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Lawyers Getting Fired: Battle For The Senate And House

President Obama’s worst nightmare began with the Republican surge amongst the legislative branch in congress by the Republicans. The Republicans tried to crush anything positive that Obama tried to do, even if it was in the best interests of everyone on Earth. It’s the most embarrassing example of human pettiness the United States has ever seen. No matter who wins the 2016 election this November, it’s the seats in the House and Senate that are going to be the change makers.

If Donald A. Trump wins and both the Senate and House go Republican, it will make Trump so powerful you might hear a John Williams movie score emitting from him wherever he goes.

The stats are that 469 seats in the U.S. Congress are wide open. That's 34 Senate seats and every last one of the 435 House seats. The Democrats need to score 5 seats to take back control of the Senate. It could happen easily but it will take some doing to get people off their keisters and go to the polls.

Now is a good time for the Democrats to do this. Instead of contributing to that hang out for fun attitude their campaign has turned into. "Make hay while the sun shines!" is so appropriate a phrase here. They have to make sure that this time they have power in the legislative branch to see Clinton's plans go through, and protect the ones implemented by President Barack Obama.

This is where Bernie Sanders comes in. His campaign for the presidency was such a monumental phenomenon, that it changed the face of politics for the better and more efficient. The sheer number of young people and people of every race and religion and culture, piled on into the Sanders campaign and you can bet your last dollar the numbers of throngs who showed up is of extreme value.

Should that kind of fervor that the Sanders people could generate be turned toward the local state elections, then it wouldn't be too much of an effort to turn the Senate around.

The U.S. Is going through many changes at present and one of them is the weather. Record floods, wildfires, oppressive heat, bitter cold, have put a hurting on the American people. They're battling nature so much that the enemies concocted by politicians and the media go unnoticed and all the people want to hear about is what does government have now to make life livable. This is another internet phenomenon where due to social media, people are communicating about global events and seeing through the nonsense for what our real problems are. This is of great value to know, because it's that massive population that propels commerce and government today. Get those people to get away from their computers for a bit and you'll have them making the polling places explode.

You can bet both parties are watching the statistics regarding the above and if they're smart, they'll drop the insult-laden direction their campaigns are going and shore up their future by getting their people in those available seats.

The public knows this thanks to social media and by communicating with each other they'll make an honest stand in November that may shock everyone.

Posted by GregB at August 20, 2016 7:22 PM
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