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Trump Keeps Swinging at Any Jab

As President Obama clarified for America and the World that it was not a ransom payment to Iran, but merely a pre-announced clearing of accounts, and part of a carefully structured package, Tim Kaine was admitting that Hillary Clinton had been extremely careless with her private e-mail server while Secretary of State. And officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer’s union were pleading with Speaker Ryan to get on their side of the border issue.

There's plenty for Donald Trump to talk about on any given day, in other words. For the next 90-odd days at least. Whether or not it was Ted Cruz who first claimed the porous southern border as his issue, it was Trump that grabbed it as his own and hammered home the issue, against the consensus of liberal elites and of much of the GOP itself. And, in fact, Trump was quite on message during most of the debates. Despite the outrageous detours with the likes of Megyn Kelly.

Since winning the nomination, that has changed. Yes, the game has changed, before during and after the conventions, as it always does. And the media coverage has changed as well. That's inevitable if you're a controversial front-runner. And even if you're a non-controversial front-runner, the media will do their best opposition research on you, to dig up whatever they can. That's the game. Whether fair, whether productive and/or democratic, or not.

When Trump complains of rigged elections - 3 months before the vote is held - it's hard to read exactly what his message is. Is he tired of campaigning? The RNC and his top staff deny it. But his top staff are supposedly frustrated, to put it politely, and less clinically. Which is true? Is Trump frustrated over the media firestorm that resulted when he took the DNC's bait and attacked the Khans? Is he frustrated that two ex-presidents are in his opponent's camp - and bedroom in the case of the older one?

You would think not. That's exactly the kind of establishment structure that Donald Trump has delighted in setting his sights on. And rallying his base with loud denunciations of corrupt crony networks in Washington. Is the media giving him less slack, compared to the primaries, where his complaints of rigged primaries were given the respect of at least some analyses on the part of pundits and commentators?

The GOP Champ needs to stop throwing wild hooks in response to every DNC jab. And start jabbing back, often and quickly. At a focused set of targets. Hillary doesn't even have to drop her guard. Trump just hast to keep jabbing, and not jump the ropes to brawl with some jeering spectator.

Recent polls show relatively less Republicans support Trump than Democrats support Hillary. Trump does not seem to care. Perhaps he's being true to his strategy of garnering working class votes, especially white ones. So he's doubling down on his strategy and ignoring calls to widen his support, just a little please. Or perhaps he can't help swinging at any jeer or jab.

Posted by AllardK at August 5, 2016 6:54 PM
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Write an article about Gary Johnson or Jill Stein instead of posting the Drumpf crap in this column!

Posted by: oraoghilie at August 5, 2016 8:04 PM
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