the entire global central banking system to death. The Federal Reserve has never been audited even though they print and control our money. It's absurd for a sub contractor of the federal government to do as it pleases with our money and not be accountable. No citizen of the country can avoid audits so why is it an agency in control of trillions untouchable? That was the secret weapon Trump hit with and it shook the financial world. If the Federal Reserve were audited, so much dirt regarding domestic and foreign powers would emerge and the spit would really hit the fan. Only candidate Bernie Sanders pushed for the auditing of the Fed and now Trump is hinting at it. This could garner him enemies on a global scale and quickly. Hillary is a Wall St. queen. She won't do anything to rock that boat and the public knows it and those that benefit from Wall St. know if she doesn't win, Trump might upturn more apple carts. Reason being is that Trump knows the financial market scams from one end of the planet to the other. He knows where all the bodies are buried, where all the blackmail is sorted. That protects him and gives him incredible power. He's got the goods on every major tycoon of the past 100 years and likewise the heads of state that partied at his casinos and hotels.

This is going to be a dirty debate trio as two more debates are scheduled. Trump may be waiting for the last debate to really unleash on Hillary and she'd not be able to defend herself if he attacks her list of published and confirmed mishaps and lies. Clinton on the other hand will have to target Trump's irrational behavior and irreverence to others. She's got to convince the country that Donald Trump will be a major liability with no diplomatic experience who will only be in it for himself.

It's going to be a battle worth waiting for.

Posted by GregB at September 29, 2016 7:06 PM
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