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Is Hillary Signalling to Moscow?

Despite some stealth movement in the polls (slow and steady rather than post-convention bouncy) in favor of Trump, Hillary is still comfortably ahead in most polling averages at this point. And the woman who won’t give a press conference is a step closer to perhaps being elected President of the United States of America. Maybe that’s why she laughed off questions about her private server on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

And as Michael Sainato in the Observer (yes it's owned by Jared) noted, it's a rather ingrained habit she has. When confronted with an awkward question, she has always tended to laugh it off as ridiculous. Or she laughs and says stay tuned. And that's that. This is someone used to erecting barriers to transparency all the while complaining about vast media conspiracies.

But what if there's a further reason for her joking specifically about the server scandal?

In a fascinating interview, Leo Taddeo of Cryptozone posits that the Putin administration does not have as it's goal a Trump presidency. What he suggests is that Moscow is engaged in an elaborate signaling game with Hillary Clinton. It goes something like this.

We have more emails and perhaps other potentially embarrassing information on you. We have made that clear through our spokesperson Assange at Wikileaks. Now we could release more of this damaging stuff in October to try and hurt your electoral chances. But we think you are most likely the next president of America, and not Donald Trump. So ... let's negotiate ok?
We know you're a little more hawkish than Trump might be, should he be president. However, we don't know what we don't know about Trump as a potential president. But we have lots of information on you and can estimate the uncertainty involved in your case with a much greater degree of precision. And we know you're not beyond a re-set with folks like us. Also, your husband has done well speaking in our beautiful capital city. So here's what we want, Madam Almost-President.
We want NATO to back off from Eastern Europe. We had a tough time swallowing Poland's entry. But Ukraine and Georgia crossed the line. And your European missile defense shield in Romania is an outrage to the glorious Russian nation. Remember Cuba?
So Madam, Almost-President. Show us some flexibility. Signal to us, that you are willing to give and take a little on these two issues, and October will be a much smoother ride for you.

If Taddeo is right, the question is, will Hillary negotiate or at least signal her willingness to do so, if and when she moves into the oval office? Is she about to signal to the Russians? Is she already signaling?

So maybe Hillary's chuckles on Jimmy Kimmel Live really mean this. You silly young man. You and the voting public have no idea about the real games that go on in the world of diplomacy and politics nowadays. I, silly people, do. That's why you're going to vote for me. So laugh, then shut up, and then just vote damn it!

If Trump continues to close the gap ever so slightly, one agonizing week at a time, Hillary may very well be prepared to do a little signaling to Moscow. If she isn't already.

Posted by AllardK at August 29, 2016 5:37 PM
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Comrade Hillary does have a nice sounding ring to it Allard.

Posted by: Royal Flush at August 29, 2016 6:36 PM
Comment #407053

AllardK, what a lot of nonsense. HRC45 isn’t going to signal anything to Russia. She will let the POTUS do what’s required in the national interest. She actually respects the office, unlike the right wingers. She’s not a GOP style traitor like Nixon, Reagan, and Drumpf.

They’re investigating Manafort, but when will he be arrested? Will Drumpf’s arrest follow shortly after Manafort starts squealing and implicates his former boss?

Posted by: oraoghaile at August 30, 2016 7:08 PM
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