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Rigging The System

The rumors have been around for decades that the American political system is rigged. Rigged by whom and for what reason is something that keeps the conspiracy theory industry going strong. Presidential candidate Donald Trump mentioned ‘rigging’ in more than one of his addresses to the public. People began to wonder, if rigging was real and on a scale as massive as voter activity.

You'll hear people make claims that our government has undergone all sorts of alliances with evil forces behind the various thrones. You'll get lambasted about the Illuminati, an actual real group that does indeed delve into global issues, Bohemian Grove, the Masons, and 100s of other groups that keep the presses rolling or better yet, the internet flowing. If you let these people who come up with these theories get a few minutes of your attention you'll be drawn in by their theories that will make you think you're trapped in an episode of "Twilight Zone".

Could someone or some group rig the administrative foundation of the voting process in the U.S.? Believe it or not, the answer not only is 'yes', but it's been done thousands of times.

Our voting process is vulnerable to theft, fraud, and more. In some places, armed men and women would threaten voters or engage in violence, even death. So there's no argument in that our lives and institutions often fall in harms way of desperate evil people.

Does our government have secret organizations that affect our lives without our consent? Of course there are. Just look at the budget to the U.S. Military's 'Black Budget'. Not accountable and to this day with all that money spent their scientists haven't invented the 'anti-war' machine or the 'permanent peace' device. Seems like nowadays our weapons are meant to save more enemies and keep war profits up by taking forever to dispose of them. It took the U.S. And its allies around 5 years to wipe out three empires during WWII. We've been fighting the same people, over and over and still haven't whipped their tails yet.

Secret legislator committees that the public can't see. In these committees they make decisions and engage in actions that they feel they have the wisdom to implement changes in our lives. Even the Electoral College is an institution that makes decisions not based on the popular public's vote. Instead they look at the results of the election and determine which of the candidates would truly act in the best interest of the country.

So we do indeed have rigging going on in government, but so too in every aspect of our lives from college admissions, employment, real estate, medicine, and more. The big question Trump is woofing about is that the Presidency itself can be manipulated to put in a particular candidate long before the public even votes.

It can be a comical concept that there's some secret committee lodged in some mountain retreat made up of dour faced men and women sitting around a large table as lightning and thunder crack and boom in the background. No, if there were a rigging system on this scale it would have been implemented as soon as the electronic technologies made it a possibility. We're talking the mid 1960s. It would have had to be approved by the lawmakers and probably didn't need a president's signature. It would be full of committee people like lawmakers but also people high up in military and commerce. It would take an intricate amount of effort to keep so many people quite who would be involved in such an operation. Basically if it ever came to pass it would make one funny sitcom.

Why would Trump think the election is rigged in Clinton's favor? Because of statistics. His people scrubbed for solid data and found some things that just didn't fit. They know tens of millions of Americans think the voting system is rigged and live their lives by this. To them it's the truth and would be ready to punch someone's lights out should they disagree. This alone shows two things, either the public has become disenchanted with out electoral system, or that over the years there were people who worked with the above imagined secret organization and have spilled the beans to family and friends.

Anyway, conspiracy theories like this are more than good knee-slapping guffaw, they're a look into the minds of the public who believe them and as such are like treasure maps to the mother lode of news.

Posted by GregB at August 25, 2016 2:30 PM
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Rigged by whom and for what reason is something that keeps the conspiracy theory industry going strong.

Our system is rigged GregB but not by some Illuminati conspiracy or some such, as you would have us believe. Our system is rigged by big money in favor of those that have big money.

Our voting process is vulnerable to theft, fraud, and more.

It is with computer voting and no paper trails yet we see our elected representatives in the state legislatures ignoring this and pointing the finger at nonexistent in person fraud. SO it seems the fraud is twofold with the ALEC laws that have been passed in the states over the past several years. Making it harder to vote by passing these voter suppression laws whilst ignoring the real possibilities in the computer voting machines without a paper trail.

Posted by: j2t2 at August 28, 2016 8:51 PM
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In USHOR elections, over 1.7 million more votes are cast for Democratic candidates, yet the districting produces an almost permanent Rpblcn majority.

Posted by: oraoghaile at August 31, 2016 6:21 PM
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